Stickman Readers' Submissions January 31st, 2004


By Cabby

Recently I took a trip to the Philippines that saw visits to Manila, Cebu and Angeles. I started going to Thailand as I thought the Philippines pay4play scene was quickly deteriorating with red flags, short times, phone rings and mama wants me to see her in the hospital, cheery girl claims and high prices in manila etc. Well I am happy to report that I found none of the above this trip.

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The girls in the PI are hungry and out to please you and make you feel very special.
In Manila , the overall price is now cheaper than nana/soi cowboy even though you pay 1000p barfine and 2000p to her in the morning because the peso is a lot weaker than the baht. Overall Manila is no different from BKK as the thai govt struggles to keep the girls covered up in the gogo bars. No different in Manila as they have been covered up since Mayor Lim changed the bar scene in the early 80's.

Cebu is an interesting diversion but the action is very spread out. Found the best girl of my whole trip in LOS & PI there but that's another story. Angeles I didn't find one runner although that has not been the case on previous visits. Also in AC who can avail your self of the 2 in 1 deal. Pay bar and tip to girl is the inclusive 1000 pesos. If the girl serves you nicely I always gave a 200-400 peso tip in the morning although it is not required.

Other win win things in the Phils right now over LOS is the average beer is 60 pesos, the bars can stay open until they feel like it and the girls are very, very sweet. I personally found the girls from the provinces of Leyte and Samar to be very intoxicating. The malls are very inviting and some girls are hanging out there. I also found conversation to be generally more interesting as english is their main language of business and education. Make no mistake you will still find bargirls with as much english skills as a TG, but very rare.

The other surprise in the Phils is the price of DVDs in the repuiblic. On Sukumvit you pay 120 – 150 baht ($US 3.08 – 3.85) but in Angeles I paid 100 pesos each ($US 1.79) but the big surprise was if I bought ten or more the price dropped down to 75 pesos each. ($US 1.34) That is more than fifty percent off the Sukumvit Road prices. Who cares if one or two are dodgy.

On the negative side, BKK is still a classier city, BKK appears more first world than Manila which does feel like a third world city at times. After being in the Philippines for two weeks and Returning to BKK after two weeks in the PI. the faces of Thai girls seemed more fresher, exotic and sparkling.

So if you are looking for a change or want to escape Songkran I would seriously consider a trip tp the Philippines to find the company of some very caring and sweet ladies.

Stickman says:

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With these prices, I am surprised more folks don't go to the Philippines.

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