Stickman Readers' Submissions May 18th, 2004

Who Would Have Thought Part 2?

I was in Bangkok last week on business and took some time to shop at the World Trade Center. At an ATM machine I ran into Budd, a girl friend of my former Thai girl friend. I wrote about my experience with that romance earlier on Stickman's site, in a submission published on 21/4/2004.

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Over coffee Budd told me that after Ta and me split she went back to her old farang boyfriend and married the guy. Old boyfriend? I didn't know Ta had an old boyfriend. Where was this guy when I came along and where was he during the years Ta and me were an item? Budd went on and told me that she moved to Vietnam and had a baby with this guy. She also said that Ta put on about 20 kg, sits around her house all day sleeping and eating and basically making this guy's life miserable. Nagging his ass all day and night. I sat there and took in all in with a serene sense of amusement. Yet, a cold chill ran down my back. THIS GUY COULD HAVE BEEN ME! Holy shit!

I told Budd I had to get back to the hotel to tend to business matters. That was a lie. I went down to Soi 33 and met up with some friends and related the story I just heard. After a few brews we headed to Soi Cowboy and I picked up a sweet little dancer standing outside one of the many pubs on the street. We chatted it up and I brought her back to my room for a great time. In the morning I gave her a handsome tip and sent her on her way with a promise to see her again. Not likely but it's always a nice thing to say to a woman who just screwed your brains out.

I flew back to Hong Kong the next day. Had a nice meal in business class, a few glasses of wine and a short nap. When I got in back to my flat I decided to write Stick and bring his readers up to date with my experience with a Thai girl friend that I damn near married. (names were changed to protect the innocent). So guys, before you make the big leap and marry a Thai, think of me or even drop me a line. I'm not turned off with the idea of marrying a Thai. In fact, I may end up doing so in the long run. But, you have to be on your toes and look beyond the bedroom and into the future. Sex with the same girl gets boring after time and there has to be a lot more to the romance than just sex. Take your time. Check her out. Before you take the big leap, be sure of yourself and sure of her. The thought of being chained to a swelling girl with a toddler at my age is something nightmares are made of. Fortunately, after my chance encounter with Budd I sleep like a baby. Amen.

Stickman says:

Good to hear you didn't become a statistic.

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