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Stickman Readers' Submissions April 16th, 2004

Another Point Of View

By J

I made my first trip to the LOS in 1980 as a young man and have returned every year since then. As much as I wanted to stay during each visit, I returned to my country and reality. I now go to LOS whenever I like and stay as long as I like. In defence of all us aging punters who show a bit of a paunch and thinning hair, I would like to offer a few notes to those young punters who look down on us “oldsters” as losers, dirty old men with twisted minds who come to LOS only to screw young women.

He Clinic Bangkok

Well, most of us are not losers or dirty old men. Personally, I consider myself fortunate that I have the means and wherewithal to travel to Thailand to indulge in all the pleasures both physical and mental that LOS has to offer. I would never consider marrying a much younger Thai woman and bringing her back to my country. That would be ridiculous as well as disastrous. Instead, I live freely and keep my Thai sexual adventures as temporary flings. It also spreads the wealth to many women who work in the “entertainment” business. I treat all these girls with courtesy and respect, as do most my fellow aging punters, and I tip them handsomely when they treat me in a similar manner. I cultivate them as friends and keep them as friends.

Most, if not all girls I have slept with tell me that they prefer older men for many reasons some of which include our generosity and the courtesies we display. Most of my fellow punters are nearing the end of successful careers and are wise enough to know that we would never consider marrying a woman 20, 30 or even 40 years their junior. Why screw up a good thing by tying yourself down? To put it all in perspective…I was sitting at Big Dog’s one afternoon with a fellow aging punter and we saw an ancient farang walking down Soi 4 with a smile on his face. I joked to my friend that in a few years that would be him. He laughed and said, “Damn, I hope so. God bless him.” A scene like that can only be seen in LOS. And finally, I would like to offer a sobering note to all you younger gents who laugh at us older punters. You’ll be a 50ish punter sooner than you would ever believe. The passing of the years happens all too fast. I visited Thailand many times over the years but always came home to pursue my career, make, save and invest money and get that retirement check for life. I now go to LOS whenever I want. I enjoy my time there with calm, serenity and financial security knowing that I can stay as long as I want and never have to worry about money. And, I can enjoy the company of a never-ending supply of young hard bodied women whenever I choose.

Stickman says:

Fair comments…but no matter what anyone says, older guys with younger girls will always attract looks and comments. That doesn't make it wrong, and doesn't mean its wrong, but people will talk. And as the world becomes more and more PC, it'll be interesting to see how this phenomenon develops. My bet is that one day, even everyday Thais will start to make comments about it…probably just about the time that I am on old guy…hehehe!