Stickman Readers' Submissions April 13th, 2004

One Week In Bancock

On a recent stop over in Bancock (on my way to NZ ), I spent a week in Bancock. I have been to Thailand before, but never bothered to check out Bancock, mainly because I am not a fan of big cities, traffic & everything else which goes along with them. I didn't want to travel around Thailand in a bus, because I was carrying several digital cameras a laptop & quite a bit of cash etc.

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I got a taxi into town The first hotel I pulled up at near Sukumvit had a big sign in the window saying, "Sex tourists not Welcome." The taxi driver had spent quite a bit of time trying to find this hotel, so he looked perplexed when I told him to get the hell out of here. It wasn't that I was planning on a week of debauchery, but I don't like being told that I can't bring a girl back to my hotel room especially when I'm in Bancock for crying out loud. This seemed strange as this hotel was fairly close to Nana plaza. Must have belonged to some Christian wanker.

For the first four days I checked out the sights of Bancock, I rode all round in the sky train & did a lot of walking. I even checked out Chinatown at rush hour, an experience I wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy. The heat I could handle, but the smoke & pollution was worse than sitting in a German pub. The Pope would have been proud of me though, I had spent 4 days in Bancock & hadn't been in a bar, I had not even had so much as a beer.

On my forth day while walking back to my hotel hot & sweaty & feeling some what dejected, I thought to myself, I need a cold beer right now! & I may as well have a nice girl serve it to me. I was near Patpong, but I did not like the aggressive touts there. I was walking past an internet cafe so I went in & checked out Stickman's site to get some info on the best bars to go to. It sounded like Soi Cowboy was more low key than Patpong & the prices were more reasonable.

With new found enthusiasm I rode the skytrain over to Sukumvit & high tailed it down to soi 21. I arrived early around 5pm, so not much was going on, I walked though the Cowboy, hung a right past some open air bars & there she was! She said, "where you going sir."

"Just walking", I said.

"Come & have just one beer", she said. Hell yes I thought.

In a minute I was sitting down, still sweating like a bush pig after another days walking all over Bancock. In the blink of an eye one girl was pouring me a cold one while at the same time adjusting the fan directly at me, the other girl went round behind me & started to massage my shoulders. This is more like it I thought. To cut a long story short I spent an enjoyable evening with this old trout (she was around 34). Then spent another couple of nights with another lovely girl I met in the Cowboy the next night.

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So what's the moral of this story; well if you are a single guy, who does not speak any Thai for your first visit to Bancock, you may as well enjoy yourself & head straight to the Cowboy or Nana plaza along with all the other sex tourists. You will probably not find the other Bancock a very friendly or enjoyable place unless you bother to learn some Thai before your trip. I'm sure as Stickman said on one of his Bancock reports there's lots more to this city than bargirls & katoeys, but with my very limited Thai, I did not find it.

Though thanks to the girls of Soi Cowboy I left with a spring in my step & a smile on my face. As I passed though New Zealand customs the serious looking woman said what are you bringing back from Thailand, she gave me a strange look as I said nothing but a good time. Happy travels from JC.

Stickman says:

You're honest, I'll give you that. But really, especially with the skytrain and cheap taxis, it is easy to find things in Bangkok. Guidebook's are cheap and many maps are free…

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