Stickman Readers' Submissions May 8th, 2004

Thai Girl’s True Love

By A neighbour of Thailand

I do not know whether I can write this or not, because I am not a farang but the general trend of Stickman's site is about ups and downs of Thai-farang relationships. This submission is to show that it happens between Asian men and Thai girls too.

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I am Asian Indian. I have been following this site for over a year. I would like to share a story with you. The question remains whether is it true love or otherwise.

It was in January 2001 when I joined a bus tour to Hat Yai. That trip was my fifth trip to Hat Yai, and all my friends & I do to got a girl for the night.

The last day of our stay, I visited a well-known bar-cum-massage parlour in Hat Yai and went and looked at the girls in the ancient massage department next to the fish tank. There she was, the girl of my dreams, she looked so friendly, her face beautiful, petite and when she smiled at me I lost my heart to her. This very moment as I am writing I am re-living the feelings I went through at that moment.

Here I am, a 47 year old dark Asian man from a neighbouring country with beer-belly and bald head, married to a Chinese wife, have two beautiful daughters, not a farang, and has fallen for a lovely young Thai girl who responds.

Immediately I booked her for 2 hr Thai traditional massage. In the lift she compared her white skin with mine and laughed. I kept admiring her. This has never happened before. She had the most beautiful face I have ever seen. She had straight healthy long feminine hair and wore correct make-up. She wore bangles, and other cosmetic jewellery, unlike other girls. She spoke good English. Her name for this article is M. Throughout the massage session I kept describing how beautiful she is, her eyes are, her face is and her lips were. After the massage she asked me whether I wanted ping-pong. How much? 500 baht. Agreed, and she tried and could get me to "shoot" partly because she was divinely beautiful I felt guilty asking her to do "dirty" things. She appeared disappointed and depressed probably thinking I wouldn't pay her for a job not done.

I asked her whether she would follow me to the hotel. She said, "I don't do that". I said I am going to book her for another 2 hours just to be with her and she need not massage me. Instead she offered me to bar-fine her, and go shopping. I agreed. I paid her 1000 baht for the unsuccessful hand job and made her obviously very very happy. I paid bar fine for the rest of the night (up to 12:00 midnight, I suppose). She quickly changed dress and came out with me.

We didn't know where to go or what to shop. So many Asians who were walking past gave us looks in disbelief. I knew it. How can an ugly old man get such a beautiful young thing?- kind of looks. On her suggestion, we went lobster fishing. We had a delicious dinner; I had 6 bottles of beer. I learned that she is from Chiang Mai. She had a grandmother, mother and a brother who is in University. She studied up to secondary, hence her good English. She doesn't drink or smoke. She had a drunkard boyfriend several years ago, and hasn't had a boyfriend since. Tactlessly I asked whether she is a virgin and she got upset for a moment and said, "It is not good to ask a girl like that". I apologised. (Maybe she now believed I am not butterflying and never had a girlfriend besides my wife, an excuse for tactlessness). She went to the pond to fish for lobsters. I sat there and kept staring at her lovely face throughout the lobster fishing. She turned around often gave me that entrapping beautiful radiant smile. She is no longer angry. Occasionally I would help her unhook the lobster she had caught. Each time a lobster bit the hook she would beam her smile. She was everything I wanted I thought. She was effeminate. I wouldn't harm her if she won't give in. She was to me sacrosanct.

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When she finished at about 1.30 am, I asked to come to my hotel she refused. She doesn't do that. I said OK, no sex, just sleep next to me for the night, she refused, and she doesn't do that. I offered to sleep on the floor and she can lie in my bed to be with me in the same room, and she refused. She doesn't do that. I emptied my pockets and wallet of all my Thai money and gave it to her. I am not prudent when I am drunk. First she refused. I started telling her "I love you". She said, "You are drunk". I insisted she take the money. She took the money. May be she thought she had struck the lottery. I got her mobile phone number; I said if I had more money I would give it to her now. She may be the second wife my astrologers have been telling me about. In my country a man can have 4 wives contemporaneously. Astrologer's time frame for second wife is quite accurate. They said I would get a second wife around this time. Maybe M is the one. I promised to send her money when I return to my country and made her write down her bank account number. She flagged a Tuk-tuk and away she went waving me goodbye. I have let her slip out of my hands.

I was devastated. The world came crushing down on me. Empty handed, empty hearted, empty wallet-ed, I returned to hotel room a very lonely man.

It was 3.00 am. I could not recover from the empty feeling. I cannot forget her. I have forgotten about my wife and children back home. I couldn't sleep despite the beer. I am deeply in love. What am I going to do? I called her mobile number. She asked, "Are you ok, ah?" meaning are you crazy? I said I am not OK. Again for the last time I earnestly pleaded asking her whether she can come to the hotel. She doesn't do that.

The next day I sadly returned with my friend back to my country. All along the way I kept thinking about her. I was forlorn. The following morning I went to the bank deposited 10000 baht. She is worth more than that. I called her and told her I have done that. She did not believe. I told her I love her too much. I told her one day I would marry her. She didn't believe it either. It takes 3 or 4 days for the transfer to clear.

Three days later I called her and she was happy and perplexed why I would send her so much money. I told her I loved her. I called her daily. I sent her a further 7000 baht after two weeks, as she mentioned her brother has to pay for his next semester. My phone bills came to 5000 baht each for two months. I start learning Thai. Chan phoot pasa Thai nit noi, or something to the effect.

I must point out that never once she said she wanted money. It is me who sent her on my own volition. For example, after Songkran she wanted to visit her mother, I sent her money. When she said she is not feeling well I sent her money.

Months went by. Phone bills kept rising.

After I had sent her about 40,000 baht I realised I was neglecting my college going first daughter whom I denied money. I realised I have been foolishly sending money to a girl who "doesn't do that". Instead all that money could have been utilised for my own family, flesh and blood. Serious depletion of personal finances and bad budget figures knocked sense into my head. This is not practical. Why am I supporting some girl so far away? Me, Foolish old man! By now she had started to love me, so she said, and asked me to take care of my family and myself. She believed that I loved her. She wants to see me again. This time around she will come to hotel with me, and do "everything" for me. Now I believe her.

I decided to break off with M. I called her. She I must go personally and tell her that it won't work. One year later, 2004 March to be exact, I go alone to Hat Yai.

I call her and tell her where I am staying.

She arrives at the Hotel. Other Asian guests stare at this beautiful girl. Wow, isn't she lovely. Again the smile. I lose my heart again.

We go up to the room. I give her 1 year's worth of hug. I kiss her. She says she has period. I stop. I just hug her and kiss her again. We exchange "I love you" and Chan rak kun mak mak maks. (She was telling the truth because I found bloodied pads in the bathroom bin.) I got to see her pussy once only. No sex. Sex with her went out of my mind. I stayed, shopped, dined with her for three days. I bought her expensive clothes and a purse. I bought her a ring and a gold necklace. I spent another 20,000 baht on her. She had to go back to the bar the next day to work and earn money, to send her brother who wanted to told me that her brother is studying IT and has to buy a desktop on hire purchase.

I decided to tell her I couldn't manage financially or support her anymore. I told her we must break off. She cried. She said she doesn't want my money. She never asked me for money. I ask her to find someone else and marry. She said she would wait for me. She said she wants me. She said that I truly loved her, because I sent her money even though she did not come to the hotel the first time. She said she believes I really love her.

Again dilemma. She left without make-up. I have made her very sad. I am cruel. I called her from a tit-bits shop at the Hat Yai railway station to see if she is OK. I was afraid she might commit suicide. The shop manager who overheard our conversation said, if she is a bargirl she won't commit suicide and assured me not to worry.

I cannot marry her because I cannot afford it unless I strike lottery, which the astrologer has also predicted. Even though I cannot forget that beautiful face. I have to forgo her for now. Whenever I read Stickman articles where someone describes how beautiful their girl is I can understand. When I came back home, I sent her 20,000 to purchase a desktop for her brother.

I haven't stopped learning Thai. Every time I log in, I never fail to read articles put up at this site. One day I may find a solution. She will get over it. I am happy. I have helped her ease her financial burden to some extent at some point of her life. Even though she never asked for money. She will not call me because she is afraid my wife may pick it up and land me in trouble. She is such a good girl.

Now occasionally I call to find out how she is. I don't send her any more money. Because I don't have any extra left to send.

Is this true love? Yes, I believe it is. Do you? Conclusion: There are good honest Thai girls who can develop sincere relationship. Not all are bad or money minded.

Stickman's thoughts:

Wow, you really got taken in quickly. It is interesting to read this story from an Asian man. Asian men typically understand the prostitution situation here MUCH better than us farangs and are less likely to be sucked in. Still, everyone's situation is different.

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