Stickman Readers' Submissions May 18th, 2004

Strange Skinny Sanook Girl

Stick, I tried to learn from my mistake but probably more than one mistake is necessary? Here is what you said to me on my last submission: "Sometimes things happen in Thailand that we just can't work out. While it is always nice to know just what was going on, once it is in the past, perhaps it is best left there?".

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I left that one there alright. Didn't try to find out what happened and tried not to think about it. Didn't try to call her again. But due to my work, can't help but keep going to Krungthep and when something I don't understand happened, I can't help but writing this one out – probably to get some possible answer).

I've been to Krungthep 4 times since December, and it'd be five by the end of this month.
You know I had that disappointment after being dumped by a bargirl (that's not exactly good for my pride nor my wallet!) in my last story in Stickman's website. I try to divert my Thai obsession to something more useful and I've taken a Thai class with a Thai kru in Singapore. Khow jai nitnoi, but poot mai dai still… and 700 bucks poorer for that.

Tried as I might, I can't get rid my obsession to pooying Thai though… very very hard to do. On my first three trips (December, January, and February) I was successful not to go and see any pooying in bars or soapy. However on my fourth in April, I got hooked up again by a nice skinny pooying. She stands 164 cm tall and weighs about 40 kg! I met her in a quiet bar (not a go-go type – no farang in sight either. A quiet type with only Thais around) somewhere in Sois near my friend's place in Rachada. Tried to chat her up and hit it off (since she speaks adequate English). Asked her whether she minds joining me for a dinner or drink the following day, and she said yes – I immediately assumed she's a working girl of course. That night she called my mobile with the Singapore number, which surprised me since BG usually are not that "generous" with their expenses – not when you haven't paid her anything in the first place! She said she just wanted to say good night and wish me good sleep – figure that out!

So the next evening she came to my hotel in Sathorn Neua Road. She came in a cab, and she was like hesitating in front of the hotel (I can see her from inside but she didn't see me). Looks like she hasn't had that many experiences going to hotel by herself (In comparison, Jane the November 2003 girl knocks right at my hotel room door when I told her to come!). So I picked her up outside, she asked me whether it's ok with the establishment that she came. I said they should never mind me inviting a friend to come 😉 hehe.. We chatted a bit, forgetting dinner, and she told me she went to mahavit <universityStick> (yeah yeah.. I thought :p) on a finance course. Tested her a bit on that and she more or less answer my Q's well. Hmmm…..

So we did our business that night, and about 11pm she said she had to go back home. Fine by me, since I am wary about letting her stay over anyway. So I gave her 5,000 baht which she remarked "for me?" which makes me sneer inside, and I just told her "for taxi" 🙂

She called me when she was home, told me that if I want to meet her again next evening she'd be there – but can't stay long since she had a class the following day at 8am.

So the next evening I went on and met her in Siam Square. As always pooying Thai always late – waited for her almost one hour. So I went for a glass or two myself at the Hard Rock Cafe. When she came, she said she didn't really like HRC, and asked me whether we can just go back to the hotel. So we went back. In the room she took out 4,500 baht and said she want me to take them back. I asked why, she said the taxi doesn't cost that much, she lives not too far away. I insisted she took them but she won't have any of it, leaving them on the table. Alarm bell ringing (what's the catch, I thought), but some part of my body also ringing another bell – so we did our business again (but it's not really a business is it, when no money changing hands? worries me….). After the action, I decided to push her to tell me about herself. After dilly-dallying a little (I'm pretty persuasive) she told me she sometimes work in a soapy. Five siblings, separated parents, blah blah blah… (I became more comfortable – I thought this is more like it, and I expect that I can pay and be at peace with myself 🙂 To my dismay, again she refused my ngern. Duh.. so I told her that if she still needs to "work" (albeit 'sometimes') she needs to take my money. She insisted no – that 500 is more than enough for taxi to her place. I said for your mom, she said she can get that from "work" and not from me here. Finally I said can I buy her something then for the good time, and she said we should meet the day after… ha!

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Cut short to the day after. Met her in MBK and we stroll around, bought her some coffee, and then a new handphone (6,000 baht – she told me she wants that – hooray business done!) with another prepaid card that I told her to use it to call me (she called me 2-3 times that day about our 'meeting') instead of her own. After doing the "business" that evening, she gave me a photo of her saying that she wants me to remember her and hopefully see her again next time I come. She didn't stay over again that night. And again, only 500 baht taxi money changed hands.

I was in Bangkok for 4 nights, 3 of which she was with me in my hotel. I spent about 10K in total for the handphone and dinner and drinks – much less than what I had spent last time with Jane (the November girl). When I'm back in my home country, she keeps calling me back every 2-3 days. Once from thi thamngaan <place of workStick> – the soapy! Honestly, I don't know why she'd want to call me from there (her reason is beua – just bored so want to talk to somebody!). Well, she's nice, she can speak English, and she's not that expensive (so far). I can't help having the hangover and wanting to see her again so I will go there the end of this month.

Last time I met a girl who took my money and dumped me. This time – this girl, not taking money and not forcing me to buy her something too expensive. And I can't stick to Stick's advice – I'm wondering what is the deal here (can't leave it like that just yet). And like last time, I'll leave this with some open questions – I don't have the answer – yet.

She doesn't take my money, she took the mobile phone I bought for her. I bought her a prepaid card and she called me every so often – surely 750 baht won't last a few calls a week of 10-15 minutes each? Am I being lured – it scares me if the bait is like this (the money lost from work done and not being paid, plus all the cost of the calls – baring in mind as far as I know pooying Thai don't bait you with other than their body and sweet words), what kind of 'fish' she expects to get. I'm not that old yet and I can spend some on pooying, but certainly I don't appear as that big a fish to catch… what else but an atm does she want? She seems to be better educated yet she admits to me she works in a soapy. Strange… strange…

But I still want to see her. Maybe a mistake in the making, maybe I will figure this one out better than last time – who knows…..

Stickman says:

Some of these girls are just too difficult to figure out, so just sit back, and enjoy the ride.

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