Stickman Readers' Submissions November 20th, 2003

Sunny Side Up

By Anonymous Submission

On my recent trip to Bangkok, I had a purpose. And this purpose was a lovely young lady who I met through internet chat.

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And I can hear the calls already. She is on the make trying to separate me from my hard earned cash. Nope. I actually deposited all the money I had in her bank account for safekeeping (about 110k baht. And nary a satang was ever unaccounted for). She is desperate to leave her lowly existence in Bangkok for greener shores of the USA. Nope. She actually has no desire to leave Thailand on a permanent basis, as her education (master’s degree) and family all are all of utmost importance to her. She is barely off the farm and looking for an old sugar daddy to take care of her. Nope. She is 27 and grew up in BKK and I am 31, grew up in the Midwest of USA and am far from wealthy.

She is just a normal young lady who, apparently, I have fallen in love with.

We started chatting in January through Yahoo messenger. Just casual conversation, talking about our lives and learning about each others personalities. We exchanged phone calls a few times and began to regularly chat online and speak on the phone as time progressed. As October drew nearer, which is my usual time annually to visit the Kingdom, we made plans to meet. Both of us had become familiar with the other’s personality and were excited and nervous to actually meet each other in person, to see if what we thought about the other was true in person.

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I stayed this time for two weeks, never saw a gogo bar or massage parlor and quite honestly had no desire to. Everything I needed I found in this beautiful young lady.

She is beautiful (not classically but beautiful to me), smart, witty, funny, sincere, kind hearted and far from perfect. She tends to be sarcastic and a bit lazy (boy does she love to sleep!). Lacks a high level of self confidence and tends to air on the side of politeness even in bad situations.

In other words, she is flawed. Just like every other human being on the planet and just like me! (I tend to think I know too much about everything and would politely be described as chubby)

Things started slow, but in a few days we were almost permanently attached. Candid conversations about everything in our lives drew us very close, and are the basis of our very young relationship. She was totally honest with me about her past relationships and I was totally honest about my past as well.

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Perhaps this is a rambling commentary but my point is this. If you are looking for perfection, stay home, it doesn’t exist. If you are looking for a subservient, sex machine that will cater to you like you are an infant, stay home or pay a bargirl to be that person.

If you are looking for a decent woman with her own personality, opinions, and wants, you do not have to look very hard. They are everywhere if you would take a few minutes to look instead of taking the easy way out and lying in the gutters, you can find a wonderful person to share your life (or at least some quality time) with.

Don’t know how this story ends yet, but every day I think we are both leaning towards a permanent relationship. We will see. And that is the beauty of it. It is life. Unpredictable and unsure, but the journey is worth the effort.

Stickman says:

With the title of this article, I thought it might be about girls tanning themselves topless…don't know whether I am disappointed or not.

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