Stickman Readers' Submissions May 26th, 2004

Middle Aged Farang Men – Chapter 2

I’m politically incorrect but only in a humorous way. I’m building up my political manifesto. One thing important for me about Thailand and Philippines is that there are so many attractive small and slim girls. I like slim girls, so my first proposal would be to make it illegal for women to be fat. If a woman is fat then the penalty is that they go to prison until they are slim again. I think I’m going to get killed for that one ! Otherwise it’s fairly stupid stuff like women should not be allowed to work in highly paid jobs but only in lower paid jobs e.g. nurses, maids, counter sales etc. The high pay jobs should be reserved for men. Then men would walk tall again and both sexes would be happier for it! Pretty revolutionary stuff, right ? Hope no ladies take me too seriously.

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Going back to Stick's last post on 23rd May, when I think of these middle aged guys flying to Thailand looking for a wife, I think poor sods ! They don’t know what they are letting themselves in for ! Still I can appreciate their reasons. Basically for a man in a western country, getting a good love life can be really hard work and many middle aged guys just have to give up.

Did you hear about a book recently published called “The Proper Care and Feeding of Husbands“ by Dr. Laura Schlessinger. Basically it says that a generation of western women have foolishly believed the destructive feminist nonsense which has denigrated men, marriage and motherhood and that as a result women are unhappier because of it. Feminism has encouraged women in the west to become more self centred and demanding in their relationships with men. So women get it into their heads that they got to have a career as well as a marriage with kids. The result is that they don’t have time for their husbands or kids and as a result men and women are unhappier, resulting in high divorce rates. As I see it a lot of women just don’t realise that following old fashioned traditions will result in them having happier lives. For guys and gals to be really happy, we must not forget the basic human needs and conditions and we must make time for them.

I love thinking about and comparing how we live now in modern times as against the sort of life we lived for most of our evolutionary existence. For millions of years, mankind has lived a certain way, right or wrong, and we can’t change the basics without consequences just because some modern intellectuals come up with new ideas about how we should live. Look also at political correctness, for me a lot of that seems really destructive and mad.

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I give one quick example to illustrate how modern life affects us. During a women's menstruation cycle she can go through mood swings, period pain etc as every boyfriend knows too well. Imagine this, if you go back thousands of years, women hardly ever experienced this. Basically from the moment a women reached puberty, she was continually pregnant until she died, usually by 30 years old or so. So for millions of years a mature woman was nearly always pregnant and very rarely experienced a regular period. That something to think about, right ?

However it’s not only ideas that are screwing us up, modern science, technology and medicine is causing us to have much longer lives. So for example, I’m a healthy active 55 year old man. Five thousand years ago I probably would have been dead by the age of 35 from an abscess in the tooth or some common illness. Living longer is giving us so many new problems to deal with. The women that I’m most sexually attracted to are usually in their twenties. That's a 30 year age gap for me. In the west I would get called a dirty old man for fancying a woman 30 years junior to me. Thank God for me that I can go to Asia where it’s more acceptable !

Saw something amusing on BBC World the other day. It was a program about hormones. For most guys, testosterone production slowly decreases with age, so hopefully by the time we get to 80, we ain't getting the hots for young chicks. However there are some guys whose testosterone levels remain high. The TV programme interviewed some 80 plus year old British geyser living by himself in a cottage in the countryside. He was saying that when he sees a pretty young thing he still gets the urge, and that he heard that sometimes a young woman likes a mature old man but it hadn’t happened to him yet. God, I was thinking, haven't you heard about Thailand or Asia mate !

Going to Asia can seem like an easy option to get what you want. I think the crux of the attraction of Asia is that there are a wide variety of younger woman available for love sex and marriage. In the west some many middle aged guys grow apart from their wives, get divorced and then are back on their own again. So what does such a guy do ? In the west, only two options, live alone or join a divorced singles club where probably he'll find a woman similar to the one he divorced before and run into the same set of problems again.

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Stick's advice is very good for the guys looking for Asian wives. My advice would be the same, take your time to learn about the culture and to get to know the woman. Such relationships only succeed if you have some common interests and common goals. For that you need good communication. If it’s possible, I would advise to forget about finding a wife, better just to find a girlfriend. But because of the difficulty of visa and nationality problems, sometimes there’s only one option, i.e. to get married.

Luckily for me, I've been involved with Asia all my life, and in particular Thailand and Hong Kong. I got the lingo and hopefully clued up enough! Technically, I’m married, but also I have a mistress who I love dearly. She's from Philippines not Thailand, but same rules apply ! Another of my jokes is that I was on a relationships seminar. The speaker asked all male attendees to put up their hands if they were faithful to their wives. I didn’t put my hand up, so the speaker said “Hey Chips, why's your hand not up”. I said “Sorry, I’m faithful to my mistress”.

Oh yes, this is for the younger guys, I can tell you that it’s only recently in my 50’s that I've had the best sex ever in my life. Now I really “keun sawaan” (= “rise to heaven”) when I’m shagging. Mostly it’s because I love my mistress. But also it’s because of mental and spiritual maturity. I don’t have all the hang ups and uncertainties that I had when I was young. I’m not worried about my performance in the bed just glad that I can still get it up. Don’t need Viagra yet, maybe because my mistress turns me on so much. Also in the back of your mind is the thought that you know you won't live forever. That focuses the mind, and I can really tell you that now I appreciate every shag I get !

So that’s all for now from old Chips, I’ll try to write more on Thailand next time.

Stickman's thoughts:

This was a very nice quote = "Look also at political correctness, for me a lot of that seems really destructive and mad."

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