Stickman Readers' Submissions January 13th, 2004

5 Days In Bangkok And No Sex

Anonymous Submision

I was recently on a business trip in BGK and had first the first time in 8 years, a few days in BGK with no sex.

He Clinic Bangkok

I first went to Nana entertainment plazza. Gogo girls are less numerous than they used to be. Many bars are deserted. Angel Witch is on the contrary crowded. The show there is a little bit boring. Its sado-masochist conotation is artificial and not at all exciting, at least for me. I must confess that what can be sexy in whip, leather underwear and dog collars has always been of a mystery to me. In Hollywood the big breasted girls who was there have disappeared. Rainbow 2 seems to be the best alternative today. A reasonable number of gogo girls there, some of them good-looking, but no stunners. I then went to Soi Cow Boy. The Long gun, the only bar where girls used to be really good looking is not so crowded nowadays. Average appearance of the gogo girls has also gone down there. Forgoten the stunners who made the reputation of this bar. The show without them is almost pitiful. I had a look at other bars in SCB, and could not see much improvement in the atmosphere.
I had terefore to reluctanttly go to Patpong. I had not been there fior the last 6 years. I had a drink in King Castle 2, King Castle 3 and King Corner. King Castle 2 is the place with most beautiful girls, but I found this bar so small that sitting there is really uncomfortable. I was surprised by the price of the drinks in Patpong, much cheaper than in Nana entertainment plazza. I had forgotten that. I anuway very disapointed. In Patpong also the really stunning-looking girls have vanished. What I found very annoying, to say the least,is the presence in King castle 3 and in the King Corner (but in the King corner it has always been) of the so called lady boys. Their body is usually almost perfect. There is always a detail, usually the voice which draw your attention. In the bars where lady boys are working I could not choose a girl. the reason is that, appart from some short and fat girls I was not sure of the real gender of the really good-looking "girls". I found some really sexy persons, but doubt about their real sex tempered my excitation … I do not understand, by the way, who can be atracted by lady boys. Why not reserve some bars to them. It is the case in Nana, where at least you can be sure that a girl is a girl.

Last remark about the naughty life of Bangkok. Asian men are taking over. I found more and more asian men in the bars, in particular at the Nana EP. In the noisy atmosphere, I could not tell if they were Japanese or Chinese. My point is that girls seem to be much more interested in going with them than with westerners. There might be a purely racial reason, but I dont believe so. It is certainly a question of money. Maybe westerners are paying back the organised greed which is prevalent amongst them. I understand that some expats in Thailand want to protect the local prices against excessive inflation. I used to do the same when living in Vietnam. I find, however the STC (short time calculation) available on a website dedicated to night life in Thailand particularly ridiculous. The calculated price is almost always 1500 B, whatever parameter you input in this template. I understand why the few good looking girls still there are more interested in Asian men.

Do you share my opinion? Am I simply getting older or is that true that night girls are not so sexy and beautiful as they used to be? If so, where are the beautiful ones?

nana plaza