Stickman Readers' Submissions November 18th, 2003

Setting The Bird Free For Real

Freeing A Bird For Real

Somebody made a post with that title a while ago, and it was about getting a whore back in business. (The girl wanted to stop, had a teeruk back in Farangland and had stopped working for real, staying home 24/7, and the guy got her on his bed then back on the bar,

then called it "freeing a bird"). I loved the title, but what he did was real bullshit, if you ask me. Now, I just got a story for you and I thought it would befit I do that title justice.

He Clinic Bangkok

I have lived in LOS for over a year and half. I am no saint, though not a regular customer to any of the nightlife spots. However, being single, every once in a while, I have an itch that's gotta be scratched, and this being LOS (Land of Smiles of course – what else could that S stand for? ;-), I take a ride and check out different places. Last Friday was such a night. Felt lonely. Had been face to face with my computer too long, and I was longing for a bit of company – yes, that kind of company. Some days ago, I had noticed a few karaoke bars that did look more then a bit enticing, and decided to check them out. I might have been out of luck, for the game was hardly better then in the local farang places, and that's no compliment.

I sat down, decided to have a drink anyway, when the mamasan came up to me. Beside her was a young thing, rather cute. It was clear at first sight that she was new on the job. Really, really new. She sat down by my side, keeping her distance. The mamasan smiled and told me it was her first time, but perhaps, if I was alright with that, she could keep me company a while. Prostitution is an odd trade, probably the only one where experience is unwanted, and there is nothing like being new to turn customers on. Go figure! 😉

Anyway, past the first few minutes, she grew bolder and started working her way closer by my side and resting her head on my shoulder. She seemed quite satisfied from the feat. I don't want to blow my own horn, but I am in my mid-twenties, dress up and must be somewhat of a hunk because every time I go by the bar beer area, bar girls keep calling me "handsome man" – Yeah, I know, you too, but with me, it's for real (lol). All jokes aside, let say things as they are. I have no problems picking up a "regular" girl, regardless of the country.

CBD bangkok

We started speaking. She couldn't say a word of English, but I fortunately can speak some Thai. She had a friend working there, and she wasn't doing much before, so she got talked into the karaoke thing, where money was good, and the work easy. I could easily imagine what she was told – but so can you, so I won't go into details. Anyway, about an hour later
she was sitting on my lap and the mamasan came to speak "business".

Barfine plus whole night runs a cool 2000 baht, paid directly with the bill. Started discussing the issue with the girl. Did she know what that meant? Yes, she did. "You are virgin. Are you sure you want to do that?" Says yes, after a bit of hesitation. I turn to the mamasan and ask her to translate, to leave no doubt about what would happen when we get to the hotel. She says yes again, and again, but her eyes don't. She doesn't want. She is scared. I know already what is going to happen. We are gonna get to the hotel, get a room, get on the bed, and she will be as rigid as a piece of wood. She will cry inside, will feebly mutter she can't, but won't resist while I penetrate her for hours. Just stay and endure. There will be pain, and regrets, but she would have done it, gotten the money. That's the real point of no return.

What should I do? I haven't paid yet. I am horny but here is a girl in trouble, and she needs my help. Fuck it. An easy choice. I turn to the mamasan and pay. Mamasan looks happy as can be. She is beaming. She is sure a horny, handsome, rich young guy is just what she needs to get her first timer into it. She is dead blind; she hasn't seen her protégé's eyes. My game climbs on the back of my motorcycle and we ride into the setting sun, or rather to the nearest decent hotel and get a room. So far so good. She sits on the bed. I lock the door. Nothing too obvious, but she notices.

Now, the fake "yes" is gone. We are right on track with the script. I hold her, I am going slowly, and I move closer to kiss her. As I expected, she resists timidly. Great. I lay her on her back and start removing her shirt. She resists again and says no. God, even better. I tell her that in the bar she said yes, and that now she has to. I am standing right on top of her and she can't move. She lets me remove her shirt and her bra, but the momentum is building. I can feel it. I hold her more firmly. She can't move under my weight. She knows she doesn't stand a chance. I am twice her weight, all muscles and she can feel my err…drive probing her pants, searching its way like if it had a mind of its own. She can't resist, but she must. She doesn't want to, it's written on every inch of her body. Just a few seconds. Yes, that's it. She tries weakly to push me away and says no, then a little stronger, hopeless reaction. This is grand.

wonderland clinic

Enough! I grab a towel, and cover her torso, then move on the side. She is surprised. She is relieved. But she doesn't understand.

I start explaining to her that a girl working in the Karaoke bar goes with customers for sex, and that customers pay for it, and that of course, if she sells sex, she has to deliver sex. The concept starts to sink in. I can see it. There is no escape from that truth.

"If you want to be a prostitute, you have to have sex with customers. You have to go alone with them and do the job. You have to get naked and you have to please them. That's the job. That's what Karaoke girls do. If you really want to do it, you will have to do it now. You have 10 minutes to take a decision. "Yes" means I am going to take you and fuck with you, kiss you and you will please me for real. "No" means we go back to the karaoke, you resign and you find a decent job."

I lay down on the bed, pretending to look at the ceiling, but I can see her. She is quite interesting to watch. She suddenly realizes I had that in mind all along – explaining her graphically what her job was and giving her another chance to take a decision. Her life is in her hands and she really understands, now, and she is grateful for it. In 10 minutes, she is either going to climb on me and get it on, or put her shirt back on and walk back to dignity.

Time's up. What are you going to do with your life, girl? I play it cool but I am holding my breath. Half a second more, and she looks at me straight in the eyes, for the first time of the evening. She is no longer scared by me and she is at peace with herself. She has taken her decision. "Mai aow" (I don't want). I let my breath go. It's over. I am still horny but relieved. I acknowledge her choice, and she looks happier, although scared to face her "friends".

Now, she trusts me and she knows its her "friends" she had the most to fear from. What happened was just the consequence of the life she was talked into. Prostitutes do that. I explain her that when we come back to the Karaoke, her so called "friends" will try to convince her to do it anyway, to let that piece of her go, for the money, and that she had to be strong.

We went back to the karaoke. All the girls look at us, and ask what happened. She is tongue tied, so I go ahead and explain that she does not want to work at the karaoke, and that she doesn't want to be a prostitute. Quite a reaction. They try to tell her to do it, that she is crazy to refuse a "chance" like that (bar fined by a handsome guy on the first night), but she doesn't take it. I am there. I help her. Funny. 30 minutes ago, she was scared of me. But now, I am like her big brother. After 5 minutes, they offer me to take any other girl, which I decline on aesthetic grounds, and I have to say to their credit, that they didn't discuss at all about giving me my money back – in fact, I didn't even ask, a girl just brought it to me. My part was over – she had to do it herself now. I told her in front of all the girls that she had made a very good choice and wished her good luck. She beamed and thanked me. She was so touching I was crying inside, but I conjured up a smile. I came back a week later and casually inquired to the mamasan if she was available. No, she had gone for good.

A bird was freed that night. Wherever you are, Ae, "Chock dee, Krap".

PS: For those who wonder what happened to this story's second character, he and his horny little brother went to another karaoke, were greeted by a swarm of 9s and fucked happily ever after. (Ok, ok, just a few hours, but still)

PS2: Gotcha. You really thought I had raped her, didn't you?

Stickman says:

I never cease to be amazed that guys will willingly pay barfine for a girl who obviously doesn't want to be with them, as in this case. Some guys just can't read a girl – but you could – and to me, that makes it MUCH worse. At least you gave her an option, but still, I find it all highly bloody questionable.

The author then sent the following in and asked me to tack it on the end. Normally I wouldn't but in this case I felt it worthwhile.

I did not barfine her to have sex with her. Right from the beginning, I did not intend to have sex with her.

I barfined her to give her a chance. I knew very well that I was the first and she didn't want to be a prostitute. It's not she didn't want me specifically – we were getting along kind of ok, she liked resting her head on my shoulder and listening to the music. But she didn't want to have sex with strangers.

When I understood that, I had already spent 800 baths in the bar (meaning she would pocket about 300 baths commission).

I had 3 options:
1. Leave.
2. Pay the barfine, make her understand and give her
the choice of what to do with her life.
3. Pay the barfine and fuck her no matter what.

1. If I had left right away, she would have gotten some good money for sitting beside me, and still not understood what her job is. Money can be powerful on the mind. Either way, the next day, she would have been barfined by a Thai guy (very few farangs there) and probably fucked. (As you noticed, they don't dare to say the thai guys half of what they say to us). Virginity lost, face lost, money earned. Checkmate. That's a career

Same for "3", except that I would never be able to look straight into the mirror without feeling ashamed of myself.

That leaves number "2". I paid the barfine, knowing it would be a waste of money, sex wise. I could see right in the bar that she wasn't made for that life, but it's what *she* sees that matters.

Back in the hotel, I got her to face her life and take a decision. I couldn't do that in the Karaoke, because she didn't understand what it meant to be a prostitute.

So I barfined her, and played it along exactly as if I intended to fuck her, paid an hotel room for the purpose, locked us in and went through the script, up until the point she understood and was ready to make a decision. Then I gave her a chance to decide. I didn't
even touch her, from that point on.

In other words, I spent money and time to help her face her life, and her final decision was not to enter the sex industry. I am pretty proud of that, for I had the opportunity to take the girl out of the bar before the bar ever got into her.

I freed a bird that night, and did so in such a way, that it probably won't be caught back and sold to the next passer-by.

Yeah, the set-up (we both kept our pants on the whole time) was not pleasant, but was necessary. If I had been a sugar daddy, she would still be at the bar. Now, she isn't, and still a virgin, as far as I know.

I hope this makes the point a little better.

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