Stickman Readers' Submissions April 20th, 2004

My Thai Bargirl Experiences

Being fairly new to computers and the internet, I've only been checking out this site a short time. After reading everything here – including all the reader submissions – I figured it was about time I chimed in on my Thailand experiences; specifically Pattaya Beach.

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First, a little background on myself. I'm an early forties US citizen who has spent virtually all of my adult life (20+ years) in the US Navy / Navy reserves, including three years of active duty out of high school, as well as spending the last six years on active duty. I was born and raised in a nice, quiet, small town in the state of Ohio. I decided to join the Navy for the adventure and challenges that I knew I wouldn't find in Small Town, Middle America.

I can fondly recall the innocent days of my first enlistment, including losing my virginity to a lovely Pattaya bar girl. I've always been the type who had difficulty finding dates, and I've found relationships to be even more difficult. Sexually, things were different back then – you didn't have AIDS or herpes to worry about, so condoms weren't as much of a "necessity" back then. If you caught "the clap", you went to the doc, got a shot and some pills, and were back in action in a couple of weeks – as good as new.

Back then, things in the Navy were different also. Life was fun, there were no curfews in foreign ports, and ships rarely went out to sea for anything other than real international deployments for a few months every couple of years… I could go on and on. But that was the REAL Navy, not any of this USNR / TAR Reserve Navy crap. But I digress…

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I remember like yesterday how I had decided to get out of the Navy after my initial three year enlistment. I vividly recall being housed at the Transient Processing Unit (TPU) just prior to the expiration of my enlistment. I remember how apparently desperate the Navy was to keep sailors from leaving, to the point of treating exiting sailors worse than they were treated in boot camp, in an apparent attempt to brainwash them into fearing the "outside" to the point where they would change their minds and decide to re-enlist. I can still see the barracks's LPO grimacing and screaming into our faces:

"Where you goin' there, Boy? You think you gonna get out, get a job, and life's gonna be grand? Ahahaha! There ain't NO jobs out there, Boy! You SURE you wanna get out?"

Sometimes the intimidation tactics worked. On numerous occasions, an exiting sailor would break down to the point of tears:

"I changed my mind! I wanna stay in!" a young sailor would cry, to which we'd witness an incredible personality change in the LPO:

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"OK, come on, son. We'll get you outta this crap, get you back to where you belong. Welcome back, Shipmate!" the LPO would respond, as he gently comforted the young sailor, even providing a tissue if the kid was crying or blowing snot bubbles out the nose.

After getting out, I bounced around a bit, then trained and worked as a diesel mechanic. This was a job I didn't like, and wasn't very good at, and my boss hated me as well. He said I was too slow, and my co-workers often heckled me, so I left there after a short stint.

I eventually got a job working third shift at a ketchup factory on the assembly line. This job was a little better, but I found it to be a bit too fast paced, and often had trouble keeping up. The pattern of being the butt of co-worker's jokes and the boss's Whipping Boy continued, unfortunately. So, after a couple of years, I quit, as I had found a good job as a night watchman for my sister's husband's security firm. And after much soul searching, I went through an "Assertiveness Training Program" at the suggestion of a friend. I found this to be a smart move, as the training increased my self confidence and self esteem. I even found myself a girlfriend eventually.

I stayed at the security firm for many years, eventually working my way up to supervisor. I also continued my USN Reservist side gig, and was able to gradually increase my rank and pay. I had a girl, a car, a house, a career, and I was making decent money and enjoying a leadership role in both my civilian and military occupations. I devoured self-help and self-improvement books in my spare time, and learned to become an effective, assertive leader. I also began to oragnize self-employment ventures – landscaping, car washing, light mechanics, etc. Life was good.

Then disaster struck about seven years ago. My Brother-in-law sold his security firm, and although I didn't lose my job, I lost my supervisor position. And I didn't like the way things were going with the new ownership and management. I began to get depressed and lose confidence. My girlfriend and I had gotten married after several years of dating, but I began to lose interest after the career trouble started. My sex drive plummeted…

In early 1998, I went in to work one night, and was stopped from clocking in by my supervisor. I was told I was being laid off due to "Company cutbacks". Shocked and demoralized, I drove back home. As I pulled in to my driveway, I noticed my best friend's car parked in my driveway. To my horror, I walked into my house to find my wife and best friend in a carnal embrace in my bed! Shocked and disgusted, I left the house, went to a hotel, and stayed away for a week.

In the subsequent quick divorce, I had to give up half of everything, since I was too embarrassed and in too much pain to bring out her adultery with my best buddy. I didn't even want to think about it, much less talk about it with lawyers and judges.

This was when I made the fateful decision to go back on active military duty. I would specifically request to go out west, and attach myself to a forward deployed ship which would return me to the lands of the far east. I was determined to find me another wife, an Asian wife, to be specific. I knew from experience that Asian girls knew how to treat a man. And I particularly liked the Thai gals, especially the friendly, flirtatious Thai bargirls. There was no need for a man to be handsome, rich, charming, or even confident. No games, no wining and dining, nothing. Just a barfine for sex and companionship, and a way out of that life for the girl if one wanted to take things further.

I knew that in Pattaya, it wouldn't matter that I was near middle age, chubby, balding, and wearing thick glasses barely covering the severe stigmatism which made one of my eyes look very big and the other look almost squinted shut. It wouldn't matter in Thailand that I was not attractive, and that I was always considered so "nerdy" in the States that even as a kid, other kids would take my lunch money. And as an adult, other men got the better jobs with better companies, made more money, had nicer cars and houses, and better looking girls (and more of them). But it wouldn't matter when I eventually returned to Ohio with my lovely Thai wife.

To be continued…

Stickman says:

OK, you've really got out attention now…can't wait to see what happens next.

You let her get half of everything?! WTF!

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