Stickman Readers' Submissions May 7th, 2004

Delightful Pattaya – His Nui Days

Nui, the Pattaya Beach Road whore, isn't really good looking. On the other side, she has a nice, polite and even refined character. She dresses inoffensively, refuses to paint her face and zero percent of her body is tattoo-covered. She is honest to the boot. She is neither talkative nor boring. She is sensitive, but also quite down to earth and not at all dull; she never says "Hello hansum man, I go with you". Actually, until quite recently (or so she says) she did Thai massage, oil massage and foot massage for a living and no more than that. She is 28, has a baby, a broken long term relationship with a Thai man and lots of real life experience. She is quite shy, however once things get going, she takes off. God forbid, but if you were to choose a longtime partner right here on the Beach Road, you could do much worse than taking Nui. Now once again, Nui is no beauty queen. But who cares? Not Mr. F. – Nui becomes his Pattaya regular.

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The problems of picking company from the Beach Road are well-known – they may have been ousted from bar jobs for health or mentality reasons, and they cannot be traced back when things take a wrong turn. On the other hand, a person like Nui can only be fully discovered on the Beach Road, where they first meet. Any bar would be too noisy, and there would be all kinds of interruptions.

This is the Beach Road, but she doesn't try to chat him up. Mr. F. notices her cheerful laughter as she talks with friends, and her good girl dress. He invites her to sit down beside him, which she does quite reluctantly and shy. One wonders if she does put out at all, this innocent lady with the air of a provincial teacher or nurse. On the relatively quiet, breezy Beach Road with convenient seating everywhere it is easy to talk and to get to know her more.

Actually, these days Nui does work in an expensive gogo bar, but there Mr. F. would never discover her. Upon visiting her gogo joint later, he realizes that this is the wrong environment for a decent girl like Nui. She is most shy when he sees her in dance attire. She is clearly unhappy there, and she says on a normal day she gets one or two lady drinks and no boomboom assignment. She is almost unnoticeable among the other, more extroverted girls. Mr. F. can't imagine her socialising with the rude, noisy skinhead blokes in there. A gogo bar is no place to meet a more subtle lady like Nui.

Once upon a time, Nui was a dreamy girl in central Thailand's Phetchabun; her parents split, but her loving Thai boyfriend took good care of her. The young couple moved to Bangkok; there she worked in a garment factory, while her boyfriend made money with TV repairs. Life was ok. Happily she told him that she was pregnant. As of that day, the father of her young one started drinking, whoring and forgetting to work; a broken-hearted Nui with shattered dreams left her boyfriend even before her daughter arrived. After that she learned massage and moved to Pattaya; the baby stayed with grandmother in Phet'bun. But traditional Thai massage only didn't support Nui and her daughter; so she made it to the Beach Road every night after her massage place closed doors, selling her body. Not with much success: According to her, before Mr. F. shy Khun Nui had only one other sex customer, a 60 year old man; she refuses to give more details of that job, which must have been quite an experience for a shy novice in the sex trade. After her massage shop was turned into an internet access center, Nui found the dancing job in soi Gogo (lady drink 130 Baht, barfine 1000 Baht including short time room). There she receives 7000 Baht per month for dancing, but is never taken to a room. She says soon she will start to work in another massage shop again, happily skipping the silly gogo business. At her new massage place, customers pay 200 Baht per hour, of which she gets 80. Mr. F. understands she receives 100 Baht for days without any customers. According to her, the shop has no short time facilities. Asked if she will continue her after hours street job, she refuses to answer.
It is nice and easy to talk on the Beach Road. But finally they set off for the hotel room, and they only agree on a Thai massage – anything else may or may not happen. And they keep it like that on all the other meetings. She is not pushy about getting into full action, but she is not strictly adverse either; just like Mr. F. On their first full physical encounters, she is shy and insists on very low lights or curtains closed. But once into it, she can get very enthusiastic.

Later she gets more confident. When Mr. F. is in non-mating mode, she calls his willy "nongchai" (younger brother). But in her sensible masseuse's hands, little brother grows up quickly. "Pheechai laeow", Mr. F. says (older brother already). They laugh.

After their first encounter in the night, he wants to pay the usual 500 Baht plus 200 Baht tip. But he only has a 1000-Baht-bill. He says: "I pay 700, ok? Later I come to your bar and you give back 300." Even if this 300 would never reappear, it would be ok for him. But she is unhappy with that: "I go down reception and change for small bills." Shy Mr. F. doesn't like his whores to wake up the night shift for money transactions, so he forces her to set off owing him 300 Baht. The next morning, they meet by pure chance in the Big C shopping center; and almost as fast as her hello smile come 300 Baht flying at him – she was so uncomfortable with the debt. At another occasion, she temporarily owes him 500 Baht. She later returns a whole bush of small bills; he checks the amount only after she left him – and yes, it is 500 (he had had no real doubts). One time she takes home his torn trousers to stitch them, and they come back promptly and well done, too.

She is so new and unprofessional, she says she does not even have e-mail or a mobile phone. Maybe Nui says that because she doesn't want customers on her handphone, but who knows. Mr. F. has to contact her through her roommate's cellphone. Now this lady sounds very nice on the line, so Mr. F. jokes to Nui her roommate might come along too. But Nui says her friend has a cleaning job and "no like boomboom farang". Maybe Nui says that to protect her own business, but again who knows. There are so many "cleaning ladies" there in Pattaya, right?

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They get closer after two or three days. When she arrives at his door, smiling broadly, he feels like she is a great roommate coming back. You know, with her baby-level English and his baby-level Thai, they cannot talk so much. But there seems to be a lot of mutual understanding without words anyway – he never feels like "what is this crazy bitch doing after all"; no, her moves always make good sense to him, and she is a pleasure being around. She does things with ease, reason, charm and a smile, maybe like your average no-bullshit-nice-neighborhood-girl. Bed wise, Nui doesn't need to close the curtains any more. She actively draws him from massage into sex even though she knows that this does not alter her salary. Her kisses are more affectionate, but still not fully relaxed. Getting into it, her faces changes drastically, she trembles all over and screams strange words; only later Mr. F. realizes that she exclaims the alias name he uses for red light games, and with a bizarre pronunciation.

She calls him teelac (darling; lit. the one I love). He reminds her that they are no couple, and she says "OK – you 'darling friend', dai mai khaa?" Dai laeow khrap. Different from his usual red light behaviour, he clearly tells her his departure date. Unlike other hookers, she does not answer "pai dueay" (I go too), but "mai pai" (don't go).

May I point out: Mr. F. does *not* want any serious attachment. He has neglected several wonderful regular girl friends for his whoring habits until they drifted away, so there is no point for a whore turning into one more regular girl friend. Oh, and he has learnt a lesson or two from Sometimes he tells her, "maybe I see you in the bar or on the Beach Road after 2 am; mi farang laeow, mai pen rai khrap" (no problem if you already have a farang). She says, "maybe I wait near your hotel in the night; mi phooying laeow, mai pen rai khaa" (no problem if you already have a lady).

So one night he visits her usual place on the Beach Road at 2.20 am, just to see if she's ok; there is some meat, but not Khun Nui. Poor her, is she spreading for a drunk smelly German? Hesitatingly he walks back to his beachside hotel; and there she sits near the hotel door, she "just wanted to see if you're ok". Then she smiles: "Mi phooying laeow mai?" (Do you already have a lady?). Even though they agreed on a strictly professional relation, it is way more by now – so Mr. F. is happy to show that he came alone and that he is not going to cheat his main whore with a side whore tonight.

On that night, when she sees him coming along she quickly hides one arm behind her back. A cigarette! They had never talked about it, but by now she may have guessed that F. is a non-smoker and thus may not like a nicotine-addicted main whore. And rightly so. It's not only for health, smell and aesthetical reasons: Mr. F. feels, a Thai lady smoking cigarettes publicly is no longer a really good lady; but he needs the good-lady-illusion from his main whore. Actually, had Nui smoked a cigarette on the very first encounter, Mr. F. would never have considered her. But now it is too late, the cancer stick doesn't put him off the way it usually does. She claims smoking only "nitnoi" (a little bit), and her kisses never tasted foul anyway. "Mai pen rai", he says.

Mr. F. likes to soft-start his Pattaya days at quiet Dongtan beach in Jomtien, with breakfast buffet and lazing, trying to ignore sleazy helloes from skinny call boys. He ponders bringing Nui along, but finally doesn't want a whore to mingle with his real world. Around 2 p.m., some airconditioning seems tempting, and not just that. From his room, now cleaned and the huge bed nicely done, he calls Nui's flatmate and requests Nui for a massage. The answer is always the same: "Nui sleep now. But can come in ten minutes, no popemm!" When he realizes that she always takes a nap in the hottest daytime hours, Mr. F. tries to call her two hours ahead from Dongtan beach; so she has more time to dress and to grab a soup on the market. She always appears on the minute he requested.

In by the door, she jumps onto the bed like a tiger, sighs and stretches out. Maybe she is tired, maybe she likes the inviting big white bed, which might be most different from her own shack's interior design. When offered, she happily drinks a glass or two. He opens the fridge door for her to choose anything, but she always sticks with mineral water; only once she dares to ask for Fanta. When he forgets to offer a drink, she doesn't ask for it. But she has questions like "Is it ok to use your shower?" "I take a bit of your shampoo, dai mai khaa?" One time, booked on very short notice, she arrives hungry. But she declines his offer to order Thai food from the hotel restaurant; so on the linen they share two packs of chips from the minibar.

Come 5 p.m., after massage, more and a nap arm in arm, Nui would check the clock and say "pai tamngan" (go working). She has to report at the gogo place by 6 p.m. One last time for today she would ask permission to use shower, shampoo and towel. Nui splashing in the bathroom, Mr. F. would turn off airconditioning and open the balcony door; thus she gets no freeze shock after a hot shower. He would deposit her modest salary plus a modest tip near her handbag, usually 500 plus 200 Baht. No extra big money. Upon discovering the bills, she would ask "This for me, or not?" and flash a shy and nice thank you smile. Mr. F. would say "Maybe see you tomorrow, maybe not; chok-dee khrap" (good luck). She dematerializes silently, but with a delightful smile.

Funny, one time when she is in a rush to get to the gogo bar, she says she misses her dancing bra. She claims Mr. F. has stuffed it into his suitcase, which sits visibly on a rack. Mr. F. opens the suitcase and says "Mai mee, you can see!" (No have.) Upon that, she starts to leaf intensely through his equipment. Mr. F. watches her rummaging closely, but does not stop her. He knows that this is normal Asian behaviour; asking for permission to browse his stuff would actually reveal her exposure to western thinking. He can't see any sign of stealing, and the real valuables are somewhere else anyway; she just discovers shoes, books, CDs – and a collection of condoms, which she finds quite amusing. She looks a bit upset with him seemingly stealing her gogo bra and demands his mobile phone to call her flatmate. And, yes, her bra is still in her shack! "Oh, sorryyyyyy! Sorryyyyyy! Khor thod khaaaaaa!!!" On his rented Honda Dream, Mr. F. chauffeurs her to her shabby apartment block, to pick up the bra quickly.

Usually, after Nui leaves his room around 5.30 p.m., Mr. F. showers and dresses. Now is the perfect time to sample sunset on the Beach Road. In a trance like state after massage and more, he would float along all the female meat on the pedestrians' walk; and when some worn-out bitch croaks her "Hello sexy man", he would reply "Khor thod khrap, boomboom laeow" (sorry, boomboom already).

It is their last afternoon. No massage, and no hefty sex. They just cuddle arm in arm on the huge white bed, soaking up each others' bodies. He says, "your baby, narak mai?" (Is your daughter cute?) He was not prepared that this question turns on another kind of Nui. She beams most positively: "Oh yes, same-same me!" Well, that should be a pleasant kid, just one year old by now. She becomes very lively, takes delight in describing her offspring and has a very warm and positive air: "Today I go bank already, send money to baby. 2000, from youuuu." She smiles more, cuddles close and whispers "Thankyouuuuu" into his ear. He is touched, he almost feels like a father. When he paid her, he didn't think about her baby, he thought the money would improve her own life. But she had been mostly doing it for the young one. His Pattaya Beach Road whore is a loving mother, it was so easy to forget that. Maybe all the emotions she clearly showed were finally not for him, but for baby's welfare. He'd love to see baby's picture. But then again, better not: He doesn't ask for the photo, his heart might flip the wrong way.

So now this is their last scheduled afternoon. She says "tonight at 2 a.m., after gogo, I come to your door, knock-knock, ok mai khaa?" He does not answer. "Ok mai khaaa???" Heck, yes, he craves to see her again. But then, this would be no longer a business relationship. He would have to tell her that he would not pay any more 500 Baht plus tip per meeting. Would she join him for free? But then again, he does not want a woman for free. "Tonight at 2 a.m. I knock-knock on your door, ok mai KHAAAAA?!?!?" Finally he answers: "You can try, but maybe I have lady already." Silence, then a shy smile. Anyway, he doubts she could get through security, even though she has slipped in every afternoon.
This noon at Big C he wasted two hours looking for a goodbye present, but he found nothing. So when Nui leaves him one last time for her evening gogo stint, he just puts a double salary, plus 20 Baht for the motosai taxi, plus a few condoms beside her handbag. A big thank you smile. A kiss, a hug and a heartbreaking goodbye smile. She is gone.
His Pattaya Beach Road whore is gone, and he can't bear it. She's just a whore. No? Before late, she will have tattoos, HIV, she will croak "Hello hansum man" and drink Heineken for breakfast. Or not? Mr. F. wants to save this good girl from the one-way downhill road waiting for her, but how to do this without serious commitments? He feels sick.

After shower and a sunset beach walk, he takes in Thai style live rock and spring rolls at Kum Punn in soi 2. Baht bus brings him home before midnight. His head, his heart, his body are screaming NUI – but he will not go to her bar. Before sleeping he prepares the room for her possible return at 2 a.m.: he puts towels and drinking glasses in the proper places, checks if there is enough mineral water and removes old shirts – but he will not look for her on the Beach Road. He wakes up. Black night. Wasn't there a knock? Sleepy, he makes it to the door, checks the corridor, but it's only his neighbor's whore, leaving after a short time stint. Her face says "You want me now?", but he closes his door.

He wakes up early. His head screams NUI. His heart screams NUI. His body screams NUI. He knows she feels the same right now. But she's only a whore. No? He is about to vomit. He has lied to her that he will go to the aircon bus station at 12 o'clock; actually he will be gone by 10 a.m. with a minibus from the hotel door. She might be at the hotel by 12, waiting for him in vain. He doesn't want that. So he slips the other SIM card into his Motorola one more time and messages her roommate: "Dear Nui! Chok-dee MAAK-MAAK khrap!!! Pai Khrung Thep laeow. Good bye, ((alias name))." (Good luck, I already went to Bangkok.) He presses Send. The room phone rings – is it Nui? "Sir, your minibus is waiting for you now!"

In the minibus, he changes SIM cards again. The number he had used for Nui is for redlight encounters only. That SIM card will expire soon, and he will then throw it away. Just like the other days, she will see his number on her friend's mobile phone. But she cannot contact him, because he stopped using this number.

His Nui Days have expired.

Stickman's thoughts:

Touching, but I am surprised you used the word "whore" to describe her….

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