Stickman Readers' Submissions May 18th, 2004

A New Window Opens – My Arrival

Where to start, where do I begin… To be honest I just don’t know… It has only been a 6 week holiday… But in effect, those 4-5 weeks had to have been an eternity. Out there it flew by but on my return I recollected by thoughts, my experiences, my likes, my dislikes, the people I met, the things I did and more importantly what I had brought back with me. Not necessarily what I had learnt but what affect this trip has had on The Londoner ;o)

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I literally have 2 hours b4 I have to leave for the airport and I still have done nothing in regards to packing. I have an empty suitcase that when full weighs 40 kilos, do I need a smaller one?? Narr, the question, “What if?” springs to mind, all the advice from my expat, backpacking well-travelled friends was to be ignored. I figure I've planned go for 28 days I need umm 20 + 20 is 40 8 +8 is 16, 40 + 16 is 56 and a few spare, for Songkran I figure I need 70 T-shirts, narr to many, I stuff about 20 shirts, 5 pairs of shorts, socks, Magnum Combat boots, trainers, sandals, wet boots, jackets, coats, half my medicine cabinet, shaving gel the works, way the case its 28 kilos..Good lad, only 3 kilos over….

I arrive at the airport say my goodbyes and prepare myself for a month of more sanuk that one body should endure, I text my lovely Tiny (For First time Londoner Readers, Tiny is my sweetheart from Phuket) to let her know all is going to plan. The best plan is no plan I no but when you found what I have you'll understand ;o) Well so I thought.

I've never flown EVA before, always Thai Airways; already its going wrong, just as I arrive to check my bags in the computer system goes down. I’m stood there for 45 mins with some twat trying to tell me how many times he has been to Thailand how experienced he is and how it would be good for us to meet up. I have no problem with making new friends as that’s what travelling alone is all about, but this guy was looking for somewhere to crash…lol.

Finally I check in, to my surprise I have been upgraded free of charge. I thought I'd have two seats to myself but was later joined by a fellow traveller. We have some small talk turns out he's a long time reader of your site Stick and has reads some of my stories. Small world…anyhow 12 hours flew by….The flight was nice better than Thai airways to be fair but they lacked the Thai feel.

Well When ever I land I my heart always pounds, will my case be the case that got away. I go through customs and for once they smile at me instead of the intimidating face that they try and give you.

Now I always fly in, in the morning. No traffic very few other commuters and enough taxis for everyone including the staff to go where they want to…Not this time buddy, Song Kran, the fucking airport is heaving…. I’m given a small blue peace of paper with the dos and don'ts of Song Kran…I read chuckle, order a taxi pay for taxi wait for taxi. 10 minutes 20 minutes 30 minutes, still no taxi. I am moved from Point A to Point B, a further 10 minutes at point B I meet more disgruntled tourists who have in actual fact been waiting for over an hour, we bond and arrange to meet up later on Koh San Road, the dreaded tourist strip of Bangkok.

I arrive at Nana 3 hours later than planned and check in not a happy bunny, I watch footie with the porter and feed him strait brandy for an hour and give him a good tip. This way he's nice to me for my whole stay, and it works. I freshen up and 20 mins later my phone rings. “Sir you have Guest here would you like me to escort upstairs” Yes please, he arrives with a lady that I have pre-arranged to meet. She’s 20 minutes early but hey. The porter brings with him a bucket of ice and 2 cokes. He smiles, wais, and disappears.

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Sam says hi in typical Sam style, grabs my nuts bites my neck and says I miss chocolate stick and you chocolate apple (Apple being my ass) lol. You go gym, you look bigger than b4, I say no. Sams about 5’6 long black hair, no make up perfect teeth, dimples, round ass perfect tits. Speaks good English size 5 feet, little hands. She’s a diamond. We drink watch some TV and she gives me what I want, sex you're thinking. Actually no…Well not yet anyway. Sam was my masseuse who offered optional extras. An hour massage, lots of walking on my back and chuckwow for free. What a diamond.

She leaves and I'm left alone to take it all in… I look out the window and it hits me…I’m back, What was in store for me this time, what stories would I bring back, who would I meet…Where would The LOS take me……..

Stickman's thoughts:

It begins again…

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