Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2003

Wake Up Farangs

I would like to express some opinions and advice to farangs that are considering marrying or becoming intimate with a Thai woman from the scene.

I have been married to my Thai wife for 3 years and have been involved with her for 4 years we have 2 little girls, 2y yrs and 1 yr. We are very happy together but we have our fights like most couples. She is a typical Asian when they get pissed off they get pissed off (1st lesson for farangs if they don’t already know this). Nobody can predict the future but as I write this piece all is well.

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I met my wife at a bar in Partyhard after I sowed my wild oats on my first two trips and on my third trip decided I would find myself a wife. This is what annoys me about farangs they meet a girl get involved, sling them some baht and tell them to stop working and go back to your farm/village and chill why I get my shit together for the next 3-6 months (are they kidding).

The party life these girls have become used to living in Bangkok or Pattaya etc is something to be envied by all who have tasted it and have to leave it. If you are serious about bringing your Thai sweetie home with you the only way you can control or influence her is by getting her out of LOS as soon as you can don’t stress about the is she working or not bit of course she is (if you meet one that stops working in your absence start playing lotto regular). If you can’t handle this you are going to fail in your endeavours, don’t let this one fact ruin you my wife to this day insists she stopped working after she became involved with me (pigs fly).

When she first came to Australia I logged on to her email and had to break a couple of guys hearts from various countries informing them she had come to Oz was engaged to be married etc one guy even wished us well. Remember farangs a lot of bargirls have been promised by farangs that they love them and want to take them home etc but lose interest once they arrive home to there countries and leave the bargirl high and dry. Thai bargirls can not afford all their eggs in the one basket and play the field until the far dinkum farang comes along who is prepared to go the 50 rounds to get to the stage I am at with my wife. Of course all men don’t want their woman fucking around on them but smell the roses gentlemen you have decided to pursue a prostitute it is your choice along with that comes the dirty laundry. I will attempt to make some factual points for farangs considering a Thai wife / partner.

Play hard with your embassy. I never accepted no for an answer and complied with all there requests. I had dramas with jealous Thai employees at the Oz Embassy but I went over the head and they were caught out making my wife fill out forms I had already completed. My wife came to Oz on a 3 month tourist visa. We got married and she returned. We waited 3 weeks we then fought hard and were issued a 6 month tourist visa after we lodged her spouse visa application on her return after 3 month visa. Don’t hesitate to consult a migration agent for advice on what to write in these applications (about $60 half hour) but don’t use their services for doing the applications too expensive $1000,s with no guarantee. Patience is a virtue.

Expect your wife to find it hard to adjust. A Thai out of Thailand is like a fish out of water. Expect her to, at times, become sad and a little depressed the same you would if you left your family, security and friends.

You are it, her lover, best friend, person to take frustrations out on. She has no one to bitch to about you.

Tread carefully when you the find some Thai friends for her in your country. The three Thai women my wife has made friends with, all ex bargirls, have been nothing but trouble and my wife has flicked them all.

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Be prepared to send some money back home to the family. You would if it was your family on the poverty line but one rule don’t give what you don’t got if your wife or family can’t handle this bad luck.

Be prepared for failure not all fairy tales have happy endings, and by the way for Thais money first love later.

Be prepared for the stares, comments, rumours in the the work place he married a pro, judgmental people who inhabit this earth (I don’t give a shit) its my life.

Push her into employment it keeps them occupied they meet people improve there English and makes them appreciate money, it is good medicine.

Of course be prepared for trips back regular to LOS to see her family etc

Good luck stay focused

Stickman says:

Seems to be a lot of Thai women going down to Australia recently. It is probably one of the easiest places for them to settle.

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