Stickman Readers' Submissions November 15th, 2003

My Mini

I met Mini my 26 y/o GTG on my second trip to LOS. When I met her, I was interviewing women I met on the internet. Flew to Kohn Kaen to meet a nice lady, spent 3 days traveling around North Thailand with her, then had her drop me off in Udon Thani where my next arranged meeting was set for about 30 hours hence. I met Mini 3 hours later as I sat in the lounge at my hotel contemplating whether to go into a show lounge or loud disco bar there at the hotel, and we hit it off quite well.

To my surprise when I offered her a choice of venues she chose the show lounge rather than the disco. She looked about 16, because of her 4' 6" 34kilo body. I asked her age, and she said 21, being a skeptic I wanted to see ID which she produced and I inspected closely, yes the picture was her, but the date wasn't the Gregorian calendar and I couldn't remember what year it was in Thailand, so I feigned acceptance. Later when I did figure out the current year and started adding and subtracting on my fingers I came up with a different shocking answer. She was really 26. When I questioned her she told me even at the university no one believes she is 26 and they keep wanting to see her ID, but they seem to believe 21 so that is what she tells everyone. We got along well from the first night, in fact so well, I didn't ever meet my next date and kept telling Mini, I really need to call her and apologize. Mini neither encouraged nor discouraged the call, more "up to you" attitude. I finally did 72 hours later but by then all the apologizing I did got me nothing but a hang-up. Mini knew I was seeing a lot of ladies when I got to Bangkok on my quarterly trips and was patiently waiting for me when I finished my mongering each and every time for me to come spend time with her.

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I never mentioned other women until my most recent trip. Prior to that I had had a steady GF in Chonburi, and another BG regular in Bangkok. I figured a girl in every port was what I wanted. Well before leaving for my last trip my Chonburi and Pattaya GTG GF got tired of waiting to go into 1st position so she ended the affair. I stopped in PI to see my 18 month internet GPG and we decided there was no future. She wanted to get married now, I refused. Then she admitted that having children was a true priority and I can't and won't.

I called up my Thai BG when I got to BKK and found that she was working again. Nothing wrong with that, she was just that a beautiful prostitute that could suck the seeds out of a watermelon through the stem. Problem is she went from working in a Sukhumvit beer bar to an Asoke bar, Lolita's. LOL. I decided I couldn't mentally deal with a semen coated tongue down my throat, so I dropped her.

Well that left me a choice of finding another replacement in my ports, or give some kind of priority to Mini for my GF experience. I took the easy way and have decided to do short time, and massage parlor to take the pressure off of trying to keep up multiple relationships at my age. Besides that Mini has now captured 100% of my heart and it will be damned hard for any other Thai girl to get in there. So my feelings are that I will share the little general and not the big one. I let Mini know that she owned my heart now but I would still fool around when she was not with me. She told me that was OK, until we get married. I will try to renegotiate that one before contract time.

Mini confiscated all of my porno DVD's which she initially refused to watch. I asked her why she now wanted them and she replied, she was going to study them and become the best lover I ever had. At that point it was hard to refuse her request.

At my age (59), in 1.5 years I will probably run out of steam or develop an immunity to vitamin V and I will be ready to settle down with the lady who seems to adore me and who I love more and more each time I am with her. I learned a long time ago that a man's fondest desire is to be appreciated and a woman's is to be loved. I feel appreciated and she feels loved. We are happy.

Stickman says:

Why would you want to negotiate in advance to sleep behind your wife's back. I fully realise that in long term marriages the flame may slowly go out and people may stray. Not an ideal situation but I guess it may happen. But to try and negotiate it in advance? Hmmm… How would you feel if someone else was giving her the sausage?

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