Stickman Readers' Submissions December 18th, 2003

Usual Suspects

The Hidden

I hung out with Nan, she was one of the top dancing girls in a well known Soi Cowboy bar. As I spent my 7 months vacation in Thailand (don't get jealous fellas, life is never fair…) I met her first time Jan 2002. She had a fresh nature, funny and she was really not from the stupid camp. She even wasn't jealous or called me butterfly as I already hooked two or three other members of her bar before. One night, I met her again, we stayed in the go go till 2.00. I was good drunk and ready for roll back to the hotel, but she insisted: "We go party". Where the hell she want to go after 2.00 am…. ( I don't talk about Grace or Soi 13). I had also just some 100 bath left and told her so, but she replied: "Mai pen rai, I have enough, I pay". Nan, three of her BG-Friends and me entered a cab and we drove somewhere Suk 58 or so. The street was dead quiet and I wondered where the party here should be. Nan paid the cab, laughed at me cuz of my curious face and went to a closed door. After a knock, somebody opened. We entered, crossed a small kitchen and then we stood in the middle of a restaurant-karaoke. The place was good filled, but not packed. I was the only Non-Thai there. We took a table, and Nan ordered. Sangsom, Beer, Pop, Thai Dishes etc. The mic made the round. As talented Nan was as a dancer, so bad was her singing. But she did her best, and with the increasing amount of Thai-Whiskey nobody cared about her musical qualities anymore…It was great fun, a real sanuk night.
two hours and some bottles later, she checked bin (1500 bath) and paid. Don't have to mention, that we had a great night after that.

He Clinic Bangkok

Encore une fois

My best Friend Rocco arrived a feew weeks later in BKK. As a newbie I showed him around and we landed that night in front of Nan's bar. She had her free day, but as she had no clue what to do, she was sitting with her friend Wan (half Chinese-half Thai) outside drinking. Have to say that Rocco is an 22 year old Italian, good looking guy, he attracts everywhere we go the women, sometimes he's a real magnet (once 4 girls were fighting over him in a Nana Plaza a go go…… crazy shit). I went over to Nan and we did some small talk and I introduced each other. Nan was from second one "interested" in Rocco. So they chatted. Wan and me did the same. Several times before I tried to score at her, but as she gets support from some "sad fucks" who send her money, she was able to pick her customers… and she knew my reputation. Rocco and Nan had a good conversation, then she gave me a "its okay I go with him-look". I had no problem with them cuz good friends who care, share.

Again she asked me if we wanna go all together to the after spot in Sukhumvit "whatever". But this time we stormed the house, that means Nan invited: Wan, 3 other BGs, the "famous" overweight waiter (she is to much women for a man…..) the DJ, one of the mamasan, another waitress…. Don't have to repeat that our glasses never went empty, it was again a great night, with lots of laughter, booze, sing a songs plus a little tongue acrobatic between Wan and me.

CBD bangkok

At the end of the night, Nan checked again the bin (3'500 bath). Thanks to the one who "supported" her with the money. Great night!

Two weeks later, again Soi Cowboy. On of Nan's friend celebrated her birthday inside the go go. We were invited, but as the invitation came to quick (in front of the bar…), we had no presents. We took seats and they brought us everything that night. Wine? No Problem. Black Label. Here Drink. Champagne. Available. We entered the Go Go more or less sober, but we left it full drunk without spending a bath……
Lil Epilogue to Nan. A few months later she became "Junior-Mamasan" in her bar. Some months later then she quitted for studying. This July she married a English guy. Best wishes from both of us.


We (Rocco and me) left for our recovery phase to Chiang Mai for 3 reasons. First to extend our visa via the Laos boarder, second to do one of those (bloody touristy and fake) 3 days trekking and third to get a little bit free time from the misbehaving. The first two nights we just hung in our Guesthouse, get boozed and chatted with other travellers. The third night, energy was more or less recovered and we went to check out the nightlife. We were disappointed, concerning to Bangers and knowing that Chiang Mai is the biggest city in Thailand after Khrung Tep. We got some Jadong-shots from a street vendor and soon I was mad drunk. Rocco steered to a beer bar. Took a look and sat down. I followed in slalom lines. Rocco ordered the beers and suddenly (what surprise…. 🙂 two girls were surrounding us. The usual small talk, 4 in a Row, lady drink etc. After a few beers more, I told Fedi that I will leave with my girl. He starred at me and replied: You're sure?"
Yes bro, why not?". I answered.

wonderland clinic

"You better look for another one" was his advice.

"She does not look bad, so what", me again. A little discussion followed and at the end we left the bar without any company. Next morning the usual hangover, we spent the day cycling around in Chiang Mai. At night we passed by the bar. Rocco pointed discreetly to the girl I would to take out last night. As she saw me, she came with waving hands in my direction. A shock. She was a real dragon. Bloody Jadong makes you going to Lala-land.

Greed imprison us all

When I am in Bangkok, I usually go every third day or so to a small lake half an hour outside BKK for wake boarding. Its a really nice spot, quiet, not to crowded, with an outside gym, trampoline, a restaurant with delicious Thai dishes, just a good spot for relaxing and do some sporting activities. Plus you can spot some gorgeous women over their (girlfriends from the wakeboarder-boys). The crowd is mixed between rich Thais, expats and a few tourists like me.

Reaching the lake by cab is easy, even if its not near the highway or a main street. But for going back, especially for the Thai girls who even 100m are to much to walk, you need at least 20 minutes to reach the main road. As for me its easy such a walk, but it can still be a pain in the ass when its hot. Sometimes you can be lucky catching a just arrived taxi, but that happens one out of ten. Once I was again on my way to the highway, I had also my backpack with me as I came from Pattaya. So I hitchhiked. The heat was bloody. A Mercedes passed by, later on a BMW and a Lexus. Nobody picked me up. I was about on the first third on my way, as I heard a big truck behind me, loaded with wood plus 4 man in the cabinet and 6 or 7 in the back. Suddenly the truck stopped, and one of the guys waved me to climb up the truck. They were normal workers, earning maybe a 100 bath a day. I chatted (or I tried it with my limited Thai skills) with the guys till we arrived to a spot where I can get a cab. There was a shop next to the road and I asked the guys on the truck if somebody want a coke, water, chang, whatever. Everybody denied. I was surprised. Those guys live almost over nothing and they still refuse an offer. Amazing Thailand.

The Thai Way

In Bangkok, I hardly stay in hotel rooms, since a friend introduced me to "his" house, based in the Sukhumvit area. Its a nice spot, very familiar with an unique atmosphere. The inhabitants come from all kind of countries and professions: a former Soi Cowboy Go Go Bar owner, a Nation journalist, a software crack, Ex-BGs, half year-expats and punks like me plus the lovely owner. Everybody can use the kitchen, there's a fridge with ice cold drinks (if your to lazy to walk to the Family Market just around the corner) and often all are sitting together in the "lobby" for dinner or a booze, like a big family.

At my first season, my friend celebrated his 50th birthday, that means 3 days partying in the house. I only can say again it was great event. The third day I was sitting with three girls from the house, Nid, Pim and Loot, at the table, the others were all past out already , and we was in a good party mood.

Pim and Nid, the two close friends were quiet drunk and it was way over midnight. We were a bit noisy, but it was a special event, so who cares….. but yes somebody cared or felt disturbed. There was a old guy, lets call him the weasel, who was one of the unfriendliest character I ever knew. He was the only person who didn't took action at the party, a loner maybe. He came out his room and shouted in a very impolite manner to us to be quiet and bla bla bla. Maybe he hit the girls on the wrong foot, I only saw some sandals and magazines flying towards him. The girls cursed something in Thai, we better don't wanna know. 3 days later, the weasel was kicked out by the management. Things can go really fast in Thailand when its necessary….

Thai Banks

Rocco and me just came back from Chiang Mai. My "girlfriend" stayed that time in Phuket and I promised her, to call her back when I am in Bangers. But as most of you guys know, keeping the faith in BKK is dickhard…

To use Sticks word, I misbehaved a lot the next days. 2 or 3 days later she called me, to know if I arrived and when she can come up to Bangkok. I'll told her to send 1000 bath for the bus ride via her bank account, this will give me 3 days more "spare time". Few hours later I made the transfer at the bank and Rocco and me strolled through the bars with Bob, an Bangkok based English teacher. A great, funny guy. We stucked at Bottoms up. Bob did his best to handle the two chicks fighting over him. He didn't need support in this case, so we left the bar with our female company. Usual hanky panky that night. At six o'clock my celly ringed, Nui, my "girlfriend" was on the line.

"Hi Meeda, I am in Bangkok"

Holy Moly, gooddammmit! How can this be possible. I made the transfer yesterday around 15.00 and its no way she can get the money so fast. I told her the address of my room (that will give my around 20 min or less) woke up the Bottoms up-girl, paid her and called her a taxi, fixed the room. Everything went fine. Nui arrived, she looked more gorgeous than I had in mind. 3 great weeks followed.

Later I found out, that at the Bangkok Bank the transfers were made directly to the account within minutes, and not like in Europe where they keep the money (for still unknown reasons) 3 days. Things go sometimes to fast in Thailand, when its unnecessary….

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