Stickman Readers' Submissions December 24th, 2003

The Londoner Now Travels Alone, Part 3, Phuket

Why must they put the air conditioning on so dam cold………

I get to Bangkok airport and I am FREEZING….. I slept the whole way and I have goose pimples all over my body….and I wish I had put on my tracksuit on getting in the car instead of staying in my vest flip flops and shorts.

He Clinic Bangkok

Ill be honest when ever I leave London I look like a thug or a yuppie but once I've been in the land for a few days I walk around looking like a Happy Hobo.. lol

I land in Phuket and the 3rd Chapter of my long anticipated adventure begins….

As per usual mine is the last case to arrive and I get the usual looks from the airport staff as I carefully inspect my bag to see that it is in know way damaged. I make my way out of the terminal where my Chariot awaits… A small mini-van driven by a fella who barely speaks English, but hey I barely speak Thai. We manage to communicate and I explain to him that every time I come to Phuket the 1st day I arrive it rains…lol..this time was no different..

CBD bangkok

Yet again I feel my heart fill with emotion, all the memories from my previous visit flash back as I look at streets, shops and clubs pondering on what lay in store for me this time.

I get to my hotel shower change and lock away my valuables….admire the view and yet again try and contact Phuket 1. Still she doesn’t answer her phone. I send her a text message saying that I was gona watch the football in my friend’s bar that I normally drink in then id hit the town so I would phone her the next day. Still no reply. I wasn’t worried merely concerned for her welfare as this was not like her.

I head out on a motorbike taxi and arrive on Bangla Road. Pop into a few bars that I normally frequent, I receive a warm reception as in Thailand you are remembered not for what u have but for what u give and I don’t mean materialistic. I’m remembered as the fella that comes for 2 or 3 weeks, drinks a lot, talks a lot, likes ladies shares what he has, willing to try some strange shit and is a maniac on a

I leave those bars after a few drinks and head to the bar that I spend most of my time at.

wonderland clinic

I arrive at the bar and its hugs and kisses, questions about where my other friends are and then I see her.. Nope, not Phuket 1. Someone that I had shared a few moments with b4 I bumped into her. Well I buy her a drink we talk we get drunk. Next thing I know its 2am and I’m on the back of her bike back to my hotel. We all know what happened next I shan’t bore you.

One thin I have realised during my time here is that everyone is a detective or wants to be. So I did my utmost not to be seen with any ladies unless I really liked them or they were what one would call your “Girlfriend in Thailand”. . As I mentioned in a previous post this is a little tricky being from the west and being even harder being black lol not many of us out there. But where there is a will there is a way.

I am what you would call a cross between a nice guy and a butterfly lol. Ill hover around and be a butterfly until I find someone that I wana be with then ill stop hovering around and just chill. Thought I might have had that with Phuket 1 but it kina side tracked for a bit.. Anywho back to the story.

We wake in the morning and she drops me to the bank she goes home and the day is mine. I change up my money and I go strait to see my buddy who I always rent my bikes from. Nice guy always takes care of me. Turns out all he has is Fireblades, so he takes me up the road to his friend(Funny how they always know a man who can) I test drive a 1100CC beast of a bike but its uncomfortable so I just get another CBR600….I drive around for a bit getting used to it then try and phone Phuket 1 again. This time she picks up and sounds half-asleep, so I ring back later, still sleeping. I then phone again and I here a guy in the background. Now she’s not the love of my life so I just presumed shed met someone else. But after doing the math it didn’t make sense as we had been in contact all the time and I spoke to her a few days b4 I left for Thailand. Weird, I knew there was a twist. What was I instore for??

I pretty bushed so I park my bike up and go and see some of the guys who run the Jet Ski’s. as per usual they try and suck me into playing beach ball with them, this is not advisable lol. I jump back on the bike and head down to the other beach which is quieter and not that many tourist appear to find it as its 70
degree decent after parking your bike on an 80degree decent lol. I’m harassed by people trying to sell me stuff so I just grab a deck chair and an umbrella and have a relaxing sleep.

It must have been and hour or so before I was woken by an angel, I thought it was a dream, this woman was just leaning over me. She was giggling her hair all wet sand all over that nicely tanned body but I could barely see her face properly as the sun was behind her. As I got up to speak to her she ran off. So I was left alone again to gather my thoughts. I took the long walk up the mountain and headed for something to eat and a nap.

Just as planned I awoke around 8pm. Got cleaned up and headed out. I was in search of another bar that I could call my own. When I dismounted my crotch rocket I noticed I had a missed call it was Phuket 1, a sigh of relief, she’s OK. I ring her back but this time a some Thai fella picks up the phone and asks me who I am lol I hear her crying in the background so I just put 2 and 2 together and come up with 4. Her Thai boyfriend has paid her an unexpected visit from the countryside. Just my luck….lol I say I have the wrong number, apologise and that’s that.

I realised that this news could make or break my holiday. Now come on, what do you think I did? I decide to leave trying to find another bar to call my own till another day. I go and meet some of my male friends have a few drinks then decide to go to Soi Eric to the bar where all the hot girls are.. There is only one bar that I go to in there and they never disappoint. I was so happy the girl remembered me… I was greeted with a hell of a kiss and a drink.

Now last time I was there I was approached by the same lady she squeezed my ass said hi and asked for a drink, I said no. As I don’t just buy drinks just like that. Due to the calibre of lady in there when u buy a drink it’s not a lady cola lol they drink liquor lol. She laughed and said “OK I make u a drink” she started some serious dancing pussy all in my face lifting up my top biting my nipples biting my Dick through my shorts the whole shit. She then steps up on the bar and shakes her ass in my nose lifts up her top and licks her tits. Grabs some lemon and squeezes it on them puts salt on it pushes her breasts in my mouth and then pours Tequila in my mouth lol. I have never bar fined a girl that early in my life. The phrase the dogs’ bollocks comes to mind. We have a few drinks take a picture and I’m out there. I told her id come back later as it was still early.

We do a few more bars and then head to Banana. The security Guard was being unsociable and suggested my compadray looked underage. So we went to tiger then onto Star wars. I said my goodbyes and I headed back to Banana as I love this place…. By this time I've drank my body weight in brandy and am I need of some nourishment. I stop and a food stall but they only have pork so I settle for Mcd’s. I hit banana and continue the alcoholic onslaught. Still I hadn’t seen anything that took my fancy.

Its 2am and I’m staggering around Bangla Road, being harassed by ladyboys, I know what they were thinking. He’s pissed out of his face he won’t know….Oh yes I will love. As I explained to quite a few of them. I got a few laughs.

Just b4 I get to the end of Bangla I see and ass and lord have mercy was it in ass….it was like a peach in a small black dress, Bouncing left to right, left to right. I walked up behind her and just admired it. She must of sense someone was looking at her, she turned round and she was beautiful. Drop dead Gorgeous I tell u. She screamed “What you do” I said I am admiring. She laughed and carried on walking. I to continued to walk watching her bootie bounce. She stopped again and I stopped she laughed and we spoke briefly she said she was tired and a little ill so she was going home. We exchanged numbers and I agreed to phone her the next day. She was from Isaan. What a stunner.

I continued my walk and stopped in wherever would let me. But still I was alone. I walked into a bar down one of the Soi’s and played pool for a bit then headed out at about 330am. I thought lets have one more crack at getting a lady so I just walked down beach road, all the way round past star wars and up to the top of Bangla, on route I was joined by another 3 drunk Thai girls. I exchanged numbers and agreed to meet them on the beach.

I carried on walking and stopped at a stall selling bear and stuff they said sit down as I looked drunk. I sat we spoke I ate we drank we laughed I end up going home with one of the girls.

I drop her home in the morning as she said that she had to be at work for 12. I’m knakered but I still want some company. So I phone Miss Isaan. We arrange a meet. She comes to my hotel room we chill for a bit her English is real good but she goes back home tmw. So we talk some more she gives me a massage, some light banter and we play bump bump for a few hours. We hit the beach go for a drive then pool then for food. I then drop her home.

Yep I’m alone again lol.

But ladies and gentlemen this was to be my night.

I go and meet the lads drink some more and then decide on playing some pool. Now there are 3 or 4 places where I play pool. One I go to the with the lads, one is strictly for dates when u don’t wana be seen and the other 2 I go alone and just play with the girls in there.

This would later work to my advantage.

We play pool for 2 or 3 hours next thing you know its 6pm. Time for my nap.

Just like clockwork I wake up around 8-9 prepare myself for the town. I go on the look for my bar again. Just as I get on my bike my phone rings. Its Phuket 1. She says she’s sorry but her Thai Boyfriend is here now she thought I didn’t like her anymore as I hadn’t come when I said I was coming so when he asked if he could come she said yes. She said I couldn’t phone her as she would get into trouble but she would come and see me in the morning and he sleeps heavy. The irony of it. I say cool and that’s that. She asks where my hotel and room number so she can just come but this information is held closely as I don’t want a knock on my dear from masked invaders screaming “YOU FUCK MY WIFE”

Yet again I drink my body weight in brandy hit a few bars a few clubs I eat I dance. I even make friends with 2 girls and a security who agree to watch my bike all night for 100baht. I just pay them and every night for the duration of my stay they saved a space right outside there club for me lol. But obviously I had to have a quick drink in there. Each night the security guard asked why I don’t take lady from there club. I am yet to answer. But someone new the answer. Someone had been watching me.

Lets Fast Forward to 330am. I’m in safari and I’m pissed out of my little box. I was sat alone and I was approached my 2 German Guys. One guy just hugged me the other laughed. He said I’ve been sat here for 15minutes alone come and join them. They by me a drink I buy them a drink u know how it goes.

Out of the blue I see this hair, lovely smile, white teeth, cute as hell but I think I’ve seen her b4. Where I don’t know. I say excuse me and thank the 2 guys for the drink and I walk over. I sit as close to her as I can without making it known I came to see her. She giggles. I new that giggle but still didn’t know where from. I was watching the football but maintaining my view of her. I just kept glancing over. The cheeky cow just got up and screamed “What?” “What you want?” and laughed. “Why you look but no speak” “Chocolate man Shy” this little bundle of fun standing no higher than the bottom of my chest was trying to embarrass me lol. She invited me over I told her I was shy she said “I Know” I asked how she knew she said “Thai lady No Everything” her and her friend laughed. I offered to buy them a drink. We ordered we drank we spoke we laughed we chilled. I asked her what her plans were for the evening she said nothing. She returned the Question I to said nothing. I asked what she would do if she could do anything in the world… Her response was “Come with you” How corny but hey. Where in Thailand and she was so sweet. She said now you have lady, no longer alone. I was baffled. She gave her friend her bike key and she headed off. Me and my date who we will call tiny then went for a spin. I went to walk past my bike and she said where you go? Your bike is here. I was lost, how did she know? She said drive slow you always drink brandy and drive fast. Yet again how did she know. We go for another drink play some pool and eat a full meal.

Its now just gone 7am and its getting cold. She’s drunk and she has to get up for work at 11.

We get back to my hotel she showers 1st. I hit the shower and went I get out I've got a hard on and a half and cant wait to get jiggy with it. No such luck lads. I open the bathroom door and the little midgets only gone and gone to bed. She’s switched the TV off got under the duvet in the middle of the bed and is lying on her back with her mouth open snoring her little head off. At this point I am pissed off. No doubt about it. I try and make as much noise as possible but it wasn’t gona happen. literally jumped on the bed and she didn’t shift. Then I looked at her, I mean really looked at her. I mean people always say u fall in love every 5 minutes in Thailand. But I was look at her sleeping and she was without a doubt one of the prettiest, cutest looking girl I had laid my eyes on in my trips to the land. I hadn’t touched her but I still lay there with admiration. I was still pissed that there was no buum buum but hey, such is life. I got her pissed so in effect I should have known that a person of her size couldn’t consume all that liquor without in taking effect. But I was still annoyed, yes sexually frustrated.

The alarm went off at 11am but we slept thru. I woke up at 1pm with tiny laid across me. She just smiled at me with those big eyes and said sorry I fall asleep to much Jack Daniels, Hurt my head. But now I have power and off she went. What happens between to consenting adults is OUR business but we were both satisfied come 4pm lol.

We showered up and decided on getting some food. She phoned her day job and apologised. We went back to her place and I waited with her friends. We ate laughed etc and then we decided wed go to the beach, we did some jet skis, surfed, swam then I tried to drown her lol. Well so she says. We then opted for pool.

Now this is the messed up bit, she suggested that we go and play pool by her bar, then she grinned I said OK. Where was her bar? Her bar was smack bang in the middle of the bar that I play pool alone or with the lads and the bar where I play pool alone. When we get there she looks at me and says, I see you everyday alone playing pool there and there, you drink brandy but never I see you with lady, now I take care of you. Ill b honest I was like putty in her hands. I told her she is sneaky then enquired as to why she never spoke to me if you liked me, she said I always see you alone even so I thought u don’t want lady. Then she tells me it was her that woke me up at the beach that day. That’s when it all came together, where I remembered her giggle her smile and her hair from.

We Played pool for a bit and then the I decided I drop her back to her place as she probably had work later that evening and I promised I would phone her later. I Went back to my place for my usual nap.

I woke up at about 10 and went to my bar. At about 1045pm I got a call. It was tiny, she said I thought I was gona call her, I said sorry I just woke up. I was down the road from her bar so I said I would come to her now, she said she was at home watching telly waiting for me to phone. This girl just kept stacking up the brownie points lol.

I tell her to get dressed at meet me in the bar that I normally drink in and she’s there with in the hour. I go and sit with her friends. All 15 of them lol until she arrives.

It just cant get any better. She gets there and boy oh boy am I glad she phoned me. That’s when I knew. She was gona be my boo for the duration of my stay.

That evening I was introduced to her friends Farang boyfriends who were alright guys. We went to tiger and enjoyed ourselves, I phoned my male friends told them to come along and so we just partied.

Just as I thought this was the perfect evening I get a bunch of twits trying to intimidate me cos I’m with about 15 stunning Thai girls and there in a group of lads no ladies comparing the size of there egos and toggers. TWITS. They start bouncing me and trying to grab girls from the group how childish, then they get even more upset when they are turned down. They come to me for protection which makes these fellas hate me even more. As if I could protect them ;o)

Then to top it off one the guys I’m with Break dances, so he’s spinning on his head and body popping I’m doing my dirty dancing and where enjoying it. Some other idiot walks over and tries to get involved, no problem until he tries to push us all out the circle lol. Always after the limelight. He’s there 20secs and the crowd disperses recreating itself around us again. Not for me for some more spinning on the head from my buddy lol

When we left tiger a few of the girls were a little worse off that they were on entry lol. I held tinys hand whilst holding two of her friends down the steps. One on each shoulder lol I then got the speech. You know there is always one who has had there heart broken by some asshole, that evening was to be no different. There were about 20 of us and only a few bikes and everybody was drunk lol. I carried 2 others on my bike 2 bikes had 3 people each one had 4 and one had 5. What a site. A bunch of drunks driving and over loaded bike up a hill. How they made it up there alive I don’t know but hey, its Thailand, improvisation I have discovered is part of there culture.

We get to safari and the music is banging. There’s a big group of us so we have a great time until, yep you got, until PC Plod and the rest of the police turn up and wana close shit down. I though that was the end of that. I was told to hold fire as the night would continue In a secret location lol.

Well the hell did they think we were??? Secret location lol this Isn’t Charlie’s angels and I sure as hell wasn’t Charlie. We chill for about 20minutes and I think this is some drunken joke. I ask what the hold up is? Are we waiting for the secret location to re-appear like the castle in the film Krull. The English guys get it but everyone else just gives me a blank look, tiny just kisses me and says it will be okay. Next thing one of tinys friends appears from behind a bush and tells us to come hither. Not literally but that’s what she meant. We are ushered through the darkness for a while and I’m starting to worry.

Thailand is not renowned for Cannibalism but hey this shit starts somehow. DID THEY WANA EAT ME? lol. Course they didn’t but It was still worrying lol. This coming from a guy who had travelled half way across the world on his tod. And was now with a group of people who I had known collectively, well not a long time. But hey, That’s why we go away alone, to do shit like this.

Its bitch black and all I can hear is the person in front of me and the person behind me. I can here animals and insects and now I could hear water. My tiny held on to me like she two was scared but when I asked her response let me know that she had been there before. I popped my head up and all I could see was police. We carried on walking until it was now pitch black. Then we stopped. It was shitting myself.

1 by 1 we were lead down a flight of winding coolly steps. Then through an opening. A door has hinges and a handle, this was definitely an opening. Id lost tiny it was pitch black my heart beat was now echoing so I just presumed that I had been brought to a cave to be eaten or sacrificed in PAGAN ritual. Out of the blue I felt a hand. It was tiny, she said we wait maybe 10 more minutes. I was thinking what for? Why? What’s gona happen in ten minutes, will Lord Zelda appear before me and give the signal for the killer bats to attack. Who knows? All I know is had I not been drinking I would not have lasted those 10minutes.

All of a sudden I hear this noise. You know when u switch on your computer and the fans starts then everything else kicks in. It was that but projected. Then the lights come on.

It was The Generator.

I’m in a FUCKING (Excuse my French) Underground Cave, they have made this cave into an underground club. The lights come on and I see, the place is full as the power gets to its peek the music starts, there’s chairs, a dance floor and a bar, fully equipped for a long night. What is this world coming to? 3rd world my ass…..I know I haven’t got this shit in London.

Can you imagine that at home?

I dance the night and the morning away. Me and ting go to bed real early about 9am in the morning and she phones work again and says she isn’t coming in but says she want to take a few days off. Then she asks me if I want to go on a day trip so a secret location and laughs. I ask how much 2000Baht for both of us as she works for them. She books some trip to a secret location and when I ask she says I will see where it is when I get there. She works for a tour company by the way lol..

We get up oh so late in the day and I have well over 20 missed calls. But as any one with a brain will do my phone was on silent. Now I was with tiny so no more butterfly behaviour. Why would there be a need. Nice girl will take care of you. I’m not talking long term but for the time that I am there why not? Don’t get me wrong the Pattaya type week or so will always appeal to me but I think that did my lever and member no justice. Both were a little tired and needed a recoup, so what better way than to relax with tiny.

The missed calls were from Phuket1 who I had told Tiny about so I didn’t have to lie and the others were from ladies that I had met in Pattaya, Bangkok and my 1st few days in Phuket before I met tiny. I just erased them from my call register and left my phone on silent.

That day was to be the most relaxing day I have had in years. I ordered room service, we ate went back to sleep after some light Pelvic exercises. When we woke we went and sat by the pool and looked at the view.

Now how many of you have actually ever got a Thai girl and just chilled with her? In the day time I mean? Not pillow talk b4 or after u shag. Just lie on the bed or by the pool or on your balcony and just chilled. Well that’s exactly what we did.

After a few hours We did my laundry together and did a spot of shopping in the market. Then back to her place. Where we chilled some more. Watched a DVD and got beaten up by her flatmate then had a water fight with her friends.

Now I’m no1 special nor am I a guiding light on Thailand but how many of you young bucks get past the touristy short timers. How many of you let your Thai-Girls take you into there culture? I don’t mean showing you around and stuff. I just mean living their way. Doing what they wana do? Cos I know that when ever I ask a Thai girl what she wants to do she asks me the same question back. When they do finally tell u what they wana do, most of the time its not a bad idea. Something that will not be possible if you travel in a group as when your with a group you are with your peers, what need would you have for a anything else? You got your mates, u get pissed, get pissed some more make loads of noise and then have a quick short time or even a long time and off she pops in the morning. You wana know how I know? Cos I do the same thing when I’m with my mates or even with someone from a similar background that I’ve just met.

Try it the other way and I guarantee you will reap the benefits.

BUT don’t do this if you are weak minded or weak at heart as u will fall head over heels in love and on your return you will contemplate selling all your worldly goods just to be in Thailand lol. And don’t just do this with any old girl you meet. She has to either be real nice or real good at acting nice.

At this point I wasn’t even thinking about what was gona happen later. I was just going with the flow. Ill be honest I was enjoying being the centre of attention. It was nice. I enjoyed tinys company and her friends were nice too.

Not shortly after that I left tiny and her friends to get ready and I headed back to the hotel for guess what? Yep u got it. My Nap lol. I had arranged to meet her at her bar when I woke up.

Tiny however had different ideas.

Maybe 10 or 15 minutes into my peaceful slumber I was awoken by the sound of BANG, BANG on the door. I looked at my phone and there were some missed calls from Phuket1 but no way could she have found where I was staying. So I looked through the little peep thingy and couldn’t see any one. Then the door knocked again. I held my breath and just opened it. Low and behold it was me Little Tiny. She was just looking at me. She said she didn’t want me to be lonely and she missed me. Yeah course you did love or were you worried that I came back for a bit of short time with some else. Not in those words but to that effect. She laughed and said “No I know your not butterfly my spies tell me since we meet you only stay with me” lol. Why do I always have to meet the ones with connections, the ones that are networked, the ones that know people and speak great English lol.

We showered, played bump bump, next thing you know I open my eyes and its 230am in the morning and the little Squirrel is just sat there watching me sleep. I think it’s a Thai thing, but she did it different (Terrible Grammar) she was just smiling eyes wide open. When she saw I was up she just jumped on me. You make me wait you make me wait she howled. I want Power now lol. She was demanding we venture further into the exploration of the realms of passion. Well my mother has always told me that refusal often offends. So why would I want to offend My Tiny.

At 830am I was woken up by the sound of this mad woman telling me to hurry up. Now have any of you ever seen a Thai in a rush? That was my 1st time, I couldn’t stop laughing lol.

The little mini van arrived promptly at 9am and we boarded I asked where the rest of the people were. She said wait and see. We get there and its just us. Me, her and the boat oh yeah and the 2 guys driving the speedboat. Yet again I coulda been worried that they were about to take me out to sea and drowned me but hey as I said before I travelled half way across the world alone, this was merely another test of my courage and valour lol.

We get on this boat and we just go, go, go. Where driving for about an hour and we stop. The guy looks over at us and says that this is good. He then comes out with some snorkelling gear. I smile, I think I’m safe I say to myself. This guy then jumps in the water with no gear on and swims around. Me and tiny get out gear on and in we go. We have a little swim around, hold hands under water all that Luvie Duvie stuff. Then up we come, we set off again. We stop and this time its scuba diving time. Now the most amusing part of all of this is that they didn’t know if I could Scuba dive or not or if I was comfortable with it. But I could and I was so we began the dive. I think we were under for about an hour or so. I shan’t tell you what I saw but the expression WOW came to mind. After that we headed down to the PHI PHI Islands for some food and a muck about on the beach. The whole time in the back of my head I was saying don’t fall for her don’t fall for her. But be honest how couldn’t you? Not in a big way but she would be missed when I returned home and I got back to the routine of having to beg someone to make me a cup of tea.

We headed off again and just looked at a few more islands, and dived some more.

The whole day was amazing, and I know it cost more that 2000Baht so I gave them 3000Baht. Call it a 1000Baht tip or call it what it should have cost. After a day like that and the way I was treated it was warranted.

Now I was bushed and so was she.

I had 2 days left and I was running outa dough, not literally but I couldn’t afford me and her. So I told her. She said no problem I use my money I want to stay with you. So I asked her quite politely as I didn’t want to offend if she was gona lend me money or she was gona spend her own. She laughed. It was the latter.

Lets go to my last day. I wake up at around 12 and Tiny is still sleeping. I have to take my bike back. But b4 I do I go and check to see if the other shop has Fixed the R1. I arrive and they have, problem is some fella from Canada has just rented it. He laughs and says if I like he follow me to take my bike back drop me back to this bike shop and then if I’m free I cant rent an R6 and well just ride all day. NOW THAT’S A PLAN. Its my last day so I duno if tiny wants to come out to play. I phone and ask she said she doesn’t mind she’s knackered anyway.

Have any of you ever done 130MPH with nothing on your head but sunglasses? I have ;o) Try it, it’s a rush. Me and this guy raced or should I say drove at speed to places that I have never seen. I ended up in a village about 2 hours from Phuket. How I got there I don’t know, we just drove lol. We ended up at the top of some mountain. Could I find it again do u think? No. Do you know why? Cos we were just driving.

Now can you imagine getting cramp going round a bend at 60mph. Now in a Carry On film that would be funny…Not here though…lol it came from know where I thought my leg was gona fall off. Mr.Canada thought it was hilarious. As he laughed, told me it served me right as id been weaving in and out of cars taking the piss out of him all day. That was gods punishment for my actions lol. I phoned Tiny to tell her I had cramp but I think she thought I was injured so it took me 5minutes to persuade her into believing that I was okay and that it had been a day to remember.

Something else that I wouldn’t have experienced had I not been travelling alone.

We left at 1pm and returned at around 8pm, but b4 I let Canada go anywhere I took him to Tinys place and introduced him to some of her friends they fed him and took good care of him. I think he’s still there ;o).

I was bushed and my hamstrings were hammered and tiny could feel my pain, she took me back to her room and gave me one hell of a massage.
I took the bike back as I only had it for the day packed my stuff and then prepared myself for what lay ahead.

It was my last night so let the games begin.

I think that night I had a drink, maybe more in every single bar in a 2mile Radius of Bangla Road. lol. I was in known uncertain terms. An absolute state. I said my goodbyes to the bars and the people. And then went to meet my tiny.

She phoned me and asked where I was I said on my way to you, she said where I told her she came and picked me up. What a diamond, we went and met all her friends in tiger and got even more trashed.

Headed up to safari around 130am then at about 230am we sneaked off to the underground rave again. My taxi was booked for 6am. So we left there at about 530am. I said goodbye to all my new friends and all my old ones who had made this journey worthwhile.

Me and tiny went back to the hotel for one last Kiss and Cuddle ;o).

I shan’t annoy you with the scene of me leaving, lets just say it was emotional. There were no “Goodbyes” only “see you soon’s” and till next time.

I got in that cab and I felt a piece of me drifting away. That was the feeling that you get when you know that this is where you should be. Not with tiny necessarily but there. In the sun, the heat, the tranquil life, the bikes, the shops, the food, the people, the sea. Thailand is where I wana be.

I wont be moving there for a long time if ever as I know that the grass is always greener on the other side until that’s where you have to graze(Eat Grass) all the time.

England is a good place to make money and then come and spend it. Without this side of my life I would never have discovered that one.

For me the journey will always continue. God Willing ill be back there in a few months.

I’m home now and I miss Thailand. But the question is, Do I miss her? Do I miss what we had? Do I miss how she treated me? Do I miss knowing that she was there for me? Or do I miss what I now believe is lacking here?

Something for us all to think about when we come home.

I’m not better or worse than anybody else who goes there and there are probably people who know more about Thailand than I do but as I said, all I’m doing is giving you an insight into my world.


Stickman says:

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