Stickman Readers' Submissions March 20th, 2004

My Girlfriend

I have been seeing the same Thai bar girl once a month for 18 months now.

1- She has never, ever, asked me for money.

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2- She has never told me about a sick mother, destitute father, needy brother, or available water buffalo.

3- She has a great body (under 50 kgs.) With not a stretch mark to be found, despite her two children.

4- She doesn’t drink, smoke, or do drugs.

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5- She has never asked me for money.

6- I have to twist her arm to let me buy her things; when she agrees, it is always a piece of clothing that she wears (i.e. doesn’t return for cash).

7- She goes to her temple regularly to pray and give money to the monks.

8- We have great sex.

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9- She doesn’t throw temper tantrums; she has never gotten mad at me, or ever tried to make me do something I didn’t want to.

10- She's not jealous. One night, in bed, she told me quietly that if I wanted to butterfly, I could go right ahead, but please, in another bar. If I did it in her bar, she wouldn't do anything, but she would never see me again (“You talk me, I no talk you. You buy me cola, I no drink”).

11- She's never asked me for money. After each visit, I discretely put a good sum into her purse when she's not looking. She's never mentioned this to me, not even to thank me.

12- She wears beautiful clothing of traditional Thai silk. No day-glo tops or platform heels.

13- She wears little make-up and has no tattoos.

14- She can spend the entire evening alone in my hotel room and not open the mini-bar.

15- She will spend the night with me, and not touch the laptop, cell phone, or wallet with 20,000 baht that I leave on the night stand.

16- I have taken her to some of the finest restaurants in Bangkok, along with several of the top rated 5 star hotels. She acts like a perfect lady, although she is from a farm in Udon Thani.

17- The only time I have seen her cry is when she was talking about her 3 year old son, who she hasn't seen or spoken to in the 2 years since the father (her husband) took the boy to England.

18- We had dinner the other night with her daughter, a well brought up young lady, who lives with her mother in Bangkok and works at Robinson’s. The daughter is 19.

19- We celebrated my girlfriends 40th birthday the other day.

When I read all the submissions about 20 year old “Isaan Stunners” and the troubles: the tantrums, the jealousy, the stealing, the lying, the scheming, the money grubbing…I say “Enjoy yourselves. Enjoy your beautiful young girls, who know nothing of life, and only bring you problems. For me, I will enjoy my 40 year woman, who has a heart of gold, has never caused me a moment of grief or pain in 18 months, and has brought me nothing but joy.”

Stickman says:

Nice to see some of the stereotypes broken. While I am not at that age yet, it is hard to wonder why a gentleman of considerable age would go for one of these “20 year old Isaan stunners” when a lady like you have met would probably be better for him in virtually every respect.

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