Stickman Readers' Submissions February 4th, 2004

Violence In Thailand

By Monty

A lot of people that have made submissions to Stick's website, have mentioned what happens when a foreigner gets into a sticky situation with the Thai male and how it seems that the total Thai male population want to help out their fellow compatriot. I personally think that they (Thais) are cowards.

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I will give you a brief background about myself, before I launch into the nitty-gritty.

I have been coming to Thailand for approx. seven years. I have been living in CM for the last year. I normally go out with a friend that has been here for about thirteen years. We are both the size of the average front row forward (That's rugby for all you yanks!) We both played senior rugby in NZ and while that is no claim to fame, it does give you an idea of our size. Both of us are normally very friendly and in no way have we used our size etc to either get the better of someone and / or intimidate anyone. We are just not like that.

About one year ago we were in a bar in Phuket and noticed a scuffle outside the bar we were in. You guessed it, a farang was getting the snot kicked out of him by four Thai guys. Well my mate says to me "Christ, we can not let this happen, it could be me or you" so off we charge. Andy wacks one of these guys and I swear he was airborne for about ten feet before he hit the pavement. I come charging in like a rabid bull and all I see is the hind feet of the three remaining Thai guys winging it (no pun intended) down the soi.

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Apart from the Thai guys running away, all the staff from our bar shit themselves. They were obviously thinking about how two friendly guys can change so fast etc. It took about two hours of buying drinks to show them that we arem't normally like this.

So when the somebody can see a friendly farang getting a hard time, don't watch! Get a few mates together and help out.

Stickman says:

Good to see the Kiwis sort the situation! I have always wondered about this sort of thing though. There are a few decent sized farangs around and while the Thais are tough, a BIG farang would be a tough ask for a Thai. Still, while I admrie you guys for doing what you did, one has to be careful in Thailand.

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