Stickman Readers' Submissions April 19th, 2004

Who Pissed In The Bitch’s Coffee?

Just thought I would comment on one of the recent reader's submissions. I'm approaching 65 years of life and I've been divorced for many years. My two children are grown and doing well. I have no debt and a nice nest egg to live on the rest of my life if I'm careful.

He Clinic Bangkok

I first went to Thailand in 1997 on one of those packaged deals. My children bought it as a Christmas present. A nice one at that as it turned out. Fortunately, there was a guy my age in the group who knew a little about Bangkok and we pretty much went our own way and not in some silly group of senior citizens looking at Wats and such. I returned home with a whole new outlook on my life. In less than two months I was back on a plane to Bangkok. I stayed at the Montien Hotel in Patpong and had a pretty good time of it hitting the night spots in Patpong and even bringing back a girl for the night. With further trips I discovered the Nana district and began staying there. Sometimes at the Nana Hotel and sometimes at the Dynasty Inn. Both are ok and within my budget.

I pretty much agreed with what your reader said about older guys in Thailand. I go there for the girls, I'll admit that. But I don't think the younger guys think much of it. I don't think they care. He did have some good thoughts about saving money for later though. I sometimes feel odd when I'm going back to the hotel with a young woman. It does look funny and I rush through the lobby quickly (hint: at the Dynasty Inn you can get a room in the back and walk around the alley to your room thus avoiding eyes watching an old man with a girl young enough to be his daughter or even grand daughter (smile). Really, so what? Life is for living. If I look foolish with a young girl on my arm, who cares? I don't and I'm too old to care what anyone else thinks. Let them look. One day I was having coffee at a Starbucks near Nana with a young girl I slept with the night before. A middle age foreign couple came in and sat at one of the tables upstairs near us. The woman, who weighed about 200 lbs, kept looking over at me with a scowl on her face as if someone just pissed in her coffee cup. I knew what she was thinking. When they got up to leave she looked at me and said I should act my age. I thought I was. I didn't say anything. Her husband looked at me with a sly grin and winked. I knew what he was thinking. Well, his wife saw that and I bet he got a real good scolding when they got to their hotel room. Hey, in my hometown of Des Moines, Iowa, all I see are broad beamed women in spanex pants with curlers in their hair buying junk food at WalMart. Having one of them on my arm is my worst nightmare. I'd rather do a term in prison than have to sleep with one.

I give a big clap to all us ageing guys who journey to Thailand for the ladies. I think it's wonderful that there's a place like that in the world where someone my age can sleep with a young woman. Until that first trip to Thailand I thought my days of sex were over. I'm looking forward to my next trip. This time I will go to Pattaya. I hear that it's a happening place for an old fart like me who can still get it up. And, Stick, when even Thais begin looking at us old guys with young women, I'll smile and thank them all for the wonderful genes they possess and to encourage them to keep plowing the fields of procreation for all the old guys yet to come of age. Like yourself in time. Hehehe.

CBD bangkok

Stickman says:

The restraint in not responding to the wench in Starbucks shows great discipline!

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