Stickman Readers' Submissions June 6th, 2004

Fun In Pattaya

So that’s it, another 2 week visit to Thailand done and dusted. After going there for the first time last December with my friend, this time I went alone. You might have read 'My Nightlife' posted on 27/02/04, where I said I’d be going alone because my friends girlfriend wouldn't allow him. It's not surprising really seeing as he confessed everything he did out there to her!!

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In this submission I want to touch on the fact of how much my views on western women have changed since I returned from my first trip. I look at them differently now, I’m noticing how clear the differences are between them and Thais. I don't even bother looking for an English girlfriend anymore and I’ll be the first one to admit how sad that is. Now just to set the record straight, I don't have any trouble getting a girlfriend in the UK, it's just the fact that I have no desire to. I don't want to be moaned at all the time by women who think the sun shines out their ass. Women who lack feminism, drink too much and have attitude problems. Don't get me wrong, I have been out with some great English women. Its just the fact that I’ve seen the grass on the other side of the fence and its a damn sight greener!!

I know that there are decent women in my country it's just a shame that they're a small minority. I have been spoiled by going to Thailand, meeting all those ladies and being looked after so well. Anyone reading this who's been to Thailand knows that these women really pride themselves and are the most caring creatures I’m sure I’ll ever meet. Yes I know objective number one for these women is money but I’m pretty damned sure some of them know we know this. Do I care though? Do I fuck. 1000 baht for a night/day with with a kind, caring woman is money well spent and in my opinion these girls are worth looking after. After all money is what makes the world go round. I'm not just talking about sex though, I’m talking about the fun had and the places you're taken. All the Thai women I’ve met have been great company and take great care of their man. Western women want everything from their man and whatever you do for them never seems to be good enough. They are quick to find fault with something and are good at displaying their criticism. Thai women win, hands down!!

Now that’s off my chest, I’ll tell you about my second adventure in the LOS. This was the first time I travelled somewhere on my own so I was a bit concerned as to whether I’d have as good a time as I did first time round. Waiting alone at Heathrow airport was a little daunting, but once I boarded the plane and got chatting to the two guys next to me on the plane, I felt more at ease. A good flight and taxi ride to Pattaya later and I was getting the buzz for the nightlife!! I was staying at Soi 8 this time so it was the ideal location to get my night under way. It's strange really, a 2 and a 1/2 hour journey to Heathrow, the 12 hour flight and the 2 hour taxi ride to Pattaya, but I didn't feel jaded at all. I was ready for action!!

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The meals on the plane weren't much to write home about. Not this time. Last time I flew with Thai Airways and they were quite good but this time was with Eva Airways and the food wasn't great, so I was quite hungry. I didn't fancy Thai food (as nice as it is) so McDonalds it was. I ate my usual Big Mac meal and made my way to see M (the girl I met on my last trip). I got inside the go-go bar and was immediately recognised by the mamasan and a few of the other girls but there was no sign of M. I asked mamasan where she was and I got told she was sick and not working but she would phone her for me and get her to come in and see me. Nice of the mamasan I thought. Within 20 mins M had arrived. It was great to see her and she seemed happy to see me. I asked her what was wrong and she told me she had bad stomach pains. I joked that someone had got her pregnant and she said "maybe". "What the fuck?" I received an email a couple days before I arrived and there was no mention of this on that. Maybe she didn't have pains then or maybe she just conveniently decided not to tell me. After that response my mood changed and I decided not to spend the night with M because 1) I didn't think it was fair on her because she was ill and 2) That pregnancy comment dampened my spirits. I suppose I was partly to blame for even bringing up the topic. After having another drink with M, I decided it was time for me to move on. I told her I would see her when she was feeling better.

I went to another go-go bar which I stayed in for the remainder of my night and met a girl who I’ll refer to as A. A was a really nice girl, she was fun to be with and I ended up barfining her for my first 2 nights. I took her to Sri Racha Zoo (boy does that put English zoos to shame!!) and the cinema, she was great company. I think I could easily have stayed with her for a lot longer, but I told myself not to get too attached to anyone, besides variety is the spice of life!!

On night three I went to the go-go bar where A worked but to meet a couple of guys (Mark and Cheston) who I’d met the night before. I'd arranged to go on a bar crawl with them. It was Marks first visit to Pattaya and he was certainly enjoying the bars I was taking him to (especially Honey a go-go, where that night there was some dart and flower action going on that even I hadn't seen before!!). Cheston had been to Pattaya several times but I don't think he'd been to many bars. It was a great night and all of us were quite hammered come the end. Cheston left about 12.30 AM, his phone kept going off during the night and in the end he decided to go back to his room. Mark told me that it was Cheston's girlfriend from England and she phoned frequently.

Me and Mark decided to visit a few more bars and find ourselves a couple of ladies for the night. By 2.30 AM no-one had taken my fancy or more like I was spoilt for choice. We were strolling back down Walking Street from Tony's Disco when suddenly
I heard a voice call my name. It was P, M's sister. We chatted for a bit and she said she wanted to go with me. Alarm bells started ringing, what if M found out, I know I wouldn't tell her but what about P.

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P was very attractive and had a lively personality. I asked her what about M and she said she wouldn't tell her. I knew that I was playing with fire but I wanted to go with P, so I did. I said goodbye to Mark as his hotel was close by. Mark and Cheston
were going back to the UK the next day, so Mark gave me his phone number and said when I decide to come back to Pattaya to give him a call. He said he'd probably be up for coming back.

Back to the matter in hand. I definitely made the right decision by taking P for the night, she certainly knew how to please. The next day we went to see Buddha, she asked me if I’d pray to him. I'm not a follower of any religion so I wondered whether by doing this I would be acting false. I wanted to do it though, it felt right doing it and I felt good for doing it. Don't ask me why, it just did. On the walk back from Buddha we were chatting about M. P told me that M wasn't 25 but 29, I always had my suspicions about her age. P also told me that her mum and M's son were visiting from Bangkok for a while. I asked P whether M was feeling better now, she said that she was and wanted to see me or at least call her. M had stopped work for my 2 week stay in Pattaya. P told me she did this for me. I didn't believe her, I thought she'd stopped work because her family were visiting. Anyway, we went back to my hotel for a bit and P left me around 5 PM. She asked if I’d see her that night, I just said maybe. I never like to say no even if I don't want to. Later that night and the following night followed a similar routine and were spent at the bars. I ended up barfining two more girls.

On my sixth night I’d visited endless amounts of go-go bars but I hadn't seen a girl who really stood out. I finished my drink at Soi Diamond and decided to head towards a go-go bar which I’d never been to before. I don't know
why really as its quite popular. I got inside, ordered my drink and was very impressed with the girls that were there. One came over to me and started chatting. I had no intentions of barfining her but I was polite to her whilst looking around
at the other girls. And there she was. Sat at a table no more than 10 yards away. As soon as eye contact was made, I knew that this girl would be sleeping in my bed tonight (well maybe not sleeping!!). Firstly I had to get rid of the girl sat
next to me and whilst I was in the process of doing that, the girl I wanted went back to the pole to dance. The girl next to me got the hint and moved away. As soon as she did, I called the mamasan over and asked to buy a lady drink. Straight
away the girl came off stage and joined me. I'll refer to her as F. F was quite lively and seemed a fun loving girl, not only that but she was a right stunner too! I barfined her and off she went to get changed. When she returned, I thought
she looked even better than she did when she was on stage…..result!! I knew I was in for a memorable night and I wasn't wrong.

The next day we didn't get out of bed ‘til about 1pm. We went and got something to eat, done a bit of shopping and then went back to F's place. F lived at Jomtien and after spending time at M's place on my last trip, which was very poor living conditions, I was interested to see what F's place was like. It was decked out quite nice, I was wondering how much farang cash had paid for the MP3 player and the 28 inch TV that was there. F shared her room with another girl. She told me that she'd just split up from her boyfriend, some guy from Holland. There were a couple of photos of him on the wall. The countless stories I’ve read on here about bargirls, made me think that what she'd told me was bullshit and this boyfriend was still a part of her life. F went on to tell me that the Dutch guy had met someone else and told her to forget about him. I wasn't too bothered, it wasn't like I’d fallen head over heels for her. After another round of Olympics I headed back to my hotel and told F to come and meet me about 8.15pm. She got to my hotel about 8.55pm, I asked her what took her so long. She said she had to go and pay bar and was getting made up for me. I told her she was lucky cus 5 mins more and I would have fucked off! No bargirl's gonna make me wait. We went and got something to eat and then went on a bar crawl which lasted 'til about 4.30am. Near the end of the night F said she wanted to check her emails. I went in with her. Whilst doing this, she showed me the mail from the ex-boyfriend. Sure enough what she'd told me about him finding someone else was true. I was quite surprised and happy to know she was being honest with me. It was by far my best night of my 14 night stay and got even better when we returned to the hotel.

I had planned to go to Jomtien beach, ride the monorail and ride in that cable car thing the next day. I didn't feel up to that so we just had a lazy day together. I wasn't feeling up for alcohol and didn't even fancy a fag. We went to the cinema in the evening and had an early night. By the next day I felt worse. F said she'd go to the shop and get me some breakfast. She asked me what I wanted and I said pancakes or something sweet. To be honest I had no appetite whatsoever but thought I’d better try and eat something. She came back with a choc swiss roll, a plain swiss roll, a couple pieces of sliced buttered bread in packets and a strawberry sundae. I managed 2 slices of swiss roll and that was my limit. I told F it would be better if she left as it wasn't going to be much fun and not fair on her by staying with me all day. I said if I felt better I’d see her that night. I stayed in bed until 6pm. I put it down to not eating enough, drinking too much alcohol and having little sleep. Basically I was run down.

I did go out that night but just took it easy. The next day I went to the crocodile farm which was good and went to see F in the night. F had phoned the night before to check that I was ok, I was starting to get closer than I wanted to to F. She was a great girl to be with. I spent the night with her and went to Jomtien beach with her the following day and finally got round to riding the monorail. After that we went to her place for a bit. She asked me if I’d see her that night. I said no because I was already fairly close to her and didn't want to get closer or worse still fall in love. She spun me the "I love you" line and asked me if I loved her. I said no and explained that it takes time for me to say those words. I said goodbye and left. I told her I’d see her again to say a final goodbye before I went home.

The next two nights I barfined a couple more ladies, they did not compare to F though. With two nights left, I decided to call M. M was happy to hear from me, I arranged to meet her that night. She said she was much better now and not pregnant, that’s what I wanted to hear though and she knew it. I met her nonetheless. We decided to go to Soi 8 for a few drinks. As soon as we sat down, I heard someone call M, yes you guessed it, it was P. P was with an English guy and introduced herself to me as though I hadn't seen her since my last trip. How fucking awkward was I feeling, I could see P looking at me behind M's back. I knew M didn't know about what happened between me and P, I think if she did I would have heard about it or be nursing a wound from the result of it!!

P asked me what hotel I was staying at, knowing full well that she'd slept there 10 nights ago. As you can imagine, I just went along with it. It was good to be with M again and I didn't want anything to spoil the night. After 20mins or so, M went to the bathroom, whilst she was gone P asked me if I’d sleep with her again before I went home. Bearing in mind that 1) I had 2 nights left and at least one was going to be spent with M. 2) The guy P was with was a long time boyfriend and seemed to adore her. He'd be pissed off if he found out and 3) My dick was scar free and I wanted it kept that way and avoid M using a meat cleaver on it if she found out.

I told her no and asked her why she'd want to see me again, she said she missed me. My answer was still no. At this point she said if I didn't see her again before I went home, she'd tell M what we got up to. At first I thought "oh shit" then I figured maybe M would be just as pissed off at her as she would me. I called her bluff and told her to carry on as I wasn't prepared to be blackmailed. I think P was a little surprised at my response and decided not to tell M. I dread to think what would have happened if she had. We drank up, said goodbye to P and her bloke and went back to the hotel. I spent my last day and night with M but really wanted to say goodbye to F but I never got the chance. I had F's mobile number so I called her from the airport, she said she would email me when I got back to the UK. I think its nice to keep in touch. Since I’ve been back F has mailed me every few days and I’ve managed to chat to her a few times on MSN.

I think when I return to Pattaya I’ll find a regular girl. After finding myself in a few scrapes this time, it seems a sensible option. I'll stay with her for the duration of my trip. Whether that will be F, I don't know. I won't be falling in love though (not if I can help it) because I’ve read about the pain caused, from your site. Eventually I would like to settle down with a Thai girl but for now its go to Thailand, have fun, get pampered and enjoy it.

Stickman's thoughts:

Enjoy it and don't take it all too seriously. The girls in Pattaya are good time girls.

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