Stickman Readers' Submissions May 14th, 2004

Rainbow 2 Escapades

After reading Stick's last column and the so called “rule of 4” which is a joke running around Rainbow II in NEP I thought I might share some excerpts from my journal regarding the friends I have in there and the stories they tell me. Again no real names!

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I ended up looking for Joanne at the Rainbow II and was hoping to bump into Suzy (She’s from another submission What is the Thai Woman! 29/9/2003) also, but neither one was there but at 8:30pm all the girls was there and I spotted Deandre from Sukhothai! A 22-year-old stunner that looks like she has Indian blood in her as her eyes just popped out! The part worth writing about is the 3 ½ hours we spent not just talking and learning about each other but the stories she had to say about the girls at Rainbow II! First, I was totally surprised when she said she has a 4-year-old son as she absolutely has no stretch marks whatsoever! Her former boyfriend who is a Thai cop she absolutely dislikes and badmouths him to her son as she said her son does not like his Dad!

Deandre claims to never go out with white guys. She went out with only one and was in tears when the guy told her to suck him off without a condom and then when she didn’t, proceeded to just fuck her silly and he was big and she said she hurt and cried the whole night afterwards and then the guy had the audacity to try and just pay her 1,000 baht! She only goes with Japanese men as she claims they are the weirdest but also have the best hearts and pay the best at an average of 2,500 baht short time upwards to 7,000 baht for short time! She has never gone long time! Actually she rarely goes out of the Nana complex as they have short time rooms available upstairs for 300 baht.

I hear all the time from Stick mentioning that Rainbow II has the prettiest girls in Nana Plaza and that it is also the hangout for the largest collection of Japanese. Well me and my friend when we were there he hardly gets noticed (white American) and that is why we went instead upstairs to Hollywood where they treated him like a king as he is a regular there. Well the stories Deandre had for me was as wild as it is believable! As I heard them from Japanese women in America!

One customer tied her up naked on a bed post for an hour and just stared at her! He was a bit over 50 years old according to her. Timed her too and when the alarm sounded, untied her and told her to take a shower as she is finished. She said she was a wreck as she thought he was going to hurt her and was scared to come out of the bathroom. He demanded that she leave and when she was about to, she asked if he could give her some money for her time and he asked how much she wanted and she said “Up to You” and he answered to her “No” she was in tears as she left and scared, she looked at her bag on the way down back to the bar only to see 7,000 baht was put in there, probably while she was showering!

Another time a Japanese guy again told her to masturbate in front of him while he masturbated in front of her. Never touched her and gave her 5,000 baht for the effort.

Another time a Japanese guy made her dance naked in front of the window while he masturbated behind her and when she tried to look at what he was doing he yelled at her. Told her to spread her ass cheeks from behind and made quirky moaning sounds as she did this. This guy never touched her either. After less than an hour told her to get out and leave and paid her 3,000 baht!

She had a Japanese customer one time who spoke Thai and she got into a conversation with him regarding this behavior of his fellow man and from what she gathers, these men are very faithful to their wives and do not want to cheat on them so acting in this way they feel they have not cheated on their wife! I said to myself WOW! Talk about discipline! I DO NOT think I can ever do this!

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She said many of them have really small cocks that she can masturbate them with 2 fingers! Another guy Tom (Japanese) who is only 27 years old wanted her to live with him for 30 days for 60,000 baht and she wanted advance payment and when he did not agree to that she didn’t go with him. She claims to never have been attracted to any guy whatsoever. Called me baba bobo as I asked to see pictures of her son. Shows me she enjoys my company. Deandre has the look of a stunner but the attitude of a bitch! If it wasn’t for her wild stories about her Japanese customers! With the Japanese stories spreading all throughout the bar I can see why they get the preferential treatment and the white guys get completely ignored over there. The turnover of girls at Rainbow II is amazing though as their lifespan is actually getting shorter and shorter as they are either plucked right out of the bar or there are just too many girls working and not enough customers!

My other friend Joanne confirmed Deandre’s stories to me and gave me some of her own. She has only worked there two months and already has an attitude that if the customer is not Asian, DO NOT GO!

Joanne’s best story is when she and Deandre were bar fined together by two strange Japanese guys who were with another girl already who was also Japanese. They all went out to dinner and then when they wanted to go to a club Joanne said she couldn’t get in as her ID says she is only 19 years old. They gave her the Japanese girls ID to get in and the girl was only 18! So back in the room they went and witnessed the Three Japanese citizens consume something not quite legal and showed her and Deandre how to use a video cam and instructed them to tape the shenanigans of the other three. Joanne and Deandre were paid 10,000 baht for this! Deandre said that is the most money she ever made without taking her clothes off or taking a shower! Joanne concurs!

Suzy who I finally bumped into afterwards completely ignored my friend who is white and looks like Boris Becker (remember him!) Not until I introduced him to her did she summon some of her friends to sit with us. If I was white, I will find this not acceptable and walk right out of there! Still, unfortunately this bar has the prettiest bunch in the plaza. And then next door at Playskool we encountered the same attitude! Though I walked in together with my buddy, he got ignored again until I introduced him.

Well, since Suzy has been at this for two years now she is picky and tries nothing but the really old Japanese guys as she can get them to buy her expensive stuff and sometimes play the save me like I am your daughter bit! And that folks is a whole new submission in itself!

Stickman's thoughts:

There're some weird folks out there all right…

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