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Farang Myths To Asian Women

Feedback: Farang Myths To Asian Women

By Aida

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This is an extension Siam Sam’s post. I am an Asian woman though I am not from Thailand, I am from Interior Borneo. I am not a bar girl, I have a proper job in my home country, I am an avid traveler and though I married a “Canuck”, I still maintain my Asian side blending it with his western culture. But I am quite interested in seeing these Thai bar girl & farang so called relationship when I was in Thailand. But the comments below will be a mixture of those connected to Thailand and not connected.

After reading so many posts on Stick’s since last year, I am finally submitting a post.

Point #4 – Asian Women are more submissive.

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This is wrong, though Asian women won’t be preaching about the topic feminism but we are not doormats either. I suppose by obeying our husband is in the way of our upbringing. Being submissive isn’t necessarily bad as it has to depend on a situation. Some men both farang and non farang may find this being submissive trait being sexy though some tend to manipulate it. I have seen some Asian women being overly submissive due to fear or living conditions i.e. being poor.

Point #5 – “Did it ever occur that when you push away that overly competitive farang girl, you are also pushing away the person who is "truly" your equal (something many men seem to hate in a woman, why?”

Yes I agree with this point, why would you push away a farang girl who is in the same league as you are? I have read some posts that say they are so sick and tired of women in their own country being fat cows, tired of the Nordic girls. But being stuck with a bar girl who skims off your cash or has little knowledge of English that enables you to have a proper conversation attracts you? Does marrying your bargirl or a poor Thai girl and supporting her whole family and perhaps the entire neighbourhood entices you? I am puzzled. And we already know some Asian girls can be really overly protective over their man esp their farang men and would do all they can to make you guys stay with them.

I also have to agree that most men who fly to Asia intentionally to get an Asian wife are just pure sad. You are more likely to end up with a prostitute or a bar girl than a proper girl. That is unless of course you come here to work, get to know the country and the culture better, and I suppose you eventually will end up with a much better Asian girl than a prostitute. There was a saying written by someone here “you can take the girl out of the bar, but you can’t take the bar our of the girl”. Hence the marriage based on cause your bargirl gives you good TLC and sex doesn’t mean she will not stop sleeping with other men.

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Last, a “relationship” doesn’t happen one way, it takes two to tango and I think if these bar girls chose to be with these ugly punters, then it’s purely their choice or perhaps sometimes they don’t have a choice. Society sees an Asian woman with a white man as the women’s way out of the country, better living standards, and such. I am glad that now society is more enlightened that an Asian woman with white man isn’t necessarily be based on these reasons especially if they are within the same age group, there are more similarities, I think this works for all relationships and not only the Asian+white relationships.

I am sure some men will get defensive over this post but let’s face it, someone just have to pull stubborn jack out of the box!

Stickman's thoughts:

Hehehe, a nice post…you'll get a reaction or two!

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