Stickman Readers' Submissions October 4th, 2003

Very First Trip To LOS

By The Aloha Punter

My co-worker and I arrived in Bangkok on May 9, 2003 at approximately 12:30 AM. We had traveled together to meet a group of more co-workers already in BKK. We had only planned to be on the ground in Thailand for about two weeks. That soon changed and I had the great fortune of eventually staying for nearly four weeks.

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We checked into our rooms at the Amari and then took a taxi to the famous Nana Plaza where we met up with rest of our party. We arrived at NEP around 1:15 AM where I had my first experience with the Thailand go-go bar scene. I grabbed a quick bite to eat and was escorted into a bar by one of our more knowledgeable party members. The bar was set up just like the hundreds of other go-go bars in Thailand–a stage in the center of the bar with seven or eight girls shuffling to extremely loud house music blaring from oversized speakers.

The first thing I noticed were the curious stares of the girls as we walked in and took a seat at “ring-side”–the seats that ringed the stage. The girls were moderately good-looking. No stunners (I would later learn that the good ones had already been BF’d for the evening). The bar would be closing soon and I was anxious to find the girl who would ultimately be my first paid-for-sex experience. I didn’t see anyone who I wanted to relinquish my cherry to in this particular bar, so I told the others I was going to walk around and see what else was going on. I took a walk across the plaza.

I was met at the doors of another club of which I don’t remember the name. I took a seat and ordered a drink. The club was thinning out due to the lateness of the hour and again, I didn’t see “the one” in this club either. I was beginning to feel desperate. I returned to the other club right at closing time, where we stood around outside for a few minutes before we decided to migrate outside the plaza a make up our minds on what to do next.

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We all wound up across the street at the Nana Hotel parking lot where it seemed that everyone that had just been inside the plaza was now gathering. The majority of the lot’s inhabitants were the working girls that had failed to score a customer for the evening. I scanned the crowd eagerly, hoping my eagerness would show and help my chances. I felt like a high school freshman at the school dance looking to get laid for the first time.

Being that only one in our party had been successful in capturing company for the evening (actually he had captured two) the others decided to make an evening of it. Leaving me alone with the one person in our party I had vowed I would spend no time with. Oh well, what the hell. I was on a mission and the familiar face was a little comforting.

We stood around for a few minutes before I spotted two girls standing a few feet away looking like they were looking for some company. They were both moderately good looking. Again, not stunners but I wouldn’t kick either one out of bed. I immediately keyed on the nicer looking of the two and struck up a conversation. Som, the more attractive of the pair actually worked in club Voodoo. Oddly enough, being that this was such a monumentous event, I have very little recollection of the ensuing conversation. Something to the effect of how much for long time and maybe your friend could come along for my friend. We all chatted for a few minutes before deciding to leave.

I had to make a quick trip to a convenience store close by to pick up the necessary package of condoms.

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Once back at the Amari, the security guards at the hotel checked both girls’ IDs and soon enough we were on the elevators headed to our rooms. Once inside the room, I got my first good look at Som. She had long, straight black-hair with high, striking cheekbones and modest looks. Beyond that I could tell by her skin-tight jeans and blouse that she had a great body. She told me how old she was at some point, but that too escapes me. I would guess she was 23 or 24.

Eager to see what was under those tight-fitting clothes I started loosening my clothes and headed for the bathroom for the pre-sex cleansing ritual. I wanted to shower together but she insisted on doing it separately, so I took a warm bath while she showered.

After bathing, I met her in bed—both of us in the buff. I lifted the covers so that I could get a good look at what I was about to get myself into. She had very nice perky breast that effortlessly defied gravity. Her light cocoa skinned was extremely smooth and soft; something I would come to know as characteristic of Thai girls.

We kissed for a while, my attempt at establishing some familiarity before consummation. It was clumsy and unfamiliar at first, but we quickly adjusted and made the best of it. I was eager to taste her breasts and the treasure that waited further south of her chest. She responded quickly to my lips on her breast, at which time I couldn’t tell if she were sincere or not. I moved down her rib cage and across her flat stomach down to my final destination—a small shaved pussy with no hint of that faint musky smell I’ve come to associate with going down on a girl.

My intentions were to make this girl remember this experience — at least until her next customer. I decided I would go with my standard bag of tricks for this stranger in my bed. She responded as expected to my tongue massaging her clit. I guessed that this response was genuine. I worked her for about five minutes, making sure she was good and juiced up, then I flipped over and slipped on my condom. She immediately mounted me and began enthusiastically riding me. When I was sure she had had an orgasm, I relinquished my load and just like that—it was over. Som had broken my prostitute cherry. We showered and climbed back into bed where we curled up together and fell off to sleep. Although my sleep with this perfect stranger was fitful at best, I was grateful for this soft female body next to mine.

We—well, she slept late the next morning, then after a quickie, she left around 9:30 AM. I remember thinking the sex was okay but not earth shattering. That’s okay–the earth would eventually shake.

The next two days were spent idly doing little to nothing. We anticipated a short trip to Pattaya, where we would spend about two days. I remember feeling a little disappointed that my Bangkok exploration would be interrupted by this unexpected trip. As it turns out, this would be a really good idea after all.

The trip to Pattaya took about two-and-half hours. After reaching the hotel we all checked in and went to grab a bite to eat. In my hotel room, I phoned my hang out buddies for the evening to find out what the plan for the evening was. We wound up barhopping up and down Walking Street and after putting on a nice little rum and coke buzz, I found myself in “Living Dolls II.” The girls here were a little better looking than the girls in Bangkok were and they seemed a little more enthusiastic about attracting our attention. After about 30 minutes and two or three rotations of girls on stage, I noticed a tall good-looking girl with long legs and nice tits. The girls in this club danced with varying degrees of clothing on, from no top on to a small g-string and bra. This beauty was wearing the bra and g-string getup and for some reason this supposed modesty appealed to me.

She danced without much talent facing me and would flash a shy smile when she would glance down and catch me watching her. At one point I gently rubbed the top of her foot in an effort to get her attention again. When she looked down at me, I motioned for her to turn around so I could get a look at her ass. She smiled and turned around shaking her ass somewhat more enthusiastically.

Once she was finished with her set, she came down and at my request had a seat. I bought her a drink and asked her name. She told me it was Minty. I told her mine and soon realized the extent of her English speaking skills was very limited. It didn’t matter, as I was smitten by this tall, creamy-skin beauty. I paid her bar-fine and waited for her to change. When she returned I was somewhat disappointed that this beautiful girl had changed from a slinky and revealing Victoria Secret-type outfit to jeans and t-shirt outfit that belied the sex appeal that had wooed me only minutes before. No matter. I bid my buddy’s a good evening and Minty and I left.

We held hands as we walked down the street. I was smitten by this obviously young girl’s beautifully sincere smile. She asked me where we were going. I told her “the Marriott.” She looked at me with a puzzled look on her face and repeated the words as if she had never heard them before. I knew it was going to be a challenge communicating with this girl, but I would make the best of this my second time being with a bargirl.

Back at the room, Minty showered then waited on the bed while I finished up in the bathroom. Upon returning to my waiting guest, I climbed into the bed and crawled on top of her and began kissing her neck and chest. I paid particularly close attention to her facial expressions and to how she reacted to me. She seemed comfortable and complacent and showed little to no emotion until I slid down the length of her long frame and started to lick her pussy. At this point she closed her eyes lightly and moaned softly. I was beginning to get somewhere now. I pleasured her with my tongue for a short while longer then rolled over on my back and donned a rubber. She took the cue and climbed onto my lap and slowly guided me into her now moist pussy. She immediately picked up a nice even rhythm and closed her eyes to enjoy the ride.

We fucked for maybe twenty minutes at which point I made sure to pay careful attention to her making sure she had come first, and then I came, mostly due to my own efforts. I remember thinking that Minty had been cute but lacked any real sexual skill. This showed that all a Thai girl needed to be a successful bargirl was a pussy and moderately good looks. Afterwards we showered and then fell asleep. The next morning I woke Minty early wanting to get another piece of her, only to realize that I had used my last condom with her the night before. This was a major disappointment. We showered after no sex and she left.

That evening I teamed up with “R” and we hit the bars of Pattaya together starting out with a long walk down Beach Street to a beer bar called “Oys.” He introduced me to the owner Oy, a middle aged but still good-looking Thai woman with that signature Thai girl smile that radiated complete friendliness. We had a few drinks and jumped on a bath-truck heading towards Walking Street.

I was eager to see what other beauties hid behind the doors of the many go-go bars of Walking Street. Our first stop was “Super-baby.” I immediately noticed that this bar had a different feel from the others I has visited so far. It had a sense of class—if a go-go bar can have class. It was clean well run and the girls were gorgeous. Young ladies in Hawaiian print muumuus escorted us to ringside seats. The girls onstage were phenomenal. I had never seen so many beautiful—and by beautiful I mean 8’s, 9’s and 10’s—in one place so anxious for me to take them home.

I soon spotted a long-legged honey with bleached-blonde hair. She had a great face and an even nicer body. She was tall and skinny (like I like them) with great tits and a nice ass to boot. I knew that I had found my next bedfellow for the evening.

As I watched her I noticed another bombshell that danced nearby. I may have noticed her because she and the blond were chatting and smiling at each other, but this other one was the exact opposite of her blonde friend. She was short—maybe 5’2”, with long brown. She too had a great ass and magnificent tits. I was coming to understand this was common for the girls that worked at Superbaby. Which one should I pick? They were both delicious looking. As it happens they left the stage at the same time and the shorter of the two made eye contact with me and both our fates were sealed.

She came over and extended her small hand and said “hello.” We exchanged names and chatted for a few. She told me her name was “Wan.” The first thing—well the second thing I noticed was that her English was very good. She had striking Chinese-looking facial features. She was extremely pretty. She sat down and we talked. After awhile the three of us relocated to a booth along the back wall of the club. We still had a great view of the stage but the action wasn’t so “right-in-your-face.”

I bought Wan a lady drink then asked her how much she charged for long time. She replied to my astonishment “3000 baht.” I knew from my research (mostly from Stickman’s site) that the girls would routinely shoot out a high number and then the negotiating would ensue. I immediately told her that was kind of high, but she stuck fast to her original price. She had this “I’m-worth-it-and-I-know-it” look on her face. I turned my attention back to the girls dancing on the stage without saying another word. She simply sat patiently waiting for me to return my attention to her. All the while I sat there pondering whether I would let my dick control the destiny of the nights activities.

I looked back at her and she smiled coyly. She snuggled up close to me allowing me to run my hands over her smooth skin. She was so damn fine!! In retrospect, if I hadn’t responded to her smile by putting my arm around her and stroking her back and rib cage the way I did, she probably would have thanked me for buying her a drink and moved on to someone who was willing to pay her price. This physical contact reassured her I was still interested though I hadn’t said anything else to her since our original negotiating. After touching that silk-like skin I knew I would have paid 4000 baht to be with this one. You never think about how the small things you do can ultimately determine your fate. I looked at “R” and asked if he was ready to leave. He nodded, I handed Wan 500 baht for her bar fine and she left to change.

We sat for another ten minutes waiting while she changed. When she finally returned she was dressed in a short white dress with what looked like 6-inch pumps. She was indeed a stunner. She would get props from any man who saw her. I was going to enjoy this.

Back in my room she immediately began shedding her clothes in anticipation of taking a shower. I asked her if she wanted to shower alone or together. To my astonishment she said “together.” I knew there was something special about this one. We showered together getting an up-close and personal look and feel of each other’s body’s. She was energetic and friendly and genuinely seemed to be enjoying herself.

After showering, we jump in the bed and started flipping through the channels on the TV. I was in no rush. I knew she wasn’t going anywhere. After awhile we started kissing and it didn’t take long for us to find each other’s groove. She was a pretty good kisser. I soon moved down to her beautiful breast and began sucking tenderly on one. She immediately responded with a soft moan. I glanced up to see if her eyes were open. They weren’t. She appeared to really be enjoying this. She encouraged me to give her other breast equal attention, of which I did.

I was eager to taste her, so I slid down her stomach and kissed the inside of her thighs—so close I should have smelled pussy, but I didn’t. I went straight to it to investigate closer, but still no smell. This was fine by me and I quickly found her clit and began rolling it between my tongue and upper lip. She moaned and shuffled her hips in uncomfortable bliss. This did nothing but encourage me. I wanted to make her come in my mouth. I put on the after-burners and tried to bring her to orgasm. After a few more minutes of moaning she reached down and pulled me up towards her with a look of absolute lust on her face. She was ready to get real. So was I. I quickly donned a condom and pulled her on top of me. She guided me in and slowly lowered herself onto me and then picked up a slow and deep rhythm. I grabbed her hips a ground myself into her clit on every down stroke. I watched her face intently to check her response. Her eyes were closed and her mouth was slightly open, accommodating her increased breathing. To my surprise she was tighter than I expected for a working girl.

After a short while she began picking up the pace. She was close. I wasn’t but I could catch up now that I knew she was. I matched her paced and brought myself closer to orgasm. Before I knew it she had picked up a frenzied pace and was clutching my shoulders with her sharp fingernails and moaning that “I’m-coming-right-now” moan. I watched as she shuddered and came. It was a beautiful thing to see this young girl come while sitting astride me. To know that I was responsible was intoxicating.

I continued her frenzied pace and soon came to my own very satisfying orgasm. It was more intense than any one I had experienced in a long, long time.

Afterwards, as I replayed the events over in my head I realized that all of the three girls I had been with since arriving in Thailand had achieved orgasm relatively easy. This taught me two valuable things. One was that even though they were working girls whose primary aim was to please the customer, they didn’t let that get in the way of them enjoying the experience as well. Secondly, I’m not sure if it was due to my unselfish efforts to help them achieve orgasm, but they all seemed to come relatively easy despite the fact that they were in bed with a complete stranger. I know that little detail would not affect me as a man if I was a prostitute, but I assumed it would be a factor for the girl. Maybe these three were the exception and not the rule. As I would find out on subsequent nights, they were not in fact exceptions but followers of the general rule.

After a quick shower we lay in bed talking allowing the cool darkness of the hotel room to envelope us. Before long we drifted off to a comfortable sleep — she wrapped in my arms as if we were long-time lovers. I wondered if she fell asleep liked this with all her customers. I decided it didn’t matter, as I thought I would probably never see her again anyway.

Part 2 to follow.

Stickman says:

I always wonder about orally stimulating prostitutes. Every man to his own of course, but for me, that is not the first thing on the list of things to do with a prostitute. That aside, it sounds like you had a nice time.

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