Stickman Readers' Submissions November 15th, 2003

A Little Heaven On Earth

A Little Heaven Here On Earth

By Jack Flowers

Guess I have been lucky so far. Just returned from my 4th trip to BKK in the last year and I can't say I have had a single, totally
bad experience. In fact I'm always amazed at the "work ethic" these girls have, i.e., they won't stop until they have brought me to an orgasm. Without exception, every girl I've taken back to the hotel has refused to sleep until she as "taken care of business."

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The first night I went straight back to my old girl friend, the one that made me so furious the last night of the previous trip. It was a little awkward at first. We sat there making small talk and looking at each other. Finally we were smiling at each other. I was thinking how nice she has been to me, overall, and how good we seem to be in bed. She was probably thinking how much money she was going to be getting from me over the length of my stay in BKK. Paid her bar fine and off we went.

I had told myself that this trip I'm going to make some "new friends" so I woke her up mid-morning and said it was time for her to leave. She was disappointed that I didn't invite her to stay or come back. I really do like the girl, and as I review all four trips, she was, overall, the best, of all the women I've met to date. Not the prettiest, not the youngest, but overall the best body, the best chemistry, and, most important of all, the
best attitude. I deeply regret she was hurt by what happened, but it was not intentional, just a serious case of LUST.

The second night I ventured out to what I consider to be the best gogo bar in Bangkok. Had a great time and picked up what was to me, one of the prettiest girls I've ever slept with. The first 3 days or so were magic, and we were together, on and off (pun intended), for most of the trip. A week later, on my last night in town, I was standing at the urinal in "The Long Gun" when this guy walks in and stands at the other end of the urinal and just stares at me. I think, Jesus, what is a fag doing in a place like this, when suddenly he raises his right hand, points his index finger at me and shouts, "I know you. I remember you. You are that guy who was at the "bar name" a couple of nights ago with that really cute girl that looks like ____!!"

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She was, to me, everything I had been looking for in a girl, in the looks department, but the poor little thing couldn't get me off. It really wasn't her fault. On the other hand, my old girl friend didn't seem to have a problem, neither did a dancer from the Long Gun, but it was fun trying with this beauty. My friend and I had been filling mamasan with Tequila so when I first spotted her on the stage and couldn't make eye contact, I asked mamasan to ask the girl if I could buy her a drink. "No problem. You lucky. You can take her now. 600 Baht" I said, "Shouldn't we ask the lady first?" mamasan said, "600 Baht. You pay now." I paid. What I didn't know at the time was that the Brit sitting below me had already paid her bar fine. It wasn't hard to tell she was very reluctant, so when she was seated with me and the Brit, a young, fit guy, started to vehemently express his displeasure, I touched her on the shoulder to get her attention and said, "If you don't want to go with me, that is OK. I understand. It is up to you." She looked at the Brit for a moment and said, "I stay with you" (score one for the home team-smile). The Brit threw his drink on the floor and the owner came over, gave him his money back, said there would be no charge for the drink and threw the guy out. The guy had the brass balls to come back with the Thai Police. mamasan told the Police the guy was a known trouble maker and had done this before. The Police asked him to leave and then hung around for a few minutes and left. The girl suggested I buy the owner a drink, which a friend and I thought was a good idea. The owner came over, I thanked him for handling the situation so well, and we had a very nice chat about the business, etc., etc., etc. We talked many times over the course of the next several days and he said he knows and thinks well of Mr. Stick.

The girl really liked that and started warming up to me. Pretty soon she and my friend's girl were dancing in and on their seats and in or on our laps. Bought roses, leis, we went and played some pool, got something to eat, went back to the hotel and screwed until about 03:++. Before we started she took a shower, I took a shower and then we sat
on the bed staring at each other. You could tell she didn't want to go through with it, so, I, being of soft heart, told her if she didn't want to stay she could go and I would pay her anyway. She said, "I stay." I made very efforts to make it as pleasant an experience for her as possible, but she was just going through the motions, as we were going through all the foreplay, etc., etc., etc.

It was time for the "main event" and once we were comfortably "joined at the hip" so to speak, I used a trick learned from a old Vietnamese girl friend and no, I'm not giving away any trade secrets. Grin. She was moving her beautiful little ass, trying to get it over with, when I took hold of her waist and slowed her down. I had came about 6 that afternoon and while not having any trouble staying erect, was not able to achieve orgasm. She was giving it her best effort, her eyes closed, but slowly, as I hoped I would, I could see the pleasure start to come across her face. She slowly, very slowly, was pulling closer and closer to me and finally we were nose to nose staring into each other's eyes and I could see the fire smoldering inside. We were smiling at each other with our eyes and she was searching my eyes with that "who are you and what are you doing to me" look. And NO, I was NOT dreaming-smile. She started giving me slow, tender, Thai style kisses and then I felt her flow gates open. These girls are some of the world's greatest actresses, but THAT you cannot fake. She slowed down as she came and just soaked me and the sheets. She then tried to speed up and bring me to a climax, but I slowed her down, rolled over, brought her head to my chest, told her it was all right and we would try again later. We fell a sleep like that. One hell of an incredible feeling to be able to see something like that in the eyes of a 20 year old beauty like her…made me feel pretty good. We "bonded" right there and then. She was no longer shy and her affection was embarrassing. I told her I know it is not proper to show public displays of affection, but she didn't care and would hold my hand and kiss me anywhere at anytime in front of anyone. We usually ended the evenings at her place of employment as this girl loves to dance. She would get up on the stage in her street clothes, directly in front of me and dance up a storm staring and smiling at me, not the mirror. People would be looking around the room to see who she was looking at. We would go swimming at the hotel pool and she would get out of the pool, come to where I was sitting on a chaise lounge chair, curl up between my legs and put her head on my chest. No matter where we were, at the pool, out to dinner, didn't matter where, if we were separated by more than a few feet, I would look around and find her staring at me. Heaven here on earth. She never did make me cum and was very ashamed and embarrassed that she couldn't "finish the job." I was happy just to try. Grin. She begged me not to tell anyone she "wasn't taking good care" of me. After two or three nights, one afternoon I didn't invite her back and she looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said, "You want to see me, you come to bar. OK?" "OK, I said." Like I mentioned before I promised myself I would make some new friends on this trip and I went out that evening and must have hit…no less than 10, if not 12, bars between Nana and Soi Cowboy and just couldn't anyone that was, in my eyes, anywhere as pretty as this girl. While she couldn't make me cum she was trying like crazy, and I was enjoying EVERY SECOND of it. It wasn't really her fault. It is a side effect of Viagra, and I wasn't taking much, only 25 mg every 12 to 18 hours. So, found myself back at her bar and no one had bar fined her, yet. She was happy to see me and we had a drink. While she was dancing the mamasan came running over saying someone wanted to pay the girl's bar fine, but if I give her the money mamasan will take care of it. I forked over the money but the mamasan on the other side of the room had already told her someone else wanted to pay her bar fine. She threw a fit and was crying up a storm by the time "my" mamasan got down there and told her it was OK, I paid the bar fine. She looked at me and I motioned for her to come to me and she came running, jumped in my arms started kissing me right there in front of everyone. Her face was covered in tears. My Gawd, was this girl sweet. Then disaster stuck. One afternoon after we came back from the pool, took a shower, and she went down to the hotel beauty shop to dry her hair. A few minutes later there was a knock on the door and I opened it expecting to see her, the "new" girlfriend. It was my "old" girl friend. OOPS!! A minute or two later there was another knock on the door and it was the "new" girl friend. I introduced the two and you could almost hear the hissing and see the craws bared. The "new" girl friend left crying and the "old" girl friend threw herself on the bed crying. Gawd, what a mess!! It took almost 2 hours to calm down the "old" girl friend. It was never the same after that. Later I went down to the Long Gun and picked up a very cute "blonde" Asian dancer and she spent the night. Totally different look. Shoulder length hair almost dyed blonde, but it worked on her with her light complexion. Made love at least twice and she was able to get me off, no problem. In retrospect I should have kept her and forgot about the other two. I sent the blonde home late the next morning and around noon the "new" girl friend called and asked if she could come back. As I said, being soft of heart and she being the girl of my youthful dreams of MANY years ago, I said, OK. It was never the same, really. She was affectionate, but at night she wasn't interested she said. She had failed and didn't want to fail again. She was pretty drunk and she told me her friend, who was sleeping with a buddy of mine, told her I was lying to her when I told her how much I liked her and how beautiful she was, etc., etc., etc. I tried to tell her I was not lying, but she wasn't listening. The next night she was a little better. The next morning was the morning of my last full day in town. At breakfast she asked if I wanted her to come back. I told her I would like her to spend the day, the night and what time I had the next day with me, BUT only if she would going to act like she did the first few days. She gave me a big smile, said, "yes," and was off to the bank to transfer some money to her mother. Probably most of it was once mine, come to think of it. smile. She came back a few hours later and we spent the rest of the afternoon together. When it was time for her to go to work, she asked again, if I wanted her to come back, and I told her again, ONLY if it was going to be like the first few days. She said, yes, and I gave her the money to pay her bar fine. When she didn't show up at the appointed time I took a cab over to Soi Cowboy. Got out of the cab and had walked about 100 yards when my cell phone rang. It was her, standing in the hall outside my room. I took a cab back to the hotel and met her in the restaurant. We went out for the evening, had a good time, and came back to the hotel. She took a shower. I took a shower. She combed her hair, plugged in her cell charger, crawled into bed, settled in and then picked up the remote control and was going to watch TV. No sex. I talked with her about it and finally just asked her to dress and leave. I really liked and like the girl, but I hate being taken for a sucker. As soon as she was gone I was in a cab back to Soi Cowboy, picked a good looking girl and was back in my room in under 20 minutes. smile. This girl stayed until around 5:30-6AM. So….it was a little heaven on earth. In the looks department the "new" girl friend was almost EVERYthing I ever wanted in a woman when I was a younger man. It was, for me, a almost life long dream fulfilled, to be able to "date" and make love with such a beautiful woman.

I would, if possible, make very few changes. Loved her or lusted after her, but it was not to be. I'll never forget those first few days. Never. I'll miss her and I do miss her, but I'm sure on the next trip I'll find someone to replace her. It will be hard to find someone as beautiful, but I'm sure there is one waiting for me with a smile and a real appreciation (don't they all) for my hard earned Baht.

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As I said, overall, it has always been a good experience.

Stickman says:

Yep, despite all the problems we complain about in Thailand, overall it is a good experience.

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