Stickman Readers' Submissions April 5th, 2004

My Final Words

Anonymous Submission

Never before have I seen so much written about the perils of co-habiting with a female as I have read in Thailand. I have been here for over two years and I really believe that what gets on to the internet, and elsewhere, is just a small fraction of the horror stories that actually happen in this country.

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I wrote in and posted a story of my own back in December. I said to Stickman at the time I would write a follow up, and this is it. In my last story I got well and truly screwed about and was set to remain on my own for some time. My ex-lady never really stopped calling, if only to say she wanted to know if I was OK, and ended with “Take care you self”, a familiar phrase in these parts. What I noticed was that the more I ignored her the more frequently she called me. So I told her to stop calling and to never call again, ever.

Within the day of saying this she was back on the phone crying and saying how she had made a big mistake and wanted to ‘try again’. She pleaded with me to allow her to come and stay for a few days to ‘talk things through’. Reluctantly, and I expect Stickman will add ‘stupidly’, I agreed. And so she returned and we sort of patched up our differences. She had been back in her village in Surin building a little house with some money I had given here some time ago. After our meeting she wanted to return to the village and now her mobile works in the village so we would talk daily, which we did. I also had her folks on the phone and everyone was in party mood. My guess is that the Farang was back in the frame and money would soon flow again. Also, I suspect the house needed extra funding.

A date was agreed for her to return to live with me and we would ‘try again’. Then the date got extended by five days due to some issue with one of her boys. And the mobile stopped working as well. Then I was told “don’t call me I’ll call you, I am tired and very busy, sometime no want speak, OK honey”. But honey called and the background noise of the village, chickens and people yaking had vanished, she claimed to be in hospital.

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I called a few more times and asked where she was, and it was always “I in Surin Honey”. Then I said I did not believe her and that when I got my phone bill I would be able to see where she was answering the phone. She didn’t know about this, and it struck her dumb for a moment. I then said where are you, tell me the truth as I might already know anyway, I said two friends claimed to have seen her the previous day. She admitted she was in fact only down the road from me staying in a hotel, and staying with a Farang.
Needless to say I told her never to contact me again, and I guess she won't at least not until this Farang has gone home.

Lord knows what tricks she is playing with him, or the tricks she will play with other guys. She is so bloody plausible, as most of these females are here, and unfortunately there are so many guys around like me who wish these females were speaking the truth. I have learned my lesson so well that I am now slowly making plans to leave Thailand as I have come to the sad conclusion that I just do not have the ability to believe anything any Thai female tells me from this day forth.

Undoubtedly the moral of this debacle is to never return over ground once trodden. The bigger picture seems to be to really pay heed to the masses of actual stories written here and elsewhere and mentally add to them all the stories never written, then to ask one's self if Thailand seems a reasonable place to look for a decent partner. Once you have done that “it’s up to you?”, as they say in these parts.

Stickman says:

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I understand your decision to leave. If you get lied to enough, your whole modicum of trust becomes damaged and it can become difficult to enter into a relationship with another woman, especially a Thai woman, as it is they whom you have had the issues with. You are one of many guys who is finding out the hard way that perhaps farang women aren't so bad after all.

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