Stickman Readers' Submissions June 28th, 2004

Excerpts – Teeruk Love Letters

Oh boy, am I in trouble now. I did not write for the BG the enclosed email love letters and some are actually coming from the guys. So if you recognize yours, cheer up, as you are an NBA basketball star now as I substituted your names with NBA player names!

Hello again my Honey!

He Clinic Bangkok

I want to give you my energy and feeling of happiness! I will think so much of you that when you sleep you will feel that I am there near you!

I enjoy just being close to you and sometimes just looking into your eyes. And when we talk and communicate it gives me a very good feeling inside my heart. Do you feel the same about me?

I hope that your job treats you well! And hope that you make a little more money soon. I myself have been working around the clock so that I can afford to come back to see you again and spend a lot of time with you and feel the warmth that we share together. Would you like me to come soon? It seems that my whole life is only worth living when I can come and see you again so I count my pennies and save and save so I can be with you again.

CBD bangkok

I know that you think I joke a lot but this is only because I am shy sometimes and do not know what else to say. I like being happy around you all the time as you make me feel like I am living again.

Your Teerak,

Chauncy from England

This was written to Rita (30/9/03 submission “What is a Thai Woman”) I would like to comment that she did not understand 80% of this letter and it took me forever or close to impossible to translate it to her. How do you translate “I want to give you my energy!” Rita tells everyone that she is a hair stylist near the airport and just goes to Angels for the rent!

wonderland clinic

Here is Rita’s email to three different guys she broke dates with. So if Rasheed from France, Yao from Japan and Kobe from Sacramento, California. You were stood up recognize this don’t feel bad as two other guys were done the same to. She cannot write and told me the Internet café wrote it for her.

Hello (Rasheed, Yao, Kobe)

I am sorry I not see you last night. Father calls me and Mother have problem. Have to go back Yasothon. Please understand. You always in my heart. Please you forgive me and I want see you again. Promise I make better.

The real reason she ditched them is because her Mr. Australia was in town and since he is the only one that send a monthly stipend, he get priority!

Karen who I never wrote about from Kings Castle II jumped at the opportunity of using my laptop to check her Emails. She has contact with 6 different guys and I suspect all of them send her money. She would not admit to it though! But this one is obvious from Antawn in San Francisco of all places. (My inserted comments, Sorry)

My Karen,

I cannot function properly anymore since I got home and away from you. You move me. (How corny can one get!)? And I am planning my next return to you. I am so happy you decided to stop working at the bar and go back to school. (I think I met her at the University of Kings Castle II) Ever since our nights together life has not been the same and you filled the void in my life (I told her void means emptiness and then I had to explain what emptiness means which is no life, which I guess is close. Right stick?)(This is too much and too long and I cannot cut and paste the rest of the email as it gets really sad but check out Kerens reply!)

My Antawn,

Thank you for thinking of me in your heart. You always in my dream. I dream we are always together. Thank for send take care me. I never forget you. Please come back soon and I waiting you.

And you guessed right folks; she sent the same email to three other guys. “Thank for send take care me” To me this sounds like all 4 guys sent her money and I just don’t know how much.

Tina (What is the Thai woman 30/9/03) friend came with her one time and also used my Laptop to check her email. By the way, none of them actually used it, as they don’t know how. They asked me and gave me all their passwords on how to get to their email accounts to read the messages. I guess I look that trustworthy, No, It’s because I am a free translator!

From a sad sap 72 year old in Texas.


I wired $250 to you. Do you have it? I hope this helps your situation. I cannot come for a while but wish that you have a better life. I will contact you again if I can come or when I can come. You will always be in my memories.


I asked Tina what Laurie actually did and how was she able to get this guy to send her money. Well it turns out that Laurie is in her 40’s and is this guy’s physical therapist! I can believe it, as she does not look sexually attractive at all. Her English is so nit noy I can’t figure out what she is saying to me. From what I finally can gather, this guy from Texas is in his last legs and is broke! Yes folks broke and said something like he will be sending Laurie everything he has left before he goes away permanently! Laurie does not look like the type that can even get a customer at 3am on Sukhumvit.

From Debby (29/9/03 What is the Thai Woman) to her Belgian Boyfriend that did not work out!

My Shaq,

My feeling when your friend arrives to tell me you coming make me cry. I wait so long for you. Why you take so long. I wait forever. My dream will come true.

(Okay guys, how would you respond to that!)?

Finally some bullshit from me. This is a standard email I sent to Beth, Debby and every other girl that gave me an email address and cell phone number.

My Teerak,

Why you not answer your mobile. I call you all the time! Why? I hurt too much when I not hear you! I cannot sleep. I think I die soon. You want me die? My life not the same without you. If I die I come back and wake you up when you sleep.

Your pakwan!

I don’t even remember if I actually called them. I end it with pakwan so they know I am joking! They love a good joke and a sense of humor. And when I see them again there is always a sense of uneasiness, as they don’t know what is it that I mean and what is bullshit.

Stickman’s thoughts:


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