Stickman Readers' Submissions November 28th, 2003

Love Too Mut?

Anonymous Submission

In 1994 I met a Thai lady in England she had been married before to an English man but was divorced and now single she had been living in England for 10 years when I met her and divorced for 3 years. I was worried that her family was concerned about her and I said I would pay for her to go back home to tell family that she was ok. She went home and her family was very happy so in the December time we both went back and met all the family everything was very happy.

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The next few years we spent many times in Thailand going there 3 times a year and everything was good between us I knew she cared about family but me being ok with money cared about family also, then the family started to ask more and more from us we bought land we had house built for her parents but they still asked more and more.
This Thai lady I was with I loved all my heart and I know she loved me 100% also she told me the truth about everything, when we first met she told me she would love me 90% and keep 10% for herself but soon she told me I had 100% of her love and I never doubted that, she was special and would do anything to make me happy, we travelled the world together but still she still had phone calls from Thailand from her mother asking money but I still was sure she was happy.

December 2001 we went together to visit her or I felt our Mom and Dads house and we gave money to them to make sure they were ok and everything was good, we returned on January 26th and February 7th the mother called saying she had more problems with money, we had just given them about ?2000 or about 130000 baht but still they wanted more but I told my partner that we must work more and then we could send money to them she asked her friends for help with money behind my back but no one helped her ,

13th February she told her friend that I had helped her family enough and she could ask me no more for money and that she would sort out the problem herself.

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14th February I came home to our house and found her hanged with letter to me saying she loved me all her heart but she could not go on with her family demands.

I do not think many people realize how strong the family tie is and I do not think people realize what they are getting into please think about this before you make promise that you will care for your girl and family.

Nearly 3 years have passed now and her parents have now both died but my commitment to the girl I love will be to care her step sister for her education and to try to make something of her life, I could tell you all much much more but some things are better kept to myself but please think about what you are getting yourself into and do not forget I met this girl in England not Thailand

Stickman says:

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Good God, this is a truly horrible story and it represents, perhaps better than any other, just how strong the need for a Thai is to satisfy their parents. I hate to try and analyse and interpret such a situation, but I wonder if there was anything else that you didn’t know about, something playing on her mind in the background?

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