Stickman Readers' Submissions November 15th, 2003


Neanderthal Man

As a lot of other reader’s have commented, what is it about Asian women that so gets us ? Well I’m British, now in my mid fifties and I was first smitten when I was 19, that’s some long time ago, right, in late 1960’s. When I was a teenager, I used to get Playboy, Penthouse etc, & fantasized about busty, tousled hair blonde beauties and thought Brigitte Bardot was the world’s most beautiful woman. After “A” levels, I did some temporary jobs in newspapers for a year before going to college. I remember the first Asian beauty I met, she was a Malaysian Chinese. Those days, I was definitely a “shy guy”, so God I still remember, I was so petrified I couldn’t even say hello to her, and she worked just one desk away from me. I went to college for 1 year before dropping out. At college I dated the only Hong Kong girl there. My heart would pound like crazy as I approached her room in college. I’m a bit zany and had become a Buddhist at 18. But just my luck, that Hong Kong girl was a Christian and eventually after a year of smooching, kissing and cuddling blew me off because of religion. After a succession of Asian girlfriends, and one American girl, I married a Thai Chinese about 25 years ago. The American girlfriend definitely noticed my addiction to Asian girls, it amused her, but I just couldn’t keep my eyes off them!

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In those days it was a girl’s face that was the most important attraction for me. My theories are probably half baked, and I’m probably also completely politically incorrect, who reading this is gonna care? My theory then was that westerners have “handsome” faces, which is good for guys but can make women look “horsy”, and that Asians have “baby” faces, which is great for the girls but not so good for the Asian guys! I think this still applies more or less, right? Another thing at that time, I don’t know what it is, but I just adored those slant eyes, small noses and big lips, yum yum! Also, I’ve never been a big breasts man, small breasts are still just fine with me.

Another factor that occurred to me at that time was that Asian girls seem not to be so inhibited with us western guys. For me, western girls, especially middle class English girls, seem to be pretty inhibited. In retrospect though I’m sure those Asian girls were more inhibited with guys from their own culture. So all we can say is that maybe we’re all more inhibited with our own kind, but with foreigners anything goes! Playing away from home, as it were!

How about me in my mid fifties? Well I have a mia noi. She’s a 23 yr old Filipina singer and dancer and I love her to death. She has got a nice face, her eyes are not so slanted, but most of all she has a lovely slim figure, like a young girl. I’ve been dating her for 2 ½ years. It definitely wasn’t love or lust at first sight, she just grew on me. I saw her on and off for at least 1 year before I started sleeping with her. I didn’t expect much, but I gotta say, sex with her has been the best in my life! As I tell all my friends, she shags me, which is a very good thing when you’re almost past it, all I have to do is to keep it up straight and strong and she does all the rest! But I do love her also.

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Now I joke with all my friends that my political platform is that it should be illegal for women to be fat, and that if they are fat, the penalty is that go to prison until they are slim! I explain that only a short time ago in evolutionary terms, say 5,000 years ago, fat women were a rarity, thus men have evolved to be sexually attracted to skinny women! In the province in Thailand or Philippines, you will notice that mostly the young women are very slim, it’s cos they are poor and don’t have too much to eat. But that’s good for Neanderthals like me!

Stickman says:

A friend once said to me that if a lot of farang guys have a thing for Asian girls, should it be considered so unusual for Asian girls to have a thing for Western guys.

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