Stickman Readers' Submissions May 24th, 2004

A Friend’s Tale

My Friend's Tale

I was sitting at home the other night and the telephone rang. An old friend had just returned from Thailand and related a tale about his experience there. He spent a few nights in Bangkok and then went down to Phuket for about 10 days. He said he was surprised with the number of gays hanging around Patong Beach. I haven't been there in a few years and was surprised with his observations. Has Phuket become a gay mecca? I sure hope not. Anyway, I stay down at Kata Beach and tend to stay away from Patong anyway. But, it's still an odd development if his observations were valid. I have nothing against gay folks myself, but I really don't feel comfortable when it's too obvious. That's just me though.

He Clinic Bangkok

My friend said he picked up a hooker on Bangla Road one night and brought her back to the Kata Beach resort. The hotel gave him some trouble about her and he had to pay an additional levy to get her in the room. So typical of some places. He said the duty manager was a little punk who wouldn't budge on the "policy". Instead of arguing, my friend just paid the baht and got on with it. He figured the little punk put the money in his pocket. I bet that's what he did.

Anyway, the next morning my friend and his "girlfriend" for the night before went down to the breakfast buffet. He said it wasn't too crowded being the low season and all. They were sitting outside on the veranda eating when he really got hassled. He said there was a foreign couple in their fifties or so (my friend is nearly 60) who kept looking at him and his 20 something hooker. Finally, the woman couldn't restrain herself and came over to his table and asked my friend how old his girlfriend was. My friend laughed and said he didn't know. The girl then said she was 23. With that the foreign woman (Canadian or Yank he thinks) said he should be ashamed of himself. Well, your readers don't know Paul and probably would like to. He has a great job and makes a good deal of money and loves Thai hookers. He also doesn't take any crap off anyone. Paul said he looked at that old hag and told her to go screw herself. Knowing Paul he used the F word. Her husband came over and objected to Paul's comments to his wife and Paul told him to go screw himself as well. Within seconds the scene got ugly. Paul said he stood up and took a defensive stance and told the couple to mind their own business. But, the woman wouldn't relent. She told him loud enough for everyone to hear that his presence there with a young woman was offensive to her and everyone else. Paul told her again to go screw herself and asked her who made her the f#$%ing judge. He husband started shouting for the manager and some Thai guy came over. Paul told him that HE was offended by his guests and though the hotel should do a better job at screening guests to keep idiots like these people from checking in. After a tense moment the couple left the area embarrassed. I really don't know exactly what Paul told them but I'm certain he didn't hold back any punches. Paul's not someone to piss off. Afterwards, Paul said he sat down and finished his coffee then went down to Nui beach with his squeeze. Lucky piker.

You know, it seems odd to me in a way. I've had similar experiences but always let them pass without comment. I wonder what goes through people's minds when they see older gents with younger Thai women. Isn't it a matter of choice after all? I treat these girls kindly and with respect. I'm paying them well for their services and I enjoy their company. Is there really anything wrong with that? I guess older people find my interest in younger women offensive. I don't have a response for that. All I can say is that I'm happy that I can be with a younger woman from time to time. I have no interest in marrying one or starting a family. That would be absurd. I just like them and find them exciting to be with.

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On another note, I was in Bangkok not long ago and saw a farang guy with tattoos all over his body and on half his face for Christ's sake. What was that about? I mean, I have issues but I never went that far over the fence. Got to give Thailand its due. There's never a dull moment and never a scene that isn't worth telling someone about when you return home. A face tattoo? Now that's really out there. I'm sure that guy's an executive with some Fortune 500 company. Not. Amazing Thailand.

Stickman's thoughts:

I don't think anyone can deny that a big age gap looks a bit odd….but it happens….and people who mouth off about it, at least in public, may end up looking silly like the older couple in this story.

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