Stickman Readers' Submissions February 14th, 2004

Under A Full Moon And The Golem Tree Part 4

Sis brought me through the maze of collected merchants, merch-enchantresses, and the aromas of the collection of wares and victuals of every kind possible to be haggled over in the market. We came to the old gent who sells the barbeques and looked through his stuff, checking to make sure we didn't grab a cracked or loose product.

The clay linings on these barbeque buckets seem to be held in place in the tin buckets with a blackish cement which looks suspiciously like the cement used in air tight wood stoves and their chimneys, which I find a bit disturbing, as I believe that stuff has asbestos in it, and doubt I'd care to ingest any while cooking my chicken wings. I thrust this thought from my mind and we purchased three of the things. If the pack a day, for thirty-five years, cigarette smoking doesn't kill me I guess the village barbeque just might do the trick. Fuck it.

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We drag the buckets back to the truck and gently place them in the back of the pick-up. I surreptitiously glance to where my long haired Angel had been previously, but she seemed to be off somewhere. Probably out getting her breakfast at one of the noodle stands. Sis jumps into the truck and motions for me to do the same.

This part is where I usually get to watch some eye candy while they work, as I sit in the truck and sip an early morning well deserved cold beer Chang. Sis had gone around the area ordering all the stuff she needed for Sis 2's shop. Now we would drive to each shop and have them load the goods into the truck, then drive up to the next place, and so on until finished. First stop, the Lao Khao/Beer Chang shop!

I drive to where Sis points and park in front of the shop. Here there is one delicious little piece of eye candy working for her Pops in the shop. She is very cute, and a knockout. Although her hair is too damned short to let her qualify for "angel-hood". She is shy, but curious I think. The farang is such a curiosity here in the boondocks of Isaan. I've only ever seen one other farang in this town. A young guy on a bicycle. Maybe the local English language teacher?

Which reminds me, I intend to bring my U.S.A. made Trek 21 speed mountain bike over with me next trip. I haven't seen any truly decent bikes in the Surin or village area for sale, mostly made in China crap, and would like to start having a ride every morning on the better weather days, when it's not too blazing hot, or pouring rain. I think this could be fun and interesting exercise. I've always loved how you seem to see so much more while bike riding rather then automobile driving. Gets you closer to nature, and the eye candy, and as you don't zoom by so quickly you can easily stop if something catches your eye, to watch as you swig from your water bottle, or just pretend to adjust something on the bike. Like I said, bike riding brings one closer to…ahem…..nature. And I just love nature and its natural beauty!

Plus I could use the exercise in Thailand. I'm also wondering if I could take apart my Bowflex weight machine and box it up and get it through, and past, customs and the customs guys without attracting their unwanted attention and customs fees.

This Bowflex machine is fairly light, portable, collapsible, and would be easy to throw in the back of the pick-up and lug to either the Surin rental house, or up to the village house when I say there. Plus it folds up easy and doesn't take much/hardly any space in a room once folded up away. A good way to work out on rainy days, or on the hot ones with a fan blowing on you as you work out. Mine has the leg extension attachment too. I need to exercise and do my therapy for my back, and can't see going to a gym every day for this. (Plus there is no gym near the village. Nor one in Surin from what I've seen so far for that matter.) Maybe I'll try this once I get the bike over on the next trip.

As I sat in the truck the semi-angel and her father and Sis started to bring out the boxes of Lao Kao and Beer Chang and pile it into the bed of the truck. I've offered to help with this before, but Sis said to just stay out of the way and relax. So I just sit there, sip a beer, and watch my little eye candy strut, bend, flex, and lift, sometimes getting a glimpse of nubile young flesh as her shirt rides up her back. Yeah, life is tough. I can handle it though guys.

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We do this at each shop and then usually head to a place nearby to have some breakfast.

After eating Sis and I blast back to the village to deliver the supplies.

One thing of note is that up country it is common to just park your pick-up anywhere, with thousands of baht worth of merchandise in the back, and just walk away to where ever you want. At first I brought up the possibility of theft at leaving everything just sitting there unguarded, quite a few times I did. (Actually have done this with all my luggage and stuff in the back while going to eat somewhere while waiting for the bus or train to Bangkok in Surin many times.) Each time I was pooh-poohed and told not to worry about it by wife and Sis. "No one take." they say. And never has anything been taken. No matter how long we were away from the truck, or where we went out of sight of it. Amazing Thailand.

Here in the states there probably wouldn't be a friggin' thing left in the truck when you returned. Buddha's influence is great and all seeing I guess! I'm still leery though at this, and waiting to have something turn up missing so I can say "I told ya so dammit! Goddamned thievin' Buddhists are everywhere!" 🙂 Just jokin' all you practicing Buddhists out there! Remember, non-violence is next to Godliness, okay?

Once back in the village, and having the truck unpacked and stuff put away, including my beer Changs in the fridge, with one in the freezer for certain future use of a fairly immediate nature, I go into the hong nam and shower. Girl watching is a hot and sweaty business you know!

Afterward I grab my now chilled beer Chang out of the freezer, grab whichever book I'm working on reading, and sit outside on the porch for a while relaxing and sipping on my beer. Exhausting stuff I know!

Later the wife comes back from chattering with the ladies at Sis 2's shop and prepares some lunch and we all eat. This particular day we had planned to go out and visit a few ruins in the area after eating lunch. Don't ask me now for the names of all these interesting little Khmer ruins and temples and such, but if enough of you are interested and ask nicely I will make up a list of these places with their names and locations and some directions next month when I'm back over, for those who might like to check them out. Some interesting places you can see in a few hours are in the area. Not the major tourist ones, which are cool too, but, these are smaller places I ran across and/or hunted down.

I'm notorious for seeing something interesting while out driving about the countryside, and just pulling over and checking out the places. Or asking about the place and writing down the info to go check it out at some future date when having more time.

This afternoon we went to a few places that I had noticed on the board of the tour guide desk at the Thong Tarin Hotel lobby after breakfast one morning. I grabbed some info and directions then that morning, and today was the day we were going to spend some time looking them over and gallivanting about the countryside.

I mean, what the hell, you can't just sit 'round eating and drinking beers all day can you? You can? I didn't know that! I'll try it next time. Plus, while in the village, it is a chore to talk the lass into an afternoon boom boom session. (Not a problem in Surin, just a village thing.)
Seems it's not done, all the neighbors will talk, "They think me Kii Kiet "lazy" and mi dee "no good" if do!" she complains, while trying to avoid my clutches. To which I sometimes have to reply, "Screw the neighbors. They're just pissed off they aren't getting laid too. Tell 'em all I said to mind their own business!" Or just tell them all it's a falang thing, this sex in the afternoon thing. We falang get sick and die if we don't do! 🙂 Which gets her laughing and saying, "Okay, I tell evvybody falang get sick, die, no boom boom."

God knows a lot of them think all falang are oversexed ATM's without a sense of decency and any redeeming social qualities or morals. Use this to your advantage I say! Tell 'em, "Yep! I'm just a crazy, rich, horny, farang! What's wrong with that?"

Problem is when I grab her and throw her over my shoulder and go into the bedroom and toss her on the bed she starts screaming and yelling and laughing like a loon. Well, that's guaranteed to let all the goddamned neighbors know what the hell we're up to you silly woman.

Pipe down, and take those damn clothes
off darling! Your husband is horny!

(The Central Scrutinizer)

"Give me your love for a day, a night,
an hour;
If the wages of sin are Death
I am willing to pay."

Laurence Hope, The Complete Love Lyrics

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