Stickman Readers' Submissions May 8th, 2004

Why Do I Keep Coming Back?

Why Do I Keep Coming Back To Thailand?

By Khun Eddie

24 hours ago, I was sitting on a beautiful beach in perfect weather. I have a home right on the beach in San Diego, with my home office overlooking the waves breaking, the surfers and yes, beautiful young women. Now I am in BKK, and it smells, the traffic is horrible, and I'm a bit in jet lag shock.

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At the moment I am starting to wonder why I came here. I will preface this by saying, I have made 11 round trips to Thailand from California and Australia over the last 3 years, spending about 16 months in Thailand over the last 3 years. I spent 6 months, 2 hours a day with a private tutor here in Thailand. I speak Thai quite enough to get by wherever I go in the country. I have met wonderful people all over the country, and been treated quite well here.

I have had a Thai girlfriend in California, in Australia and in Thailand. I guess that's why I am here. I love Thai women, and who knows, I may even settle down one day, but not quite yet. I have come very, very close to marriage twice in the last three years, and have had girlfriends who I sometimes miss terribly now.

Why don't I just stay at my beautiful home on the beach in San Diego, running my home business, and doing just fine? Guess? Because those beautiful young women on the beach there drive me crazy, and they don't want this 49 year young man. And I still love young, beautiful women. So am I a sex tourist? Sometimes yes, sometimes no. I have had wonderful experiences with the women in Thailand, and also the Thais I met in Australia. Some have been bargirls and some have been from the internet, and some are girls I just met in my every day life here, shopping malls, going to Thai School, traveling around Thailand, etc. I currently have a Thai GF who owns a shirt store in a shopping mall in Thailand. And no, I have not always been faithful. Neither has she. LOL.

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For those of you who are appalled at a 49 year old man engaging in sex with younger stunning women in this country, (you are either young still and can get hot chicks in your home country, you are happily married, and have no interest, or you are just judgmental) I wish all people in the world peace whatever their thoughts on the subject, and will not delve too much more deeply into it at the moment.

I guess I was just wondering how people can live in BKK. I know Stickman loves it, and I have farang friends who live here as well. But frankly, I haven't been here 24 hours and I'm ready to leave. I guess there's something for everybody in Thailand. But with the noise, traffic and general chaos in BKK, I will move on.

IN the past I have gone to many of the islands in the south, small villages in the Isaan region, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, and many small towns in between. I have a friend who married a Thai girl in the village of Hamoke. It is a very small mountain village about 40 kilometers from Phrae, quite a ways off the beaten path. I wrote about it on this site "Insane Thai Wedding".

Anyway, I can't believe I am missing my home in San Diego 24 hours after I got here. But a beautiful stunning lady will console me this evening. Tomorrow I'm off on a train up north about 7 or 800 kilometers back to the little village of Hamoke, and I'm sure I will remember what endears me to this country.

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Oh, yeah, I almost forgot, I met a man on the plane coming over here to marry his young Thai darling. I sure hope it works out for him. But listening to his story there were more than enough red flags to feel like it might be another broken heart in Thailand. Oh, well. I will stay in touch with him and see how it works out for him.

Also, I will report on my further travels over the coming weeks in Thailand.

Stickman's thoughts:

Sometimes I wonder what the attraction of Bangkok is too.

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