Stickman Readers' Submissions February 11th, 2004

Whores Cater Mostly To Farangs

By Korat Guy

I remember a reader’s post written by some Thai complaining how prostitution and entertainment venues are in Bangkok, Pattaya, etc., because, “That is what farangs want.”

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What this person never admits (and most Thais won’t) is that MOST of the prostitution in Thailand caters to Thais, not farangs! Hell, even here in Korat you can find pussy just about anywhere. Sure, there aren’t any gogo bars here, but you can find a whore in just about any entertainment venue.

There are numerous cafés, karaoke bars, fish bowls, discos, etc., where it is quite easy to pick up women. Do you think these places are farang oriented? Hell no! They cater to Thais. This doesn’t mean that the girls won’t go with a farang. On the contrary, they will. I can count about seven fish bowls here in Korat. The most popular one is on the 12th floor of a hotel called, “Pegasus.” Another popular one is called, “Ginza” and is right next to the most popular disco in Korat, “The Fun Factory.” I have been to all of these places in Korat, and I can tell you that you will see nothing but Thais in these places. The only exception is when the American military has their yearly exercises here. In fact, Korat even has it’s own MINI version of the Nana Hotel! Yes, there is a small hotel next to Klang Plaza called, “Chaopaya Inn.” After 2:00 A.M you will find many freelancers hanging out in the lobby and coffee shop and just outside the hotel in front of the Japanese restaurant. The price for short time? 700 baht, and MOST of the girls have rooms at the hotel. If not, rooms are only 420 baht. Long time will usually cost you between 1000 and 1500 baht.

Do you like discos? You will find a shitload of freelancers at the discos here in Korat. The most popular one is The Fun Factory. It has a wonderful show with dancers and all. They even have a Katoey show where this one Katoey named, “Suzy” takes pot shots at the local Thai men.

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Wow! It’s not a gogo bar, but it sure comes damn close! Hey wait a minute. Where are all the farangs? This place is wild!

Another interesting concept about Thailand is the Mia Noi tradition. Having more than one wife was made illegal in 1939, yet many Thais carry on the tradition in full glory! It’s quite common to see stories of angry wives chopping their husband’s dick off. I remember one a few months back where this lady killed her husband, cut his dick off, made Tom-yum Joo out of it, then hung herself. They even had pictures of it in the newspaper.

In Korat, there are several short-time hotels that Thais frequent. On the outside you would think that they are just ordinary hotels. Things aren’t always as they seem. There are probably seven or eight short time hotels here in Korat. When I say short time, I am talking about the ones where you pull your car into the stall and the dek serve pulls the curtains behind you. I call these places, “Porta Fucks.” One day, one of my girlfriends and I decided to check one out. Near the Pegasus Hotel is a small hotel named, “Boss Hotel.” You have to look for it carefully as it is not easy to see from the main street. On the outside it looks just like a regular hotel. Upon closer inspection here is what we found. First of all, the rooms are quite nice and are only 180 baht for 3 hours. You can buy more hours if you want. I like that! There are also full on hardcore XXX movies on the TV in the rooms! There is even full room service. We went there at around lunch time one day and I counted at least 25-30 occupied stalls! Again, where are the farangs?

Of course those are our clothes. Did you really think I would just come to this place to take pictures <grin>? This place actually has great room service. The food is pretty good too and very inexpensive.

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Prostitution exists just about everywhere in Thailand. It’s not a question of where. It’s a question of how much. Thais frequent these places more than farangs do.

“So I see this Thai girl in a bar. I ask her, would you sleep with me for 1 million baht? She says, YES! Then, I ask her, would you sleep with me for 20 baht? She screams, NO WAY! WHAT KIND OF PERSON DO YOU THINK I AM? So, I tell her, we’ve already established what kind of person you are. Now, we are just negotiating the price.”

Stickman says:

Cripes, Mrs Stick had better not see this story or she might get ideas about Tom Yum Joo – bloody funny that!

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