Stickman Readers' Submissions February 24th, 2004

More Closing Times

Yeah, I know. Another "closing times" submission. You know, Cinderella didn't like it, and I think most of us don't like it either. Like many of your readers, I live here and although not a party animal, I have a bad feeling about this. Just don't get what they are trying to achieve. What's wrong with going out and having a party every once in a while? Nought.

Cleaning up the country? Hum? What's dirty about going out late? Oh but yeah, people get drunk and hang (bang) out with prostitutes, and… I get it. So that's dirty…but already illegal. Yes, prostitution is not legal in Thailand. Gogo bars are not legal in Thailand either.

He Clinic Bangkok

Why don't these folks go straight to the point once in a while?

Prostitution is a problem? It's already illegal, so all they need to do is get the guys in brown together and clean the place up. After all, that's the end result anyway.

Set your closing times at midnight. Bars will infringe them in an attempt to survive, and then you send the guys in brown because they infringe the law…but they already infringe the law, so if that's the problem, why not start right there at step 3, "sending the guys in brown"?

CBD bangkok

Hey, honest, I believe Thailand would do better without all these bunking joints called
euphemistically "entertainment", but there should be some real entertainment available, like concerts, Thai style discos… regular stuff.

People usually speak of the gogo bars and beer bars and… but what about regular places like restaurants and stuff. Gee, can't even get a bite after seeing a movie!

Notwithstanding the fact that Thais often have very long hours, and finishing work at 9:00 pm is not unusual. So let's see. Finish work at 9:00 pm, go to see a movie, and …damn, back home, everything is closed. Ok, let's go to eat instead, then …then nothing.

The funny part of it is that as far as prostitution is concerned, that won't affect it that much. Lots of punters barfine gals early in the evening, then bar hop, go to restaurants or do the nitty gritty right away. Finding "company" is not a big deal in LOS, a matter of minutes, and if punters hear that they have to do it before midnight, they will do it before midnight. End of story. Besides, I can't really see working girls going back home at midnight, so finding one later should not be such a big deal. If they ain't got a someone, you can be sure they will walk the streets. Failing that, I predict a considerable expansion on the "escort services", and the development of the pussy black market.

wonderland clinic

IMHO, if the Thai government wants to clean up the country, they should concentrate on the problems and their causes. It would be so easy for instance to close the concerned venues in one fell swoop and "blacklist" the gals working there. They know where they are, and what they are doing. They have all the evidences needed and more, and they have laws for it.

A clean up? Good idea. Go for it. It's illegal, all you need to do is to enforce the law. But why make it hard on all forms of entertainment? And what about these discriminatories areas? Boy, what a pick! Why keep Patpong, the very symbol of the image they are supposedly trying to eradicate? What sense does it make?

For a government, there is nothing wrong to enforce the law and clean up the country. Great. The law is there, enforce it! But restraining legal activities is another matter altogether.

Stickman says:

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