Stickman Readers' Submissions December 1st, 2003

The Truth

By Georgie Pie

This piece is in response to all those guys who demand the truth, and nothing but the truth from their Thai girlfriends.

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Have you ever considered how many times a farang has stuck their dick in these girls, promised them the moon and then disappeared at the first opportunity. 100 times? maybe 200? or even 500 times.

So, is it really a surprise to you that they "hedge their bets" with you by having 1 or 2 on the side until you are ready to commit. (By the way, sending a few thousand baht each month is NOT a commitment and these girls know it.) Taking your money while having another boyfriend, in my mind at least, is neither immoral nor deceitful. After all, you are GIVING them money, aren't you? Or, are you really trying to buy their loyalty.

It would be my guess that over 1/2 of these ladies are looking for, or at least hoping for, a serious relationship with a man who will care for them and their children. The other half probably already have a guy who may or may not be doing this, but for whatever reason they feel safe with them.

And that's what it's all about guys, SECURITY!!!!!! Females the world over seek security for themselves and their babies. There is nothing else ­ nada – nyet. What differs is how each woman perceives security. Some may seek a macho type as being able to protect them and labor for food and shelter. Others might see a well-educated man as a way to security. Still other might choose a businessman, etc. etc. etc.

So – what would a Thai lady consider a commitment toward their security??? In America a nice big diamond ring and a promise of marriage works for most. I would bet that a small house/home and monthly stipend would work in Thailand.

Would this guarantee fidelity??? Hell no – it doesn't in America or anywhere else, but at least you would be providing what they NEED most, and they might consider your feelings when they get the "itch" in your absence.

(And that's another good point. Do you really expect a young beautiful girl to abstain from sex for 3 or 6 or even 12 months while you're away, especially when that's the only pleasure most of them can afford.)

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I don't believe Thai ladies are more or less honest then their counterparts around the world. Maybe they just lack the finesse in extracting money from males their western sisters employ

What's a guy to do???? For what it's worth – here's what I did.

First, accept the fact that the only reason you are on this planet is to impregnate a female and the only reason for a female is to give birth and perpetuate the species. Everything else that happens is an experiment, and very risky. So you need to take a risk.

Next, determine what kind of woman you want to hook up with. If you want someone to walk behind you, serve you, and lie to you because of her fear of men – look for a Muslim. If you want someone to walk beside you, spend your money and lie to you because she is filled with guilt about being human – look for a Christian. If you want someone who will walk in front of you, be nice to you, and lie to you because she must "save face", then look for a Buddhist.

I chose the latter and looked in Thailand because I believe the Thais are the most beautiful Buddhist.

Now – spend time with her outside the bedroom. Get your mind off sex for a couple of weeks and observe, observe, observe.

Observe how she cares for herself and her possessions. How does the bathroom look after she has used it? How does she react to beggars in the street? How is she around small children, old people, and dogs or cats? Does she make merit at the temples and say her prayers each night?? Tell her you want to buy her a personal gift and see what she chooses.

You may have other tests which are important to you but you know what you can live with and what you can't. Two weeks is a very long time to put on an act.

In the end, it can be stated that all sex is expensive – and exclusive sex is very expensive.

Stickman says:

I like your summary…so true.

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