Stickman Readers' Submissions October 4th, 2003

What Is The Thai Woman – In-Depth Conclusion

I did this piece as a narrative as I am sensitive to the flight path of some of the ladies described. I received emails insinuating that I may have had a jolly old time with all these ladies. No so! I have no degree in Psychology and get so emotionally upset in my heart every time I walk away from a situation I feel I should do something about and yet feel powerless to do so. Or maybe I am admittedly weak!

Thailand! You will not meet a more diverse set of female characters than anywhere else I believe. Here in my homeland of America, our females have also been described negatively the majority of the time in Stick's site. Another Generalization! I was attempting to do a comparison but it is impossible if you only compare girls of the naughty nightlife in Thailand with our professional career oriented American ladies. Come on guys, It is impossible! More than half the ladies I described are not involved in the naughty nightlife trade. Stick concluded that the ones that were just made a better income and spoke better English than the ones that weren’t. That is not fair either, Stick! I have met a lot of rich Thai ladies but for some reason did not include them in my piece as I was not able to know them more personally. Why? Though they spoke fluent English to the point of showing off, they do not really say very much in terms of substance. They just outwardly flaunt their wealth! How interesting reading is that?

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One in particular is my music buddy! I bring her tons of music CDs to copy as she says she cannot access this music in Thailand, introduced me to her mother who I sensed desperately wanted her to date me. I used to go out with her and her boyfriend until I met mom and afterwards she dumped her Thai boyfriend and I started just going out with her and Mom. Yes, the three of us all the time! And Mom always insisted on paying! When I inquired about the break up I was told he was just a rich spoiled alcoholic and going nowhere in life. He is 20 years old. They have a driver and drives around in a BMW7 series. Why do I call her a music buddy? Can you imagine even attempting to hold her hand in front of her Mom? How did I meet her? Well guys, She had a Hanon exercise book in the velocity of Piano playing which I had when I studied music and asked her about it at the SIAM BTS station. She asked me out for coffee and we talked music for hours. She was alone at the time and this was the only time we were alone together but in public at the Starbucks. She is 19 years old. She is still my buddy and I am yet to go out alone with her again! I think the chances of that happening is quite remote!

I met a lot of elder women but unfortunately could not hold a conversation in Thai but I would have loved to get to know better. Example being Carol, Beth or Debby?s Mother! Specially Beth?s mom as she is a millionaire! But unfortunately, I also thought it would not be interesting reading to the majority of Stick readers. It seems from the feedback I get, Guys are more interested in how I procured knowing so many ladies not involved in the naughty night scene. I do not act any differently than I do here in America so I do not know how to begin being a coach. Sales maybe, but not picking up girls, as it comes naturally. Hint: Do not look at them as if they were pieces of meat! I know its hard but please do try! Women are generally very intuitive and know when you are after their skin or if you are looking deeper into their heart! Yes, this includes the naughty night lifers too. If you look past the fact that they are looking into your deep pockets as that is a given and they are not on any mind altering substance then you could open up their hearts and soul! Just be careful as you will not like what you find!

You also know this but women in general are materialistic same us we always have the urge to spread our seeds! Example: Carol asked me if she could talk to the DJ in a bar who is Thai and approximately the same age as her (19) and I told her to ask him out. He told her he didn’t have any money and she promptly gave him the goodbye sign. Women are always on the lookout for the better provider guy!

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How is this for damaged goods! Carol told me growing up that the only time she gets to talk to her Dad is when he came home drunk and hits her for no reason! Tells me her Dad does not like her. No explanation given why. In case you forgot, I met Carol outside the Thermae!

I hear a lot of talk about these ladies making up stories to get to your heart and then laugh at you behind your back as they fleece you for all you are worth and treat you like a sucker and even tell their friends about it in front of you as you do not know what they are talking about! Boy oh boy, I hate to tell you gentlemen this but that is so TRUE! My close Thai lady friends over hear this constantly and tell me when we are out in public as it disgusts them. This is I was told is generally common with the bar scene so I am not saying anything that has not been said before. It's kind of like a way of showing off how much they are in control of the customer. I personally have two friends this was inflicted upon. So please protect your hearts and your other bodily functions.

Carol has caught me with other lady friends in public but never made a scene and actually politely ignored the fact that we know each other. Calls me and cries and then comes to see me the next day as if nothing happened. This can NEVER happen in America!

One of my close American friends who married a Thai and learned to speak, read and write Thai told me that the best chance for a working romantic relationship is to find a Thai who DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH! Chances are they are innocent and still have the old Thai traditional values. And probably do not yet have the personality disorder Stick talks about! Knowing her family upbringing is everything as you will have to get involved with the whole family.

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Isaan upbringing is very different than the north and south and urban Bangkok. Not to be generalizing so much I noticed a pattern of close Family unity with Isaan. More rebellious behavior with the Northern Ladies like Chiang Mai. Blown out of proportion and flat out violent behaviors from the south like Phuket and Urban Bangkok has just about everything from the richest to the wicked! It will take me a lifetime and I can never do justice into an in depth conclusion on what is the Thai Woman!

I met the popular newscaster Lady named Muay I think is her name and saw her doing the 6 o’clock news. She is very personable and we talked for quite a bit and she was very interested in Thais living in America and how Americans see and perceive Thailand. I didn’t know where to begin so I promptly just talked about economic issues in vague terms.

I am now dating a Thai lady and getting involved with the Thai community here in America and will do a piece of Thais adjusting to the western culture. But that will be in the future.

In closing I ask my self all the time why do I bother doing this? I answer with a question: Why is the Thai woman the most Beautiful Creature in the World? Then again, its just my humble opinion.

Stickman says:

Thai women are very nice, but I have to admit that the women in Singapore really do it for me. Of the places I have traveled to, they are the nicest ­ but then I don’t really know them very well at all, having never even dated one.

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