Stickman Readers' Submissions May 28th, 2004

Farang Myths About Asian Women

1. In Asia, it is more acceptable for an old guy (Westerner) to walk around with a young girl (in her late teens, early twenties).

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No, it is not more acceptable. It's just more ignored or overlooked by the locals, due to the Asian culture of avoiding embarrassing realities or skirting conflict if possible. Most Asian cultures, and certainly the Thai Buddhist culture, are not any more accepting of prostitution in their religion. Any "acceptance" is at the cultural level, among the lower classes and economically impoverished sectors of Asian society. They simply "accept" sex tourists, especially the older, uglier, and fatter ones, due to their desire and often greed for the punter's money. And yes, they do see him as a punter, not as a handsome man, man of the world, white teacher, or good hearted man.

2. There are more "available women" in Asia.

No, in all likelihood there is just a slightly higher number of women compared to men, in sync with most of the world, due to women's tendency to live longer…and to to drive men to their graves earlier LOL. There may appear to be more available women, given that Western men have more money due to the exchange rate. However, consider that the women surrounding them are often bargirls, hookers, gold diggers, and most are a combination of damaged good, divorcees, abused women, and prostitutes. Not exactly the type of "available women" most men consider desirable by Western standards.

3. Asian women are better due to their "traditional values".

This one is a real joke, given how obviously contradictory the average Westerner propagating it is. One the one hand, he spews his hatred of farang women as fat cows with no sense of femininity, while on the other hand he moans about greedy Thai bargirls who lie about their love, playing the "girlfriend", all in order to steal his money.

Did it ever occur to the Westerner seeking his "traditional Asian wife", that this would mean supporting her, given her lack of meaningful earning power (she's uneducated, only has skills in prostitution (the bargirls) or domestic skills (the bargirls and non-bargirls), young, and inexperienced in professional work), and dealing with an uneducated person relative to the average Westerner? Did it ever occur that when you push away that overly competitive farang girl, you are also pushing away the person who is "truly" your equal (something many men seem to hate in a woman, why?), able to have meaningful intellectual talks with, and able to support herself? Conversely, when you marry or date a "traditional" girl, has it occurred that most farangs seem to always end up with the poor ones? Unless you actually are attractive and relatively young (i.e. under 40), with some reasonable amount of social skills, the odds are unlikely you'll end up with an educated Asian woman. If you do, she will likely be more Westernized and less traditional too.

There is a natural trade off between a Western girl and a "traditional Asian woman". With one comes having to deal with an equal with full freedom to leave or stay based on her judgement of you as a person, a boyfriend, a lover, and a human being (just like the way guys evaluate their girlfriends, bargirls, hookers, and lovers). On the other hand, you gain sexual, emotional, and domestic complicity at the cost of financial support and a marriage that may border on institutionalized prostitution.

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Stickman's thoughts:

Strong thoughts…you'll get a bit of feedback back from this one I bet.

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