Stickman Readers' Submissions May 24th, 2004

There Were Three Girls

I have been to Bangkok 3 times now, I work for a Taiwanese company and I have to visit them every 3 months or so, so Bangkok just seems like the right place to spend the weekend and if possible a few extra days.

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Every time I have ended up in trouble with a Thai girl, it has never been easy. There has now been 3 girls that have somehow touched me, this is the story about Ela, Ahe and Lon (names changed to protect the innocent, as if there is any who are).

These are only my girl experiences, I have done many other things in Bangkok, visiting temples, shopping and eating some of the best food in the world, I love Bangkok more than any other place, and I will keep coming back.

The first girl

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I met Ela in a 2nd floor go-go in Nana Plaza, it was my first visit to Bangkok and the first time I ever where in Bangkok go-go. I was struck by her beauty and the fact that she really seemed to have fun up there, slapping the other girls' asses, laughing and dancing was so sexy. I called her down and it turned out she could not speak much English, but she was really nice so I barfined her and a few Singhas later we went to the hotel. The experience was rather boring, she did her best but it was obvious that she was there for the money. She left after a couple of hours.

The day after I went to Nana Plaza again, thought what the hell I will just see if she is there again, and she was. I have no idea why I looked for her, since the evening before was so boring. I ran into her right inside the door / curtain, she was very happy to see me and I got hugs and kisses etc. A few Singhas and a barfine later I was at the hotel with Ela again, but somehow everything had changed, this time she was open, horny and the night turned out to be one of the best I had in BK. The sex was great, real intimate and fun, like having sex with a real girlfriend. She stayed all night, we slept arm in arm and in the morning she gave me another round of fantastic sex. Then she left.

Okay what to do that evening then? Of course I ran off to Nana Plaza, and found Ela in the go-go, I paid the barfine and we left right away, but this time she told me "we go my apartment" so we did and a long taxi ride later we where in her very small and rather depressing apartment. It was about 1/3 the size of my hotel room, but we talked for 3-4 hours even though she did not speak much English I still learned a lot of things about her, then we had great sex and finally went to sleep.

The morning after I told her that I have to go home, she got really sad, but I kissed her goodbye, and went to my hotel, packed and went straight to the airport.

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I was back in Bangkok 3 months later. I could only think about Ela, and in the evening I went straight to the go-go and looked for her, found her on the second floor sitting with some guy, but when she saw me she ran to me and said my name, I got a big hug and a big kiss, I almost felt sorry for the poor guy who got rejected by a BG. Anyway 5 mins later barfine was paid and we took a taxi to her apartment. I did spend two good days with Ela, both days used for shopping, eating etc, and in the night we made really passionate and intimate love. I felt madly in love with her, and I had the feeling that she was also really in love with me.

But then this story turns a bit strange. The third day was the last. She knew that I had to go the morning after, so we woke up around 11. She seamed very serious, told me in her poor English that she was in love with me and that she wanted to go to my country with me. Then she wanted to have sex, and that is not something that I argued with, but at that time she insisted that we did not use a condom, not nice she said.. as the stupid guy that I am, we did it without. I came inside her, and she lied there for a while and then said the magic words that I will never forget "you make baby for me" and started rubbing her belly.

That freaked me out, in fact there were several minutes of pure panic inside my head. What was this girl talking about, she wanted to come home with me and have my children. I just panicked so I told her some lame story about having to go to my hotel and pay for a previous bill, and then I ran out before she could even blink. To this day I do not now how I managed to get dressed, run to the street, get a taxi and be out of there in 30 seconds, must be a record or something. I got back to the hotel, checked out and took a taxi to another hotel down the street, I spend the rest of my time sitting in my hotel room feeling sick, worried about HIV, worried that she became pregnant, wondering why I freaked out like that.

I have never talked to Ela again, for a while after I was completely twisted in my head about the whole experience, I still feel very bad about it, and someday I might look her up again, to give a proper goodbye.

The second girl

My third visit started rather boring. I took a small vacation so that I had 6 days there. I was still thinking about Ela, so I thought that the best cure must be to go somewhere else and have some fun. So the first night I went to Soi Cowboy and entered a go-go, some girl caught my attention and I spend the night with her. It was ok, but no feelings involved on either side. This was repeated the second and third day with different girls. It was good fun, but nothing more than that.

On the fourth night I felt better, not thinking about Ela so much, so I went to Soi Cowboy again and entered a different go-go, this time things got interesting. There was this extremely beautiful and sexy girl on the stage, she is one of the most beautiful girls I have ever seen anywhere in the world.

I caught her attention and after dancing she came over to me and we talked, she was so nice. Ahe was only 22 years old, half Chinese, half Thai (which apparently makes a very good combo) and she was just so easy to talk to. I barfined her and we went to my hotel. She turned out to be a real treat. So beautiful, sexy and intelligent, she had a pierced tongue, and she was the kind of girl that when you fuck her with all you got, she just smiled and looked at me and said "is that all you got". That night I was literally fucked and sucked dry. I fell asleep exhausted.

The morning after I woke up, and again I was stunned by her beauty, she was still sleeping and I just lied there for more than one hour and just looked at her. She woke up and we showered (together) and got out to get some food.

I spent 2 days with Ahe. Shopping, eating and having mad monkey love. But it quickly became ever so clear that she knows exactly how attractive she is, and that I am not the only one who thinks so. She has a very expensive mobile phone, a real watch (not the usual Thai crap) real jewellery and she wears expensive and real Diesel jeans etc.

She openly told me that she has a few "Darlings" that take good care of her and that she likes me and wants me as a "Darling" as well. We exchange phone numbers, e-mail addresses and I am entered into her expensive and fancy mobile phone under the entry "Darlings". This is a girl that is 100% on top of the game, but she did not hide anything, she even showed me photos on her mobile of the other Darlings, all of them looked like nice attractive guys, and even if this sounds strange I felt real proud that I was accepted into this exclusive group.

On the last day in the morning I told her that I wanted to do something else on my last night. No problem, she smiled and told me to call her next time I come to Bangkok. She left my hotel after giving me hottest kiss ever with her pierced tongue.

I did not fall in love with her, and I never will, but with 100% certainty she will be the first girl I call on my next visit, I had a great time with her, sure was expensive, but it was value for money. She knows what she wants, and when you give a lot to her you get a lot back, it works perfectly for a few days.

The third girl

Now the story becomes tragic, as this girl changed everything for me. I think about her all the time.

On my last night I was tired after Ahe, she got the best parts of me, there was nothing left, so I just went to a pool bar.

I ordered a Singha from a nice girl that was playing pool, we started talking a little, and we played some pool, she was a real nice and friendly girl. She seemed to have a serious side to her that made me kind of curious.

We got kind of drunk both of us over a 3-4 hours, finally at closing time we had not finished talking so she went with me to the hotel, we talked so much that we even forgot the barfine.

We got to the hotel, we showered but after the shower we just talked and talked, she opened up and told me the most sad story ever, I will not repeat it in detail here it is private, but its real tragic and tells a story about a very poor girl struggling to support her family, her father is dead, her boyfriend is dead, and she is struggling to keep her mother, sister and her little boy alive, a little boy that is very sick, and she can not afford the hospital bill.

That was a night of crying from both of us, we slept only for a few hours and then started talking again, I told her about my family and my life and she told me about her family and her struggling life.

She does not make a lot of money as a bargirl, she is not a classically pretty girl, she has more of a special look and she does not go with many customers, so she has very little money to live for. I can tell that she is poor, her clothes, her appearance, her mobile phone, but this girl has the best heart.

After a while she had to go to work, she works 13 hours a day in the bar. She showered again, and while she was showering I slipped some money into her purse, just what I had in my pocket or about 7000 baht, she never even noticed the money, and never asked for any.

She left, I gave her a kiss on the forehead and hugged her, told her that I would be in the bar that evening to say goodbye

In the evening I went to the bar to say goodbye, my flight was late in the evening. I went into the bar and everything turned very weird, the staffs was greeting me differently, not like a falang or western, but with a different kind of silent respect and nodding, they called Lon out from the back, when she saw me smiled and was real happy to see me.

She told me that the money I gave her would be enough to allow her mom and son to have food and milk for some time, and that she was very grateful to me, she did not now why I was so nice to her because no one had been before. So I sat there in the bar feeling real shitty, we talked for a few hours, then I had to leave, she was very sad when I left, and we exchanged mobile numbers and e-mail addresses.

I have stayed in contact with her after I got home. We have been sending long e-mails back and forward. I feel that I know everything about her. I feel that she is a real friend, and that maybe she is being so open and nice to me because she wants to support her family, but I think that is perfectly ok.

I want to help her, and I have some money that I can easily be without. I am planning to send her a rather large sum of baht. Of course I thought about what if I am just being played like a damn fool, but given the communication that we have been having, and the realness of this girl, her appearance, everything about her I don't think so (but I can never be 100% sure) and even if she is playing me, I will never give her more money than I can easily spare and feel no difference, so no matter what I will make her life easier and it will mean nothing financially to me.

I felt and still feel so much for her, I think about her every day. I am not in love with her any way, but she touched my heart, and I think that she will always have a place in my mind and in my heart.

So that is how it is, Bangkok is for me very complicated, very wonderful and it makes me feel very much alive. I will come back to Bangkok every time I get the chance, certainly I will have more girl trouble, but I love Thai girls, I respect their connection to their family and their attitude toward the job they have and the Farangs, I think that they should pump us for all the money we are willing to spend, because with many of these girls it's a two way street, you get so much from them. If you give something as well, be nice to them, kiss them in the neck, make love (not just sex) to them, and spend that extra amount of money on them, then the whole concept can be really fun and nice for both parties.

The only problem now is that European (Nordic) girls has become rather boring to me. So predictable and easy. Where is the fun in that?

Stickman's thoughts:

Who knows whatever happened to girlfriend #1? Maybe she has a surprise for you…?

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