Stickman Readers' Submissions January 12th, 2004

Another Fool In Love Story

Just thought I would share this story with you guys, although it’s probably something many of you have heard before and can possibly relate to.

My name is Ian, and I work in southern England, I'm 26 and I've always considered myself one of the good guys. Back in July 2003 I was single and decided to start looking for a new girlfriend online. My previous girlfriend was Turkish, a lovely girl too, and I admit foreign girls always do something for me. Not just in the trouser department. So I joined a few dating websites looking for foreign girls in my area. My first attempt was an abysmal failure. I spent 4 hours travelling to Wales to meet a Chinese girl with hairy shins, noisy, an eating disorder and who picked her nose. So as you guess, I moved on swiftly.

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After a few more weeks on these websites, I got the email address of a Thai girl living on the south coast, about 2 hours journey from me. After sending a few emails to each other, she seemed like a pleasant girl, she was studying for an art & design diploma. She sent me some pictures of herself, and I liked what I saw, cute, but not cute enough to make me jealous! As time went by, we chatted online a few times, even using webcams, and on the phone. At this point I liked what I saw, she seemed so pure, so nice, so perfect. Remembering how disappointed I was with the Chinese girl I met, I kept things in perspective, and didn’t promise myself too much. I was just quietly confident at this stage. We talked about the possibility of meeting up in the future.

Her name was Nid, and she lived with her relatives, who were her Thai cousin and her English husband. She also lived with her nephew, who unfortunately was diagnosed with cancer shortly after I met her online. She also worked many hours at a local noodle bar and at a Thai Restaurant.

One day, after about a month of knowing her through phonically / emails, I got a phone call from her. She invited me to go down and visit her for the weekend. Admittedly I was still thinking of my last disappointment, and wanted a few more weeks to be sure of a worthwhile visit. That and normally I don’t want to rush things, so I tried to make an excuse about not wanting to stay at a hotel, but she suggested I stayed at her house, her family were all out at the hospital for a few weeks. Woooh. Wait a minute. I pride myself on being a gentleman (normally). She told me there was a spare room where I could sleep. Since I had no plans that day, and if I was going to be disappointed, I guess I had better get it out of the way sooner rather than later. I was still quietly confident though.

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So I trekked down to see her that evening, and met her at the train station. I liked what I saw, cute, but not too cute! She seemed very warm and confident and well dressed (half Chinese – Thai high society?). We chatted as she drove me back to her house. She was quite feminine, carefree and polite. Everything was going well. When we got back to her house, I behaved myself as she showed me photos of Thailand, and we talked more. She then had to do some household chores for her family, whilst I watched a film. She took care of me by offering food and drinks. I was beginning to feel like a king. Not one to be selfish, I always offered to help but she insisted I sat down and relaxed. We sat and watched a film together, when I threw caution to the wind and put my arm around her, she turned and gave me that great big smile. I snuck in a few innocent kisses to. This was when she introduced me to a Thai kiss (you know, the sniff?) Quite weird at first but so innocent and cute. I was enjoying this!

When it came to bed time, she suddenly suggested that we shared her bed! What? I promised to keep my clothes on (that lasted long). I asked if I could have a kiss good night but I got a little bit more. Even though my loins were ripening I didn’t want to spoil the day. After a few hot kisses and a few wondering hands, we retired for the evening.

The next day we spent walking around town and the seaside, again everything felt good. If I didn’t like her I would have returned home by now, and she mentioned she had to go to London tomorrow to pay for her visa. She suggested we drive to my house as it is on the way there, and we can stay at my house overnight. I liked the sound of that. An extra day with her. That was when I found out that Thai girls drive like blind monkeys on acid.

That evening back at my house, we cooked some food together (she brought some exotic food with her). We were quite tired and had to wake up early the next day for London. We slept together again that night, and more naughty fumblings ensued. She drove us up to London the next day to the home office to renew her visa. We started queuing at about 5 AM outside and it was freezing cold. In our sleepy rush to get changed, I only brought my jumper, which I gave her to wear, whilst I froze my nuts off. A fairly boring day to be honest, but I was with her, her smiles, so I was more than happy. When we returned to my house she tried to have sex with me, but I refused as I didn’t have any condoms. I was in a good mood, but I didn’t want to rush anything. She then went home, and we were both happy.

The next weekend I met her at the hospital where we looked after her sick nephew until her relatives arrived. We travelled back together to her house on the train (even though I was supposed to help her home, nothing more!) When we were alone at her house, she told me that she loved me. Wow. This time I came prepared with my rubbers. She was quite sexy in bed, yet didn't know how to put on a condom. I was pleased with this, I was hoping that she was a good girl. She told me that she was a virgin too, and for once in my life I was wishing my wedding tackle was a bit smaller. Afterwards we spent time together and walked around her town. She even drove me all the way home, and that's a fair trek, but her effort and caring impressed me. She mentioned that next time she goes to Thailand for a break, she would like me to go with her. Fantastic!

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I also saw her the weekend after, and each time I saw her I was falling more and more in love. She seemed so innocent, so cute, so polite, and seemed to have all the virtues in a girl that I would go crazy for. I was not sure if I could trust her yet, but everything else was feeling good. We planned to meet the weekend afterwards, but her family had returned home from the hospital. It now became clear that she is not free at all from them, if they ask her to do something, she must do it. She often complained that she was not free when they were around, and she worked a ridiculous amount of hours at the local Thai restaurant just to be free from them. I had to wait a few weeks before I could see her again. After such a good start, I was missing her like crazy. Next time I saw her was at her house, and with her relatives around, so I had to be on my best behaviour. They were pleasant enough, but I could feel that they kept her under the thumb a lot. I was now fighting for her time against her study, work and her family. Again, being a nice guy, I never put pressure on her for her time, although I did mention that I did deserve at least some of her time if she was free.

A few weeks later I managed to see her again. She travelled to my house and stayed the day and met my parents. I was still happy with everything, but as I could not spend much time with her any more, I was getting withdrawal symptoms. 2 more weeks later and we meet each other in London. We walked around Chinatown together and ate at a noodle bar. I always felt sorry for her not being free, so when I was with her I always let her decide what we did. I was with her, so I didn't mind what we did to be honest! At the end of the day when she had to go back home, she said she loved me a lot, she won't leave me, and thinks we will have a strong relationship. Normally I would have shat my pants, but I loved his girl and was on top of the world when I heard her say that. We had only really been together about 2 months, and apart from her time, everything was going very well.


Then four days later, she phones me and tells me we have to spilt. I was absolutely gutted. It was a long way down for me to fall. The reason was that her family were getting angry at her for having a boyfriend, and that she should spend more time with her ill nephew. She is also here to study and should concentrate on that. Gee thanks, then, wait for us to fall in love and THEN tell us. I think her family were making her feel really guilty too. She said she did not deserve a nice guy like me and I should look for another girl. I wanted to keep in contact with her afterwards. Even if we just remained friends. There was also a part of me that hoped her situation would change and we could get back together in the future, even though I knew I should not hold out too much hope.

I went through the traditional feeling shit phase when love finishes, but after a month or so I started to forget it. Sometimes I felt angry at her. Why did she say such strong things to me when she must have known it had to end soon? Then I remembered the good times, and that I should forgive her as when she is free, she has to make the most of it, even if nothing can last.

Well, quite a standard love story until now.

About 7 weeks afterwards, when I was finally losing interest, I received an interesting phone call. It was a friend of Nid's. It turns out her life was a lot more interesting, and not so carefree! She had spent all of her father's money (about 5000 pounds), and had not yet paid fully for her university course. She was in trouble with her family for this and if her father knew she would probably be sent back to Thailand. And what's more, her auntie visited her and they had a massive row (probably about the money), and the police got involved and her auntie was held in custody for 6 hours. She is also acting more and more like a bargirl. Was this really the same girl I feel in love with? She never mentioned any of this to me, and I never suspected her money problems. Whenever we went out for a meal together she always insisted going half, and never asked me for money. I would have forgiven her for hiding this for me, but there's even more.

This person insisted on calling me "Mick". I kept saying "I'm not Mick I'm Ian!" Who is Mick? At this point my grass had told me that Nid's boyfriends name was Mick.

The lying, dirty, cheating…!!!

There could be a mistake here somewhere of course, and in order to close this chapter I need to speak to Nid, I just want to know the truth, and from her. This way I can finally sum up whether or not she is a lying piece of filth who deserves to be in her predicament, or if I should feel sorry for her and offer my help. Although I should look at it as, thank fuck I'm not involved.

If you really want a foreign girlfriend I recommend Turkish girls. They are honest, loyal, loving, caring, and passionate! Thai girls are all a superficial facade! Donut learn this the hard way!

Stickman says:

This business with the family controlling her is standard fare for many Thai girls. It's funny really because there parents try to control them up until they are married and by the time they hit around 23 / 24, they are getting one message from their parents, and another message from their body. This is when they can start to go a bit wild. It would be interesting to know more about Mick and where he fits into the picture.

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