Stickman Readers' Submissions April 19th, 2004

My Story Part 2

Anonymous Submission

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This is the latest part of my story. As I said in the first part which was published on 28/2/2004, I met this nice Thai girl, classic, not a bargirl, and felt head over heels in love.

Now I took my plane after 2.5 months of only thinking about her. Took a bungalow not too far from her work, a real estate business. I looked at the airport if she maybe would be there, nothing.

No panic! Probably had to work late. Took a cab to my bungalow. Nobody.

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I went out to buy me a phone card and dialled her number. After a few "hellos" corespondent, hang up. Every time I try to called back, no answer. Now I felt quite strange.

I have a good memory finding my way. I had only been to her new house one time, but found it back next morning. She was surprised to see me. She let me in. Only talked about her new job. I interrupted her, and said "nice for you, but what about us?" No time to see you, was the only answer.

Well did she let me travel half around the world to say that to me? Couldn't see write me to say that, so I would not have spend all this money to come and see her?


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If you don't want me anymore, why don't you say so?

The only answer: ok, I say it now then, she took the remote control of the TV and started to play with it.

I saw tjingeling-bells before me! My head was spinning around and a spear hit me in my heart.

I stood up, said nothing, and left the room, jumped on my bike and went back to my bungalow. And cried.

That evening before going to bed, I noticed I had no water left. I stopped over the 7-11 at Karon, to get me some. Next to the 7-11 was a small bar and a girl invited me in. Nope I said, just coming for some water.

When I got out she tried again, and I said "what the hell". I drank some drinks….and took her to my bungalow.

She was not pretty, but really sweet, her English was perfect. I talked all night with her and was very tender. We had a sexual encounter and next day she went away.

Two days later, I had some drinks somewhere. I came home at midnight. I saw a shadow before my neighbours bungalow. I said, great, he has a date! Nope! Girl from bar who has quit her job and had been waiting since 21.00 for me. I talked to her and said I was not ready for a new Thai relationship. Ok, she said, I will be with you when YOU want.

She stayed with me almost a week, but sometimes went to her sister's or to her own place. After that she had to go to Bangkok and I did not see her again and had quite some bargirls to get over all this.

Now my conclusions of this strange stay in Phuket is this:

A regular, non-bargirl, will not like to be seen with a Farang. They are more "classic" than European girls. Also will she think about her reputation. If a Thai girl is chasing you, she probably is a BG. Thais don't like Farangs as much as we think. If they can get better by us, that's another thing. Their politeness is to be kind to us, but what they think you will probably never know.

Even as sweet as bargirls seem, they are not to be related to. Either they just want your cash or a better life in your country. Love can happen if you are sweeter then the regular guy, but that is very rare.

With all this that happened to me I flew back to France and asked my ex-wife to give it a second try. She did not know what was happening to her and only said "if you are sure, I go for it".

So we are trying that, kids are happy and maybe I will be too!

Guys, Thai girls are often illusions. Have fun, don't fall in love, and try to find a nice girl from your country, who will understand you better….even if she is not that pretty, but has a good heart.

Stickman says:

You're not the first guy to fly half way around the world to meet a Thai girl who at some time decides she really would rather not see you. Unfortunately, you won't be the last either.

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