Stickman Readers' Submissions November 20th, 2003

Email Snooping – That Have I Done?

Email Snooping – What Have I Done?

In the few hours after my last submission was posted (The Hua Hin Situation – Update), my inbox was nearly clogged!!! Thank you all for you kind words and empathy.

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I write the following because I've opened a real Pandora’s box here. Nearly ALL of the emails I received also had requests for information and advice about hacking into their girlfriends email account.

Instead of writing to you all individually ( which would take me forever ) I have decided to write this article.

The first email I read had just such a request and I decided to tell this guy the method I used last week ( one of many methods ). I read the next email…and the next….and the next….and when I realised they all wanted the same information from me, I decided I simply cannot do this.

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If you are in a relationship and you feel you have good reason…and evidence…to warrant hacking into her email account ( I would argue that being a bar girl is reason enough ) then do so…but be aware of the following facts – it is possible that it will get you nowhere and you will find nothing incriminating. Many bargirls will have not only one email account but 2…3…or even more, maybe even a dedicated account for each boyfriend…as they become wiser and wiser to the tricks used to catch them out. I've heard of girls who offer the account password to her boyfriend in an effort to gain his trust, yet continue communications with other men with a separate account.

I don’t believe this phenomenon is very common at this time…but Bargirls share information with each other, exchange hints and tips with each other about evading capture. Never underestimate how devious they can be.

I will not tell anyone who writes to me how to hack emails. I understand that you are all desperate for a way to find out what your lover is up to behind your back. You know that the vital information you so desperately need is so near, yet so far behind that one little password that you just can’t guess….and it drives you crazy….I understand only too well. I’m not keeping these little hacking tips to myself because I’m selfish…oh no…but I think this could cause a real firestorm.

There is a well known Web Based email server that many many people use and it has a backdoor past it’s security measures so gaping wide that it’s too big for people to see. If all of a sudden, thousands of lovestruck and suspicious boyfriends started walking through this door, it would snap shut so quick….and when the administrators of this server realise this backdoor was there, they’re gonna investigate the source of all these hacks. That could lead them back to Sticks site….in turn, that could lead them to me. I think you know what I mean…Maybe that’s me being paranoid….but there are other reasons…

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I believe I was justified in hacking my girlfriends email account, the evidence I found speaks for itself….but that was my decision and I taught myself to hack. I’m am no virtuoso of the internet or computer genious, I simply decided what I needed to do and taught myself to do it through trial and error. It is a skill born out of nothing more than bar girl lies. I've never had any other reason to hack. I can’t always do it successfully, sometimes I just get lucky…but your going to have to teach yourselves because I will not send instructions ‘willy nilly’ to anyone who asks….I’m sorry…you could even get into MY account!!!!! I could also be causing untold damage to someone's personal life….so please don't write to me again and ask for my help in this matter.

The moral issue is an altogether different animal. I would never hack the email of a close friend, relative, or an ex-girlfriend…there is simply no justification for that.

If I could sleep at night, safe in the knowledge that my lover was tucked up in bed on her own dreaming only about me and when we are together again, then why would I insult her and her privacy by snooping her mails? I wouldn't of course….but I truly believe and trust in my instincts. If I wake up in the middle of the night for no apparent reason and say to myself ‘I think she’s up to something’….there are discrepancies in what she tells you verbally…and hearsay from other folk that just keeps coming back to haunt you…and she just happens to be a bar girl…THEN I think you have just cause.

When you commit yourself to a woman, you are making a potentially life changing decision…one that no sensible man would take lightly….( You might argue that a sensible man wouldn't bother with bar girls ). If snooping into her email could prevent you from making a catastrophic mistake in your life, then there has to be justification for this.

I haven’t the slightest doubt, that without ANY justification at all, a bar girl would access YOUR email account and not lose a second of sleep over the ‘moral’ issue.

I do realise of course, I’m just trying to justify a bad thing that I have done and I AM wrong….but I can’t stop patting myself on the back for getting the better of these girls that I've rumbled. In the past, I've let my life be severely damaged by a Hong Kong Thai girl….but it could have been so much worse had I not hacked her email, accessed her voice mail and discovered her slut like tendencies before it was too late.

You may also lull yourself into a false sense of security by hacking…you may find nothing and ask yourself ‘What was I so worried about?’….afterwards, you will ask yourself ‘Maybe she has another email account’ and there will be nothing you can do to discover this. You may even find yourself rifling through her handbag as she sleeps, trying to find evidence of multiple emails, you will think you’ve gone mad, you will look at yourself in the mirror and ask yourself ‘Just what the hell am I doing!!!’…it just never ends. Don’t let it run away with you.

There is one other option you may wish to consider…

Next time you see her, just ask her to tell you the truth. If your smart enough…and you look her in the eye…you will know…maybe.

A few hours ago, a wise man wrote to me and I’m sure he won’t mind me quoting him……

“…Now don’t get me wrong…. I love Thailand, that is why I keep going back. It is one of the last places in the world where man can be king. It is all one big game and you have to be the best PLAYER!! Keep this in your mind EVERY time you are there interacting with these little devils. It can be fun, just don’t get played.”

Stickman says:

Looking at your partner's email will not help much and will probably result in driving a few people crazy, because email meant for someone else can be interpreted in a number of ways, and not all of them positive.

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