Stickman Readers' Submissions April 21st, 2004

My Thai Bargirl Experiences Continued

Picking up where I last stopped, I re-entered active duty in the Spring of 1998. I signed up for a three year enlistment, onboard an older, smaller Reserve ship stationed in Pearl Harbor. I was looking forward to a great tour, including a six month "WestPac" cruise the following year.

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I soon discovered that things were far different than they were some 18 years earlier. The ship was a worn-out, undermanned piece of crap. Workdays were much longer and much, much harder. The senior personnel were rude, obnoxious, unprofessional, and hot-tempered. And the junior personnel weren't much better. The ship was pulling in and out of port constantly, always doing drills, and always having mishaps such as engine room fires. Back in my day, back in the REAL Navy – not this low-budget, half assed TAR (Training and Administration of Reserves) Navy crap – things were a lot different. I was on a San Diego carrier then. Working conditions were good, days were short, people and the administration were nicer, and the ship never had any problems or ever pulled out of port but for one time, which was the day we left on our WestPac. But once again, I digress…

Eventually, we left for our WestPac. We hit Japan, Malaysia, Singapore… then finally Satahip, Thailand. I was like a kid in a candy store when we hit Pattaya Beach on liberty call!

I remember the first night along the beach walk. I drank quite a few Heinekens, and found myself with two shipmates in one of the many open air bars. I was quite drunk, and was having a blast, playing "air guitar" and singing along with the seventies rock music. I was sweet-talking a little cutie, pulling her close to me, and dancing with her to the music.

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"You too rough, Sexy Man!" she cooed in her sexy broken English. I just LOVE the way these gals talk! But her comment reminded me of my ex-wife's comment during the divorce proceedings of me being a poor lover.

My ex had told me "Fucking you is like being mugged!" which I took with a grain of salt, considering the source.

Anyway, I considered barfining the little cutie that night, but was talked into waiting until the next night by my buddies. It was getting late, and our ship (unlike the other ships sailing along with us) had a 2:00 AM curfew. Damned TAR Navy! Back in my day, there was no such horseshit!

The next day at liberty call, I went straight back to the same bar to pick up the little lady. She talked me into "waiting a while to barfine" and offered me to drink. She was acting a bit strange, but I proceeded to get pretty well lit. I eventually decided it was time for her and I to get to know each other better, so I told her I would pay the barfine now. Strangely, she protested and told me to "wait a while". I said that it was time, paid the Mamasan, then told the gal "We go now".

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She walked around from behind the bar, then ran away! I couldn't understand. I still think to this day that she thought I said "You go now", and that I didn't want her, and so she ran off to save face. I walked all over the place trying to find her, eventually going back to the bar. She was nowhere around. So I went on.

By this time I was pretty hammered, and I took a side street. I saw an attractive young lady hanging outside at a bar. She invited me over, got me a drink, and I barfined her pretty quickly, as she was very attractive, and I was quite amorous by this time. We went back to her place, and she informed me that she was "that time of month", but that she could give me oral. I'll tell you, it was the best oral I've ever gotten to this day. Afterwards, we were laying in bed cuddling, watching TV. As we held hands, I couldn't help but notice that for such a petite little gal, she had surprisingly large hands – almost as big as mine.

The next day, I go back to the side street, to the same bar. I see a young man bartending there who looks a lot like the gal I picked up the night before. I asked for the girl by name, and he smiled. I asked if he was her brother. He began to laugh hysterically, then said "I AM her!". I was shocked and disgusted, to say the least! I felt my blood boiling, as my fists clinched involuntarily. If I had been back in the States, I would have beaten this little fruit within an inch of his life!

Dejected, I spent the rest of the night bouncing from bar to bar, getting extremely drunk. Then it happend. I met HER… Her name was Ann. She had to be the most beautiful girl in all of Pattaya! I was shocked that she had not been barfined this late. I considered barfining her right then and there, but I realized in my drunkenness that it was getting too close to the good old TAR Navy curfew. So we talked for a while. She was a single mother of a toddler – a little girl of two years. Ann had the most beautiful brown eyes, long black hair, full lips, and a petite yet curvaceous figure that could stop a clock. From the moment I had seen her, I felt like Michael Corleone in "The Godfather" being "hit by the thunderbolt". She informed me that she hated being a bargirl and was only doing it to support herself, her daughter, and her very poor parents and siblings. My heart went out to her. I wanted to sweep her up right then and there, and take her with me out of there. We agreed to meet the next night. I couldn't wait.

I went back to the ship and told my buddies about her. They were teasing me, but I informed them that this was no ordinary bargirl.

The next night, I picked her up at the bar. We went for a long walk, talked, and got a bite to eat. We went back to her place, then showered separately. I chuckled to myself at her shyness – she came out of the shower with a towel wrapped around her.

We made love like tigers that night, up until I had to leave for my 2 am TAR Navy curfew. She was the most amazing lover I've ever had, and her body was fantastic. She smelled like apricots and tasted like the sweetest, juiciest peach I could ever imagine sinking my teeth into. I was struck! This was IT! I had to get this girl out of here, get her back to the US with me ASAP!

I have to laugh at the night I decided to try anal with her.

"Nooo! I no like!" she wailed before I could actually do anything.

"You no like?" I asked, mimicking her cute broken English.

"No." she sternly informed me. "You hold me. Hold me tight!" she commanded. So we cuddled the rest of the night until I had to get back for curfew.

I continued to see her for the rest of the week and a half we were there. Our romance blossomed, and I arranged to take care of her financially so that she would no longer need to degrade herself. 10,000 Baht a month would be more than enough, she assured me. And although I would have suspected any other bargirl to have been hustling me, I knew that my little Ann was being honest with me.

After our ship left Pattaya in the summer of 1999, my tour of duty plundered on. We hit Indonesia and Australia, but I could not compare them to Thailand. We eventually got back home in late 1999, and life went on.

One day, in early 2000, I got into it with a couple of smart assed kids who were my subordinates. I went to my supervisor and complained when the kids refused to obey my direct lawful orders and refused to stop disrespecting me. My superiors did nothing. And the next day, they actually had the audacity to lean on me when I made a slight blunder during a fire drill. This was the last straw – I snapped! I had noticed a pattern of behavior since practically the beginning of my tour where the superiors seemed to be out to get me. I was always given the crappiest assignments, and they always took the other parties' sides in the frequent disputes I was having with shipmates who chose to heckle me and play vicious pranks on me for their own amusement. I requested a meeting with the Captain, but was instead referred to the ship's corpsman, who sent me to a base Psychiatrist and Psychologist – the nerve!

I reluctantly saw both professionals, and opened up to them about the problems I was having on that ship. Both seemed to think I was paranoid, and both asked me specifically why I thought everyone was out to get me. I responded truthfully that it wasn't that I THOUGHT they were all out to get me – I KNEW that they were all out to get me. I wanted off that ship, and out of the Navy!

The ship's Captain fought me getting discharged early, and I was offered the opportunity to leave the ship within a week (one year early), with the condition that I extend my active duty enlistment.

So I would wind up with a four year active duty tour, two on ship, and two at shore duty, in a reserve center office, sitting at a desk in front of a computer. I threw a fit – I didn't want that, I wanted out! At that time I knew nothing about computers – I hated and even FEARED them. There was no way in hell I would want to sit down eight hours a day in front of one! And I didn't know anything about them, and felt no need to learn them as a near 40 year old man. Besides, my sister's hubby had started a new security firm, and told me that he had a supervisor's position waiting for me whenever I got back home.

Within a few days, everything changed. First, I was put on some meds for my "anxiety, mild paranoia, OCD and phobias", which made me feel much better (if a bit sluggish), and my Brother-in-law informed me that my job would entail the use of computers. So I relented. I left the ship and went to shore.

All was well until 9/11. I had stayed in touch with Ann, and had continued to send her money each month. She periodically asked for increased instalments from me due to inflation. The 10,000 monthly Baht soon became 12,000, then 15,000, then eventually 20,000. It wasn't too much trouble, since I was making a pretty decent living in
the Navy. I would have also been eligible for housing and food allowances, but I didn't have my car with me in Hawaii, and I also knew that if I lived anywhere other than the ship, I'd risk being late for work and get in trouble. It takes me a very long time to get ready in the morning. This had been another of my fears in leaving the ship for shore duty – what if I had to live off base? I'd run the risk of being late to my job in the morning. Or what if my alarm didn't go off one morning? Luckily, I was able to live in the barracks on base when I went to my shore command. I lived just a short walk from where I worked, and was able to eat at the base galley. I even became computer literate!

Anyway, when 9/11 hit, everything went to hell. Much to my horror, I was eventually forced to return to another ship (luckily not the same ship I'd been on in Hawaii), and had to extend my active duty enlistment. I even had to deploy to the Middle East for a year not long ago, which was quite stressful, but actually not as bad as my Hawaii experience. Instead of getting out of active duty in 2002, I've just gotten discharged. I'm taking a little vacation, during which time I will return to Pattaya to find Ann, then bring her and her daughter back here to live with me in Ohio, where I will once again be working for my Brother-in-law in security. And I now know a thing or two about computers – ahahah!

We have continued our correspondence by mail (and eventually e-mail), and occasionally she will call me. I have continued to take care of her financially, including raising her "allowance" periodically at her request due to inflation. I can't wait to see her again, to bring her and her daughter home where they belong – with me!

I'll keep you all posted on my adventures. This time, I'd like to also visit Bangkok for a few days, I think.

Stickman says:

My God….you've been sending Ann a monthly allowance since late '99? She should have had enough to build a house by now! I'd just love to read the next part, after your visit to see her!

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