Stickman Readers' Submissions November 17th, 2003

Bad Experience

I don’t know if I’ve been duped. And if I have indeed, I still can’t figure why and what for, since it is I that is losing and nothing to gain for her.

It started ordinarily, the sex in massage place. The place where I’d gone before, but had never impressed me that much. It’s only because my friend knows the mama there that I’d agreed to go. In fact, I was quite skeptical as unfortunately it was during the APEC summit and I had read that even places like Patpong was cracked down and forced to close early, at the least. True enough, there was almost nobody there when I and my friend arrived. I was quite resigned to a sex-less night when the mama showed what was available and they were not at all close to what will turn me on. I told my friend that we’d better wait until someone nice come up – while not hoping for too much since at that time, right there in the massage place, my friend told me that police had come often to the place since the owner had openly confronted the police on the press.

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When I almost gave up and about to ask my friend to just go out of there and find a nice dinner and pub, the mama came with her. She’s not that stunning, but she looked nice enough. I was hesitated at first but since I thought I wouldn’t get anyone any better than her, I’d agreed to take her on. So I went in with her. She told me her nickname was Jane.

She was quite chirpy with her very limited English, although coupled with my even more limited Thai we couldn’t talk much about anything. Then the usual ritual began. During the Jacuzzi bath, suddenly there was a knock on the door and she went out of the tub and had some conversation I barely understood. She turned pale and said vaguely to me that she was informed probably police was down in the lobby! She was, like, paralyzed and seeing how frightened she was it freaked me out too and I jumped out of the tub and quickly wore my pants and sat down in the sofa – not really knowing what to do myself. She went to me trembling, only covered herself with the towel. I tried to ask her what actually happened but she was mumbling in Thai, mentioned police downstairs… Well, I was dumbfounded myself but I gave her a hug and said it would be ok… then turned off the light and muted the TV!

About 10 minutes later, another knock and quick conversation in Thai with the maids outside, she told me with apparent relief that it was false alarm of some sort! She was giggling nervously and I suddenly liked her so much with (apparently) the lost of the pretences…. We sat down and talked about police crackdown for a few minute, hugging her towel-covered body on the sofa.. She said she was sorry about the whole deal and asked me to continue bathing but I said I had enough of that and we started with the sex thing… Well, it was one of the best one I’ve got from any massage place in BKK ever (and I’m kind of a vet on that, having visited BKK often since 1998). I think it’s partly due to the fact that she seems to enjoy the sex part, the fact that we can talk (albeit in mixture of English/Thai) even during the process.

Finishing it, we talked again until the end of our allotted time, during which she asked me where I’d go the day after. Told her I was going out of town, to Rayong. OK, at this point I want to clarify here that during all those years visiting BKK, I’ve never taken any girls from the massage place/bars/pubs out since I heard (hell, I personally know actually) of a few ripoff cases that my farang friends/acquaintances experienced. As it happened, Jane gave me her phone number, and despite the comment from my friend (“she doesn’t look that pretty ya?”) and my exhaustion going back from the whole day to and fro Rayong, I decided to give her a call (with the help of my Thai friend) and set up a rendezvous back in my BKK hotel in the evening.

She did come, and seeing her in the casual jeans and shirt (vs the massage place “costumes” and make up) made me fancy her more. It actually also rang an alarm in my head as I remembered not to let my emotion (or my dick, for that matter) do the thinking and get attached to her. Heck, I thought, it would only be a ‘business’ deal so just enjoy it – so I told myself too. It was a good night, using up the whole box of plastics in the process. I found out her Thai name from her ID card (while making sure she’s not underage) though I couldn’t read her address there. She said she actually came from Chiang Mai – she certainly looked like one from there with the fair complexion and feature. I paid her generously (7K) and asked her whether she’d come again if I visit BKK in the future – of course she said yes and gave me a BS talk about feeling good etc.

Back in my home country though, I began my mistake, if indeed it is one. I kept thinking about Jane and called her a couple of times the week after. We joked and laughed, didn’t talk about love BS and then, out of nowhere, I asked her whether she’d mind joining me in a holiday somewhere outside BKK. Since she had no passport I’d propose some place like Chiang Mai, Phuket or Krabi. Talking about the how much was not easy though (I found talking to her over the phone was more difficult than face-to-face, due to the language limitation and my Thai pronunciation is that bad!). Well, I conferenced in my Thai friend and he helped making things clear.. We agreed at 20K for a 3 nights ordeal (is it high? I don’t know! But nor do I care actually as I had only the wonderful holiday in my head) plus of course, I’d pay for the resort and her air ticket to the place. We agreed we’d go about 2 weeks later.

So I booked the resort, air tickets and all the arrangement. Two weeks later I was on the way back to Bangkok, taking a leave from office and looking forward to a nice sex-filled holiday with Jane. I checked even the day before my departure whether she’d had any second thoughts about going, to which she said no hesitation and told me she’d meet me in my BKK hotel the night I arrive. I arrived in BKK, went to my hotel there, and called her – she told me she’d be around at 8pm. Fine, so I went out with my Thai friend for dinner. I was chatting with him when at about 7pm the hammer hit. She called my friend’s mobile and told me that she’d have to cancel the trip as she had just informed her aunt in Chiang Mai passed away and her brother (who lived in Lanburee – sp?) would pick her up that night and they’d have to go to Chiang Mai. I had my doubt that it was the real fact – so I said to her that our trip has been pre-arranged and I’ve purchased her ticket and so-on. I also asked as subtly as I could whether she felt that the ‘reward’ had not been enough. She was quite emotional when she replied that money was not the matter and how could I spoke about money when a family of her had just passed away. I apologized and clicked off.

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There – I had the whole holiday wrecked. She wouldn’t go, and I obviously was in no mood to go to the resort alone. My friend tried to cheer me up but I just asked him to try refunding the ticket I bought for Jane. I was so upset that night, and the following morning cancelled my own flight from Bangkok to resort place, and booked an earlier flight back to my home country – which unfortunately needed me to stay one more night in BKK. There I was, spending another anxious and upset night in BKK.

Throughout the whole episode, I just didn’t understand something. What has happened? I had a strong feeling that she lied about the auntie passing away and about her going to Chiang Mai. But if she did, why? She didn’t gain anything from this. In fact, if she hadn’t taken another job during those times, she’d lost the opportunity to earn 20k for a 3 days job which I don’t think is that small an amount (she wouldn’t get that much if she worked back in her massage place for those 3 days, would she?). Plus a posh holiday opportunity. My disappointment changed to curiosity. The only logical explanation I had for this are only 3 at this moment: 1) she had a better offer ie more than 20K during those 3 days (but how unfortunate for the timing to coincide with my plan which she had agreed 2 weeks before that – and I don’t think many people are foolish enough to pay that much as I did). 2) she actually has faen that objected to the plan that she’s going to holiday with a stranger. 3) she actually afraid to go further than in Bangkok with a client, but was tempted to take because of the 20K. Then she decided to back off on the eleventh hour.

All of those are plausible, but I just don’t understand that if any one of those is the explanation, she could have told me much earlier as there are 2 weeks time to decide for her. By doing so at least she doesn’t run the risk of alienating a potential client. As it stood, I’m the one lost out on the booking for the resort and air tickets, and she gained nothing from me. I just don’t understand.

I, a sucker as I am, was actually still inclined to use her service again in the future, but the nagging questions need answers – and I don’t know how to get them!

Stickman says:

Sometimes things happen in Thailand that we just can't work out. While it is always nice to know just what was going on, once it is in the past, perhaps it is best left there?

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