Stickman Readers' Submissions January 22nd, 2004

Boxing Match

Anonymous Submission

I’m writing in regards to Stickman’s weekly 11/1/2004 article. It gave me memories of what I witnessed last May “03”. I came to LOS for my yearly holiday. I was seating at a beer bar directly opposite from the Nana Plaza entrance. The bar was attached to the Nana Hotel. Anyways it must have been the Cobra operation with the US Navy. In the bar were about 10-15 sailors there. They were keeping to themselves. I started to speak with one of them. He said ”they just got in 4 days ago in Pattaya”. So they came up to Bangkok and see the nightlife in the big city. There where bound for Iraq. So they were just enjoying their R&R. They were in their civilian clothes. So they weren’t there for operation Cobra. But after talking with this mate I learned what they where doing in Thailand.

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So after we had had a couple of Carlsberg one of their mates came walking out of Nana Plaza with a girl. Then an argument started between the sailor’s girl and another girl. They where screaming at each other. The sailor was just standing there trying not to look embarrassed in front of his mates. Then one of the sailors said, ”Look at Adam”. They where laughing at him. All the tuktuk drivers where enjoying the excitement also.
It was an attention getter.

Then all of sudden the girl that was arguing with the sailor girl swung a punch at her. Then his girl was going to punch back. Then the sailor jumped in the middle of the two girls. Then all his mates at the bar where dying laughing at him. Then all a sudden the tuktuk drivers were going to jump in on the sailor. I said ”to one of his mates aren’t you going to help him. They said ”watch!” The poor sailor had to be five foot six. But he was stocky. Also he was probably only twenty-eight to early thirties.

Then the tuktuk drivers started to walk towards him and the two fighting girls. Everyone was watching. I asked again you should go back him up. They said ”Adam can take care of him self. Just watch! Then Adam grabs his girl to take her away and then all of sudden there had to be 7-10 Thai guys. Stepping in. They punched Adam right in the face and then started to kick box him. Then Adam got up and then the shit started.

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All the onlookers where watching. Then Adam got into a fighting stance and totally laid out one of the Thai fighters. Then all of them started in on Adam. Meanwhile all his mates across the street started to cheer him on. This is no lie; he was a man handling these guys. He threw one of them on a plastic table that belongs to a person selling food. He was kicking all the tuktuk drivers’ asses! Then they broke a bottle and swung it at Adam. He then totally disabled that guy. Everyone who was looking on couldn’t believe what was going on.

Then the sailor I was talking with said ”he is a Navy Seal so he is trained for this type of combat. He went on and said ”he’s a bad motherfucker! I didn’t say anything. Then heard a whisle blowing. It was the local police. The police came up on motorcycles. But the action was not finished. I thought I was watching a Hollywood action movie. He was throwing these guys around like rag dolls. The police didn’t even step in. They where like the rest of the people, watching this farang kick the group of tuktuk drivers’ asses! The Thai group was even taller than him. After 15 minutes or so everyone was leaving. The Thai guys got in there tuk-tuk and tore off. The police didn’t even talk with Adam or nothing. They left after it was finished, like nothing happened! Then Adam and his date came walking across Soi 4 and met with his mates. They were cheering him on. Quite honestly, I could not believe my eyes what just happened. He came and sat down and had a beer.

In conclusion: To this story. This is a rare situation. I guess my opinion on this is, I guess I would not want to face a US Navy Seal on a bad note. They will kill you!!!! But Stickman is right about the Thai guys. They seem like they don’t fight one on one. But they have to get a group involved. But maybe this situation will teach them not all farang are not easy to beat up!

Stickman says:

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Make your mind up for yourselves on this one… Of course it is possible, but would these soldiers really allow one of their own to get into a skirmish like this?

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