Stickman Readers' Submissions May 29th, 2004

Bargirl Love

I want something from you
And I am not talking about money
It’s just bar girl love
Where I take you in every conceivable place
Put a blanket over the world and turn out the lights
Every corner, every table, every shop doorway, every staircase
Driving down a highway want to bring tears to your face
Tears of lust, tears that cry out for pleasure, tears of honey
Tears that are so sweet, tears that bring tears upon tears, tears for me to taste
I need you desperately I want to indulge in your body
Want to sample every part leave nothing to waste

He Clinic Bangkok

Bar girl love
I need to explore need to experiment
Before I die and explode
Left like an empty shell
Dreaming of all those wicked girls
Search the alphabet
Aor to z always ending back with U
This is Eden, so what am I supposed to do?

Bar girl love from the top of a mountain
To Nana, Cowboy and soi 33
Everyman’s dream and fantasy
Gamble it all away its so easy
Give you odds – even, or one hundred and five to one
Leave you at the finishing line
Before you put your finger on the starting gun

Bar girl love could turn your world upside down
Empty all you pockets of grief and fill them with fun
Bar girl love could leave you so cold and numb
I want to live my life instead of helping rich people
Don’t want to sacrifice anymore of my time
Unless I get something in return

CBD bangkok

The candle in my window
Is not on show to burn – anymore
Sometimes you fall and stumble
Only to live another day and learn
Learn the truth of what’s it’s all about

Bar girl love
Is something that is required to make one whole?
So please cut all those strings that hold me together
Take me one way or another
It’s so unfair to leave me in limbo
Make your decision take me or let me go
Bargirl love is Outrageous love

Outrageous love must be shared with that special someone
It’s not to be given for free
It’s what life is all about
It’s about someone like you, someone like me
Someone old, someone young
Someone beautiful, someone ugly
Someone poor and someone with buckets loads of money
Bargirl love

Stickman's thoughts:

wonderland clinic

Looks like Dana started a craze.

nana plaza