Stickman Readers' Submissions February 11th, 2004

Under A Full Moon And The Golem Tree Part 3

As I sat there and watched this girl, maybe 18 or 19 years old, came out of the back of the truck. Her age could have been higher even. It's hard to judge the age of these women sometimes. She tied back the canvas flaps and started to prepare herself for the forthcoming day. She had been sleeping inside the back of the truck, like a beautiful Asian gypsy, it was her mobile home, her place of work, her kitchen, her bedroom. You see these people a lot in rural Thailand, especially around the big market areas. Truck gypsies I call them. Maybe these are the ones who have the business sense to run the resupply routes for the different shops in the area. Obviously there must be some reason they hang around these areas. Seeking some sort of work or job they can do with their truck. You can see the men sleeping in the shade under their trucks during the heat of the day, usually with a piece of cardboard as their mattress. Amazing Thailand indeed.

Here I sat and watched like some kind of voyeur as she brushed her teeth with a yellow toothbrush and a small bottle of water. Spitting off the end of the truck into the dirt, when finished brushing and rinsing her mouth with the water, she then readied her fresh clothing for the day and, grabbing a threadbare green towel, she jumped off the end of the truck and headed away. Somewhere nearby there must be a communal shower she could use I guessed.

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I watched as she passed by the front of my pick-up. Her sleep tousled hair was almost waist length and beautiful, even if still unbrushed. Actually I prefer the wild tousled look in a woman's lengthy hair, and I love very long hair. Turns me on for some reason. (My wife has hair like this, but she always wants to go to the hair dresser and have it smoothed and trimmed. Which I try to discourage her from doing! Thai women, Isaan women to be exact, are too easily influenced by the stupid soap operas they watch and the Thai "standard of bea uty" these portray. They emulate the Bangkok Thai look too much. They, the Lao and Khmer lasses, are beautiful in their own right, and really have no reason to do this, in my eyes at least.) This lass was an amazing creature to behold.

Her skin was a glossy dark silky covering on a small muscular frame. "Nice tits!" I thought to myself, getting a bit excited as I followed her with my eyes. God she was lovely! She strode past like a lithe panther, her taut butt moving in a wholly natural sway under the fabric of her jeans. She was hot!

"Jeeeeeeezzzzzuuuuussss Chrrrrriiiissstt!" I muttered, watching her walk away. I lit another smoke and decided to wait to see her again, as she would walk toward me as she returned from her shower, and I could get a better look at her face. My earlier grumpiness at the early morning trip had all but vanished. My hobby of girl watching was being indulged, and this one was a primo one to watch. I waited for her return as I cast ab out the area to see if there was someone else to engage my interest while I waited. Oh yeah! Right over there, by the noodle shop. Another cutie! Ahhhhh! God was being nice to me today. I adjusted my seat back to an almost upright position and moved my cap off my brow to a better advantage for viewing the cuties around me this morning. It was turning into a nice day after all. After ten minutes or so my neck was getting sore from all the swiveling back and forth looking at all the cute eye candy around. Whoa. Look at that one! Wow! And that one, and this one, and ohmigod look at this, and jeez she's cute, yeah, she's a looker, and, I almost missed the beauty's return, but luckily caught her out of my peripheral vision as I gazed around at the the pretty ladies.

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"Oh my Christ!" I mumbled as she strode into view. She was a goddess. Khmer likely, with a pretty face like a living bas relief sculpture on a temple wall of Angkor Wat. A dancing girl's lissome body, but with the meat a man can appreciate in the right areas, and flashing black almond shaped eyes, a little button nose and eyebrows arched and thin and perfect. Her delicate well shaped ears were delectable, and needing to be licked and kissed it seemed to me in my dirty thoughts. She was dressed in her fresh clothes and had her wet hair up under the towel she had brought with her. She noticed my star struck gaze and our eyes locked for an instant. My new love flashed a quick brilliant smile in recognition of my obviously appreciative ogling, (I think my jaw was hanging down to my chest) and as she broke our brief eye contact her smile slipped to a smug grin as the natural sway to her hips took on a more pronounced wiggle and waved goodbye to me.

She was gorgeous, and yeah, she knew it. More power to her. If I was twenty years younger, and not a married man, I would have tried my damnedest to strike up a conversation with her, I swear.

I lifted my face toward heaven and thanked God for giving me the eyes to see the beauty of his awesome creation of this gorgeous creature. He can truly work miracles. I had just had the pleasure of witnessing one of his angels walking the earth. Thanks God. Good job that one!!

The angel climbed into the back of her truck house and, much to my pleasure, took the towel off her hair and started to brush it dry. Ah, Christ! Be still my beating heart! Another thing that really gets me going. Watching a lovely lass with long sexy hair brushing it out. What the hell? I was hypnotized and couldn't take my eyes off her. Ooooooooohhhhhh maaaaamaaaaaaa! Yeah baby, brush that pretty hair.

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Godzilla was acting up and I had to adjust him in his cotton cage.

I felt the truck rock and noticed Sis and another Thai woman putting something into the back of the truck as I glanced in the rearview mirror. She came over to my window and said, "Okay. We go buy barbeque you like!" Rats! Lousy timing Sis, da mmit! "Uh, yeah, okay Sis." I said, and climbed from the truck after another stealthy adjustment of Godzilla. I glanced at my angel. She had her hair back over her shoulders now and was still brushing it, her firm breasts pushing the fabric of her blouse to its limit of stretchiness. She caught my look and grinned a sly and confident grin. Yeah honey. You know exactly what you were doing, don't you? Hahaha! Thanks sexy lady. Later.

I shrugged my shoulders and cracked my neck to loosen up my sore neck muscles from all that marathon girl watching. Sis caught this and said, "You okay?" I laughed and muttered, "Yeah. I think I got a cramp from sleeping in the truck seat."

She gave me a look and a smirk and said, "Okay, we go." Fucking woman misses nothing.

Off we went to buy my new barbeques.

(to be continued)

"If eyes were made for seeing,
Then Beauty is its own excuse for being."

Ralph Waldo Emerson, The Rhodora

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