Stickman Readers' Submissions January 22nd, 2004

Comparing All Things Thai

Comparing All Things To Thailand

Too many farangs get so caught up with LOS that they forget both themselves and their countries. Thailand can be a great place, but it can be a terrible place too. Thais can be very nice people, but they can also be terrible people. There are bad apples all over the world. There are beautiful women all over the world, and Thailand really has no monopoly on them. What Thailand does have is a monopoly on the minds of many Thai-enamored farangs, who have managed to redefine both beauty as a small Isaan Thai girl (who is too often from the bars and working as a “kali”, i.e. prostitute) and who starts to think the Western world should adopt the slow ways of commoner Thais (they walk slow, procrastinate, think in a box, concentrate on rote learning in their schools, think the world revolves around Thailand, think their developing country is superior to the developed countries of the world) and their social mannerisms (obsession with surface image, no planning for the future, minds caught only on the present, little appreciation of the past or the future).

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If I were to go to Alaska, and redefine my entire outlook based on the Eskimo culture, I am sure I would start to think the barren frozen tundra and desert of the North is the most beautiful place in the world, that fishing and walrus fat is the way to pass the time, and that fatter indigenous Eskimo women are the hottest females in the world. However, from an objective perspective, is there anything that really makes Thailand better, or Thai women better. I am doubtful, though I am sure the Asian and thereby Thai prostitute’s skill at playing the “girlfriend experience” has a lot to do with why so many lonely men decide they want to become “farang Thais” and abandon their own cultures and countries. In reality, Thai women are found to be “the best” by Joe or Bob for subjective and personal reasons. Jim or Chris may be just as justifiable in their love of Brazilian or Costa Rican women. It is really a personal matter of taste and a lot of men simply get their first taste of ego-massaging, “girlfriend experience” form of hooker in Thailand. The large group of sex tourists that swear they would never pay for a prostitute, unless she is a Thai hooker, is a self-perpetuating myth of Thai women being special. As more guys come home and spread this idea, and as more and more of this is propagated on the internet, it only makes sense the idea, even if it’s not rationally quantifiable and objective, will become more and more believable. Guys can see other sex tourists believing the same thing. People tend to think they are right if they have a group behind them.

Sure, Thai women can be very beautiful. I certainly agree that personally they are generally the only women I would even look at as being attractive. However, it’s a personal matter of taste. There is nothing that makes it universally true that they are generally more attractive nor better as wives nor more interesting people.

It is ironic for me to be writing this, given I was one of these hardcore pro-Thai women, pro-Thailand, tourists in the past, and it was my American buddy arguing attractive women exist all over the world. However, it was me who was being irrational back then. He was and is quite right. There are beautiful women throughout the world, including Thailand. He was also right in saying there are many beautiful places in the world, including Thailand. The fact we prefer and think Thailand is an extremely beautiful country does not mean there are not other great destinations, nor that Thailand is the best place in the world.

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These are subjective matters, based on personal opinions. However, I think it goes without saying that if you define everything Thai specific as beautiful, than a Thai woman will come out on the top. Try to define beauty by Western standards, and a Thai woman will end up much more unattractive if not outright plain ugly. Despite my own personal preference for Thais, they lack breasts, asses, height, and the aquiline features, which define a Western concept of beauty. In the end, beauty is all a personal matter. It is not like mathematics or engineering. Things are not quantifiable and objective.

Stickman says:

Interesting thoughts. I am sure Thai prostitutes treat customers better than most other prostitutes, but saying that Thai women is the best is perhaps a little optimistic. To me, Singaporean women are clearly superior, but then, that is my personal opinion, me being subjective. Beauty is had to be objective about, isn't it?

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