Stickman Readers' Submissions January 23rd, 2004

A Voice From A Thai

By K

I've been a fan of this website for over a year. It is always interesting to learn new things, including people and what they think, even more so if it is about my hometown. So, yes, I am a Thai. To be more specific, I am a 30-year-old single Thai woman and was born in Bangkok. I graduated from one of the best universities in Thailand and come from a good family. So, I am just an ordinary Thai girl.

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I've read a lot of readers' submissions. Honestly, I am amazed to see a good number of foreigners who have had their hearts broken by Thai prostitutes ­ not only from this website, but from people I've met too. A married with children New Zealander in his 60s fell in love with a bargirl during his visit to Pattaya. The girl told him she loved him too. He proudly called her "my girlfriend". He also bought her stuff like others. But one day, she said it's over and she didn't love him anymore. Just like that. The guy was falling apart and found out later she's got a new guy. Typical huh?

Some people have asked, many of these guys wouldn't consider marrying a prostitute back at home, so why Thailand? I really have no idea.

Prostitution is just another kind of business. It just happens to be illegal in most countries. And it will never go away. I can't say anything against them as some people don't have too many choices in life. But what I don't really like is that many of the girls have been giving us – Thai Women – a real bad name. I've heard a bad joke about Thai Women being number one export product of Thailand. That really hurts. When talking about Bangkok, some know it as Patpong. When talking about Thailand, some say "Yeah! I know Pattaya!"

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I am not sure what kind of message we have been sending out to the world. Some people think of Thailand as the biggest whorehouse on this planet. Some think we are still riding elephants to go to school. Some are surprised to learn that we have got computers and internet here. Some confuse us with Taiwan. Some believe all Thai women can be bought. Some think our capital city is "Bangcock" (Yeah, right, like anyone would possibly name a city like that). Too many to mention. So, I am living to prove that: Yes, we have got computers and internet in Thailand, We don't ride elephants to go to school. We have got bikes, motorbikes, cars, and trucks, We have got prostitutes just like anywhere else on earth, Thailand is not Taiwan ROC, a great number of Thai women cannot be bought, and our capital city is "Bangkok". As for people who are still confused, my suggestion would be – Get a map!

Not too long ago, I got to chat with an incredible idiot. Yeah, he wanted to make an offer. So, I said No I was not that kind. He insisted. I kept saying No. Every time I said No, the number went up. I don't really remember how much the last offer was. Basically, just more than my wage. Anyway, the guy got upset and said "Every Thai woman can be bought! What's your price?" I ended this conversation by giving this guy the F-word.

If all this is not bad enough, let me tell you this. I have had a few foreign boyfriends. My ex-boyfriend was a Norwegian. He was tall, young, blond, and good looking. On our first date in Bangkok, we just hung out in town. You, shopping centre, beer garden at WTC, stuff like that. Guess what, I could see people gave me the look. The oh-you-are-a-whore sort of look, even though I was wearing T-shirt and jeans that day. Bloody tomboyish. And guess again who those people were. Yes, most of them were Thai. One Thai lady stared at me.. from head to toe.. then made her way up to my head again. I thought it was bad enough when a white guy was drooling over me and trying to take me back to his place, but really, can't beat this – when a Thai judges another by her skin colour and stuff.

We – Thai women who have had foreign boyfriends – are also judged by Thai men. They might just be obsessed with the size of their dicks or something. I really don't know. But a lot of Thai men, when found out we've had farang boyfriends, often said, "Oh so you like big dicks better? Yea, you deserve them since you get fucked a lot and your hole is getting too loose now." Just by typing it, I feel…. YUCK!! Bloody disgusting people. But what I just told you is so bloody true. Someone really said this to me. I couldn't say anything else, but "Erm, whatever you want to say, you toothpick boy!"

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I have heard a lot of stories about getting a visa. Thank God I always travel on business visa. So, I have never had such problem. I actually did eyewitness it once at the Japan Embassy. It was my first time applying for a visa and gosh it happened to be Japan. While I was waiting, a Thai girl was called to one of those windows. She's in her 20s, good figure, pretty good looking, and dressed a bit too sexy for this occasion. A Thai male staff asked her questions with an unpleasant tone. Like, "How long will you be in Japan? What are your plans for the trip? In details, since day 1? Who will you be staying with? How did you know this person? How long have you known him? etc etc" The girl couldn't answer all questions. So, she walked back… frowning. I thought to myself "Shit, what is going to happen to me? I'll be travelling alone too. Can I really count on the invitation letter at all?" A while later, here came my turn. A Japanese female staff glanced at me and looked through my documents. She asked me a few questions with a smile on her face. And she gently said I would get the result in 3 working days. I said thank you and got a little piece of paper back. I had to wait for three days. I called and the Embassy said no result yet and they would call me when they got it. The fourth day passed with the same old answer from them. The fifth day, I called and they said my visa was granted so I could go there to get my passport back. Hurrah!!!

So, now, why is it like this? I guess it's probably the good mix of Thai people who have overstayed their visas, Thai prostitutes, etc. As for the looks from Thais in my hometown, well, a big portion of the credit goes to prostitutes and the rest goes to the people's prejudice. See, it's not easy to be a Thai woman – wherever we are. There are good and bad people on this planet. Just everywhere. Do you really believe that none of the locals ever tried to rip me off when I travelled – both inside and outside Thailand? We can't assume the whole nation is like that. Some foreigners are so bloody shallow. Guess what, so are some Thai, like Khun Andrew Biggs once wrote something like "It's possible that a
buffalo has two legs and speaks English." So, why can't we just think and talk about nice things for a change? We have incredibly beautiful beaches, good food, nice and warm weather, fascinating culture, etc. We do have a lot more to offer, other than prostitutes! So, let's explore Thailand – out of the bars anyway. Shall we?

Stickman says:

It is so refreshing to hear from a Thai female. An initiation is extended to all Thai readers to send in anything.

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