Stickman Readers' Submissions December 10th, 2003

Bitching Farangs

I have only recently found your interesting website and I am embarrassed to be a farang when I read theses sad tales from sad men complaining about being ripped off or used by bar girls in Thailand. "She said she loved me"… "She has only been a bar girl for 2 months to help her family"…..Please!!

What most men fail to realise or don't want to accept is the 90% of bar girls are in the business to survive and DON'T think old fat men are better than a good looking Thai man. How naive are theses men?

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Do they realise that it is a business, just like any prostitute in ANY country. Would they expect to have a loving relationship with a prostitute in there own country?…I think not. Or do they think they are from a more superior country and arrive in Thailand like the Knight in shinning armour riding into town on there white charger like Ivanhoe to "Take them away from all this"

They then have the cheek to complain about being ripped off by having to pay 2000 Baht for a bar girl.

They conveniently forget how much they would have to pay for a girl in there own country? certainly a great deal more than $40. or 30 pounds. and I guarantee they would not get any Farang girl with the same charm, looks and sex appeal of a Thai girl.

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Any man who takes a girl out on a first date in their own country would expect to spend $40 with no guarantee of a kiss goodnight let alone a night of unforgettable sexual delight. So who is being used here?

I am 55 years old and have visited Thailand 5 times and have lived in Bangkok for two years. During this time I have had several relationships with ladies more than half my age and have found most Thai ladies (not bar girls) happier to give than receive. Which is the foundation of Buddhism.

Most of the time I worked from apartment in Sathorn. During my two years of working in Bangkok I had two relationships (Not bar girls) both times they would catch the bus from Pattaya or Koh Samui to Bangkok to spend the weekend together.

Every time they visited they would bear gifts of food, offer to do any washing, and cook food. When I offered to give some money for the food they brought they were almost insulted by my offer. There was never any sad stories about sick relatives, dying buffalo, or a brother that needs an operation.

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So, my advice is: If you only want to go to bars to find a girl for the night, except that is a business transaction. DON'T be stupid and think that the bar girls think you really are "A very handsome man". They are some of the best sales people in the world. Just like any successful sales person, the girls 1. Find the customers needs. 2. Create the desire. 3. Justify the price.

So, have a good time, pay the agreed price and part showing respect. Just like going into a restaurant. You look at the menu, you choose what you want, you eat it and pay. THAT'S IT GUYS!

Let's face it, prostitution is the best business is the world. Why? Because, They have got the product, they sell it…and they still have it.!!!

If you are looking for a more serious relationship go to discos, department stores, anywhere but bars with BG's. If you have a good personality, look smart, show her respect, don't laugh at her lack of English skills, praise here for speaking well to build her confidence, and if you can make her laugh, you are more than half way there.

Otherwise stop bitching about being ripped off. I have heard more stories from bar girls who have been ripped off by farangs, so wake up and face reality.

Stickman says:

An old message, but no harm in repeating it.

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