Stickman Readers' Submissions June 8th, 2004

Dating Bargirls – Use Your Head

Anonymous Submission

I would like to start out by saying that I do not look down on any of you. Sex tourist or not, I really don't care. I think most of us have paid for sex at least once here. "When in Rome…." But, I would like to say a few things about people dating hookers.

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1. If you are dating a prostitute (or normal girl for that matter) that is young enough to be your daughter then why are you surprised when it doesn't work out? How often would something like that be a success in the west? Well, its no different here.

2. A prostitute's job is to have sex for money. They are having sex with you for money, be it one hour, one night or one year. Wake up.

3. Also, (this is going to sound shitty) if you are an ugly ass bastard back home…. well, you're an ugly ass bastard here too. You just happen to have some extra cash to be parted with.

So bottom line: Don't live in the clouds. These are girls that have been trained from a young age to respect money. They are not with you because they like beer guts. They are not with you because they want a father figure. They are not with you because you look like a super model. They are not with you because of the intriguing conversation you provide. They work for money, they want money.

I am not saying I am better than you. I am not saying you're stupid. I am not saying that a very very small percentage of these relationships don't work out for the best. I am not saying I would have a better chance. I know how pretty some of these girls are and how easy it is to succumb to their charms. I AM saying that you should open your eyes !!

Here are a few tips and these are only my opinions. Feel free to do anything you like. It's a free country. Don't go looking for the love of your life in NANA. You will not find her there. Don't try to date someone with a huge age gap. Don't kid yourself…. did you get girls like that back home? No… Is she an intellectual that is into you because of your artistic abilities or your sophisticated perception of the world? No….. ok, so maybe that's a sign that she's after something else. Lastly, go to some places where there are normal thai girls/women and try to get one your own age. There are a whole lot of Thai girls/women out there that genuinely want a foreign guy for reasons other than money. But like most good things they don't come as easily as a $10 whore. Learn some of the language and hang out where Thai people hang out.

Now, what I've said may not apply to you. If you are just looking for some fun and sex then by all means have fun. That's what life is about. But don't fall for the same trap a lot of people fall into with these scamming bargirls. I really feel for these guys because it seems they really had feelings and got the shaft. Use your brain. Its all common sense.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Wise advice.

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